Apex Legends Ash Voice Lines Soundboard – Voice Actors

Hi you! We are vinagaming and this all voice lines of Ash in Apex Legends. Ash is a Legend that was introduced in Season 11 that is locked from the base game. 


Ash Voice Lines Soundboard

Ash Voice Actor

Voice Actor of Ash in Apex Legends is: Anna Campbell.


Ash Quotes

Character Pick Quotes
“See your imperfections in your enemies, then crush them.”
“True mastery can’t be programmed.”
“You’re fortunate. I have much to teach you.”
“Fortunately for you, you are not my target today.”
“Victory is assured so long as you follow my lead.”
“Rest assured I will accept nothing less than perfection.”
“Another chance to train. Good. We don’t want to get rusty.”
“Do not falter. The weak will be excised.”
“No breath to steady, no heart to calm. (exhales) Perfection.”
“Perceptive, resourceful, relentless. You must be all these things and more.”
“You show promise. I hope you can deliver.”
Something’s whispering in your ear, distracting you. Silence it.”
“Clear your mind. Let nothing distract you.”
“Focus. Fight. Win.”
“Keep your friends close and your enemies under your blade.”
“Hone your mind to a razor’s edge.”
[GLITCH] Leigh: “Listen, you don’t know what she’s–” Ash: “–capable of? I will show you.”
[GLITCH] Leigh: “Hello? Are you–?” Ash: “–paying attention? Good.”
“The body corrodes, but a polished mind gleams.”
“Revenge is merely an opportunity for improvement.”
Intro Quotes
“Do not cross me. Or my blade will cross you.”
“Do you fear me, Legends?”
“I am the master of my fate. And yours.”
“I see my reputation precedes me.”
“Let us see how impressive you truly are.”
“A Pilot stands before you. Respect is due.”
[GLITCH] Leigh: “No, no, no, no, not this agai–” Ash: “Begin. Let us begin.”
“Cherish the lesson you’re about to learn, if you survive it.”
[GLITCH] Leigh: “Listen to me! Whatever you do, don’t–” Ash: “–don’t get in her way.”
“Good luck, Legends.”
“I have crushed far more impressive fighters than you.”
“Let nothing distract you from the fight. That would spoil the fun.”
“Let us begin.”
“Many have made the mistake of crossing me. Many more will make it today.”
“Pay attention. Taking notes of my techniques will benefit you.”
“Pilots fight differently. Observe”
“The best revenge is cold as steel.”
“The competition is lacking. I’ve had no choice but to step in personally.”
“What you attempt to do to me comes back to you tenfold.”
“You have a rare opportunity to see a Pilot at work.”
“You have limited time to impress me, Legends.”
Kill Quotes
“A mind is like a blade. Mine is honed, yours was dull.”
“And you had an opportunity to impress me. What a waste.”
“Another precise execution.”
“Mmmmm… ashes to ashes.”
[GLITCH] Leigh: “Can’t any of you–” Ash: “–stop me? Unlikely.”
“I don’t know what the Commission saw in you.”
“I never forget. I wait for your inevitable misstep.”
“I see you came unarmed.”
“I will crush everything that stands in my way. Everything.”
“My former colleagues would’ve eaten you alive.”
“Perhaps my rat will feast on you. Then you will be worth something.”
“Pitiful. Even my rat knows its place.”
“Rats can be taught. You are something… lesser.”
[GLITCH] Leigh: “Ugh… she’s going to gloat about this all day.”
“Some of us are too weak to persist… without a pulse.”
“Someone had to show you your place.”
“Hmmm… take this as a mercy finish.”
“That may have felt like overkill. It was.”
” Think carefully about what brought you to this moment… very carefully.”
“This is the best the Syndicate can field? How far they’ve fallen.”
“Hmm… Too many mistakes, Legend.”
“What a sad little creature you are.”
“What a terrible time to get lost in thought.”
“You are lucky.. I know of far worse ways to die.”
“You are welcome to try again… and again.”
“You call yourself a Legend? How… unwarranted.”
“You clearly have not been training for this moment.”
“You did your best… unfortunately.”
“You faced a Pilot. Bold… and foolish.”
“You fight without honor. Strategic… but you also fight without skill.”
“You have received a lesson in proper form. You should be grateful.”
“You knew how this would end when you took on a Pilot. At least… you should have.”
[GLITCH] Leigh: “You let her get you! You made her stronger!”
“You might have lived… if you had fought smarter.”
“You represented a training opportunity. That made you worth… something to me.”
“You should’ve paid more closer attention to your betters.”
“You should’ve scurried away while you had the chance.”
“You’re not the first blemish I’ve cut away. You won’t be the last.”
“You served the Syndicate well… as entertainment.”
“Your will to fight is admirable. But in this case, pointless.”