Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a game free-to-play battle royale-hero shooter. It was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One Microsoft Windows in February 2019, and for Nintendo Switch in March 2021

Apex Legends Wattson Voice Lines Soundboard – Voice Actors


Hi you! We are vinagaming and this all voice lines of Wattson in Apex Legends. Wattson is an electricity-based Defensive Legend. 


Wattson Voice Lines Soundboard

Wattson Voice Actor

Voice Actor of Wattson in Apex Legends is:   Justine Huxley

Wattson Quotes

Character Pick Quotes
“All it takes is a single spark.”
“Charged and ready.”
“Control the charge, control the arena.”
“Even gunpowder needs a spark.”
“Fence them in, fence them out.”
“Fuses set and capacitors charged.”
“High power weapons, low power? How about, no power?”
“I keep my squadmates insulated.
“I know these territories like the back of my hand.”
“I’m ec-static to fight!” (laughs)
“Keep calm and don’t blow a fuse.”
“Let’s break some circuits.”
“Let’s calm the storm.”
“Let’s get to work.”
“My coil produces 1.2 million volts.”
“My squad is my family.”
“Time to cut the power.”
“They call me the eye of the storm.”
“They go where I tell them to go.”
“This is more than a battlefield to me.”
Intro Quotes
“Try as you might,you can’t Kilowatt…son”
“Be careful, I don’t wear all this gear for nothing.”
“I never say die; I fight until it hertz.”
“I never say die; I fight until it hertz. (laughs) I like that one.”
“I’m current-ly at the top of my game! Get it?”
“My adversaries are in for a shock.”
“Papa would be proud of me.”
Fight or Fright Icon.svg “You can’t be afraid of the dark when you know how to control the light.”
“Didn’t expect to see me up here, did you? They never do.”
“Electricity I get, people? I don’t… That’s how I got here.”
“Once a battle gets too noisy, I bring the silence.”
“It’s difficult to win when I conduct the power.”
“I did it, Papa. I hope wherever you are, you’re cheering for me.”
“I may not look like a fighter, but strength isn’t everything.”
“My electric fences will herd you, like cattle.”
“My light shines bright.”
“Power is everything. You only think you have it.”
“Studying past combatants has served me well.”
“The best offense is a strong defense.”
“This is the only life I know.”
“To you, it’s a gauntlet. To me, it’s home, and I’ll defend it to the end.”
“Wattage up! I’m recharged and ready to go!”
“You may be stronger, but I’m smarter.”
“You’re playing in my backyard now.”
Kill Quotes

Fight or Fright Icon.svg “Your energy will return to the atmosphere. Hey, maybe that’s what ghosts are!”
Holo-Day Bash Icon.svg “Don’t feel bad. I’m pretty sure le Père Noël was leaving you coal anyway.”
Holo-Day Bash Icon.svg “Time to hibernate for the winter.”
Season 4 Battle Pass “Don’t be afraid of the dark. Find comfort in the light.”
Season 5 Battle Pass “Is there any better gift for someone you love than joules. (laugh)”
Season 7 Battle Pass “You might still live on, I’ve seen ghosts around here.”
Season 9 Battle Pass “Engineering requires patience and ingenuity. Let’s just say these skills cross-credit.”
Season 10 Battle Pass “Your efforts were electrocute, but I’ve evolved past that.”
“Sometimes, careful planning wins out over might.”
“Consider your circuit broken. Get it?” (laughs)
“If there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s to cut the power.”
“We’re just on different sides of the fence. C’est la vie.”
“Don’t blame yourself. I knew where you would be.”
“Don’t blow a fuse. Get it?”
“Don’t confuse my kindness for weakness.”
“Electrons are the same, but repel each other; you and I are no different.”
“Go towards the light.”
“I didn’t see you coming… but my fence did.”
“You fought well, but I grew up in these territories.”
“I guess I found your off switch.”
“I’ve been watching combatants my whole life. I learned a few things.”
“Some live for the chaos of battle, I prefer restoring order.”
“I won Papa!”
“I’m the one with the stronger current.”
“I’m tougher than I look.”
“It’s either you or me. Those are the rules.”
“Death is just the halt of electrical impulses to the brain.”
“Lights out.”
“Look on the bright side, you got beat by a legend.”
“Many legends fall. Time for you to join them.”
“My suit is insulated, you’re not.”
“Think of this as a permanent blackout.”
“Size and strength aren’t everything.”
“Somebody has to lose. That’s just how this works.”
“I’m sorry. Sometimes the power goes out, and never comes back on.”
“That’s the last time you charge anybody.”
“This is the end of your electrical current.”
“The legends taught me everything I know. You? Not so much.”
“Shh, it’s okay. The noise will stop now.”
“There are some nodes a current cannot travel through. Sorry.” / “There are some nodes a current cannot travel through. Pardon moi.”
“This is how it has to be. I’m sorry.”
“This never gets any easier, but it’s how the games work.”
“This went exactly how I planned it to.”
“You burned bright, but you burned out.”
“You can outrun me, but you can not outrun the current.”
“This is what happens when you cross the wrong fence.”
“You didn’t expect this from me– which is why you lost.”
“You fought hard, but I’ve been studying this place my whole life.”
“You get too close to a live wire, and you pay the price.”
“You underestimated me.”

Apex Legends Wraith Voice Lines Soundboard – Voice Actors


Hi you! We are vinagaming and this all voice lines of Wraith in Apex Legends. Wraith is a versatile Offensive Legend, Wraith can reposition and flank enemies with her abilities.


Wraith Voice Lines Soundboard

Wraith Voice Actor

Voice Actor of Wraith in Apex Legends is:  Shantel VanSanten

Wraith Quotes

Character Pick Quotes
“My name is Wraith – and we have a job to do.”
“Trust me – I know what I’m doing.”
“I know all the roads. They all lead to the same place.”
“I’ve seen it all. Nothing surprises me.”
“Each choice changes everything.”
“I’m not afraid – I’ll never be.”
“The win is out there looking for you. It’ll find you if you let it.”
“Follow me if you want to win.”
“I know what you’re looking for. I’m in.”
“I’ve got everything you need.”
“You made the right choice this time.”
“Let’s go find them all.”
“Let’s pick the right way and go.”
“All that matters… is being the last one alive.”
“I know where we want to be – follow me.”
“With the right moves, we’ll take this win.”
“There’s a win out there waiting for us.”
“Prepared and ready.”
“Listen – and fight.”
“We have no choice but to win”
Intro Quotes
“You know what I look like – come find me.”
“Follow my path to win.”
“I don’t fear anything. Can you say the same?”
“Pain… death… nothing phases me.”
“Try not to blink, you may miss me.”
“There’s a thin line between life and death. Find me there/You’ll find me there.”
Fight or Fright Icon.svg “I’ll travel every road, kick down every door, till I get what I want.”
Holo-Day Bash Icon.svg “You think it’s cold? Spend time in The Void. You’ll know what’s cold.”
Season 1 Battle Pass It’s opening season. Our path is set.”
“Just a step in the right direction.”
“Another day, another road.”
“Every decision counts.”
“Good choice… for me.”
“I saw this coming.”
“I’ll take you down more than once.”
“I’m here today… let’s do this.”
“I’m quick, and I’ll finish this.”
“I’ve been here before.”
“It’s my turn this time.”
“I know more than you’ll never know.”
“You don’t get here by sitting around doing nothing.”
“Something wrong with your head if you fight me.”
“Trust just your eyes and you’ll lose.”
“Wanna win? Do what I do.”
Kill Quotes

Fight or Fright Icon.svg “You chose the wrong door to knock on.”
Holo-Day Bash Icon.svg “Death… like winter… is unavoidable.”
Season 5 Battle Pass “There’s a void in your heart, and I put it there.”
Season 7 Battle Pass “This didn’t have to be your end. You chose this fate.”
Season 8 Battle Pass “Tell death I said ‘Hello’.”
Season 9 Battle Pass “I used to go by the name ‘Hope’, which is something you’ve lost.”
“Let’s just say a little birdie told me all about you.”
“Can’t catch what you can’t see.”
“Caught you.”
“Don’t blame yourself.”
“Every decision counts.”
“I caught the win this time.”
“I knew this end would come, just didn’t know when.”
“I knew your every move.”
“I saw this coming a mile away.”
“I’d say try better.”
“I’ve seen this all before.”
“I know if we fought together, things would be different.”
“In another life, this may have been different.”
“Maybe in another time or space, you killed me… but not this one.”
“It’s deja vu with you fighters.”
“Knowledge is power… and pain.”
“Listen to everything… and you can win.”
“Looking for me? Here I am.”
“A match like this is much more than shooting a gun.”
“There were multiple ways this could end. I chose this one.”
“Not today.”
“Now you see me.”
“I guess I was just one step ahead of you.”
“Each win gets me one step closer to what I want.”
“Shoot this.”
“Sometimes you lose, sometimes you don’t.”
“Step quieter next time.”
“This was the outcome this time… it’s just the way it is.”
“The road you chose has ended here.”
“Don’t worry, there was no way out of this.”
“This didn’t have to happen… but it did.”
“This is where it ends.”
“Too slow.”
“We all have our reasons… don’t take this personally.”
“This is what happens when you are not focused.”
“You challenged the wrong person.”
“Be honest, you knew this would end here.”
“You lost this time.”
“Your choice is pointless… none of this matters.”
“Don’t worry, I would’ve gotten you anyway… zigged or zagged.”

Apex Legends Valkyrie Voice Lines Soundboard – Voice Actors

Apex Legends Valkyrie Voice Lines

Hi you! We are vinagaming and this all voice lines of Valkyrie in Apex Legends. Valkyrie is a Recon Legend who specializes in flight.


Valkyrie Voice Lines Soundboard

Valkyrie Voice Actor

Voice Actor of Valkyrie in Apex Legends is:  Erika Ishii

Valkyrie Quotes

Character Pick Quotes
“Ever feel the freedom of soaring through the sky? Do you wanna?”
“I’m only headed one way, and that’s up, baby!”
“Some were born to run, others have a higher purpose.”
“Speed isn’t life. It just makes it go faster.”
“Target locked. Just like old times, Dad.”
“They say legends don’t fly, but I like to rise to the occasion.”
“These wings aren’t just to get around; they’re a legacy.”
“Who’s ready to pull some Gs?”
“A.K.A Kairi, Valk, and the ghost of Viper.”
“Whoever said the skies the limit never left the ground.”
“Visual clear, good tone. Just like old times, Dad.”
“Valkyrie extending to re-engage.”
“Valkyrie on station, ready for anything. Hell, everything.”
“Wanna fly? I make a great wingman.”
“Y’know, they’re always lookin’ around, but they never look up. Their loss.”
“Where we’re going, we don’t need seatbelts.”
“So what if my head’s in the clouds…how else could I see everything?”
”They can have the ground,I own the sky”
“Runway’s green as grass and we’re ready for takeoff in ten”
Intro Quotes
“A lot of you are gonna wake up tomorrow with sore necks or, you know, be dead.”
“I always pay my respects to your families. Think that makes me soft? You’re in for a rough match.”
“No one gives a crap who’s better, all I care about is who’s the best.”
“The skies belong to me.”
“Valkyrie’s got you in the pipe, five by five.”
“At least half of you are looking down at the ground. Keep it up, I like easy wins.”
“Didn’t I see some of you last match? Eh, hard to tell, at this altitude you’re all ants.”
“Hah, don’t see wings on any of you. Guess you’re just too weak for the skies.”
“Enjoy the dropship ride. Because after today, you’re all gonna be afraid of flying.”
“Here’s the good news: from the above, I can pick most of you off in the first thirty seconds.”
“I like my women like I like my sake: cool, unfiltered, and on someone else’s tab.”
“I once shot someone for just not giving me a message. But that shouldn’t scare you… much.”
“I strike swift and deadly like my dad. He called it “business”, I call it a party.”
“I swore I’d never waste my life on a vendetta again. Don’t test that vow.”
“I’m starving, is anyone else starving? I’d sell an ovary for some ramen right now.”
” Jump Pads, Gravity Lifts, Geysers? (laughs) Is everything you do half-assed?”
“Lemme introduce you to the skies, then I’ll introduce you to the ground.”
“Alright so my place is a little sloppy, so what? Doesn’t mean I’m a mess in the field.”
“Sucks aiming at a target with the sun in your eyes, good luck with that.”
“While you were peeling dried glue off your hands, I was flying Titans. For sure, let’s see how you handle.”
“You got this. Just look in front of you, behind you, above you, all at once. You’ll be fine.”
Kill Quotes

Season 9 Battle Pass “Hey, I shot at the Commissioner too, and he got over it. So… we’re good?”
Season 10 Battle Pass”What can I say? This bloodsport really changes a girl.”
“And no squadmates to save you? Buddy, here’s a tip: find a better wingman.”
“Another one bites the dust, and I leave a lot of dust. Man, my apartment is a mess.”
“Bet you didn’t expect to buy the farm like this. Weird, I saw it coming a mile away.”
“Blame it on the chemtrails, that’s what all the crazies do.”
“Boots on the ground, huh? Aw, you thought grounded was a good thing.”
“Don’t beat yourself up, it’s not like every legend has a titan for a backpack.”
“Even I puckered up when you got shot down (ouch).”
“Hey first round’s on you. Wonder what’s on draft…”
“Forced landing, don’t you hate those? I wouldn’t know but I heard they’re bad.”
“I always say “Keep them between your 3 and 9″, do they listen? Nope.”
“I did that with no official training, seriously. Impressive, right?”
“I do love a good hot mess. Unfortunately, yours is… the bad kind. Yikes.”
“I hear slobs are creative geniuses. Explains why you look so impeccable.”
“I know that look. You want revenge. Not a dragon worth chasing. Trust me.”
“I showed up to fight with my fangs out. I’m not even sure you have teeth.”
“Is that sweat? Ugh, you’re dripping like a faucet. So tragic and kinda gross.”
“It’s cool. Nobody expects a ground pounder like you to reach great heights.”
“Let’s see you do that. Oh wait. no wings. Maybe, flap your arms real fast?”
“Let’s see you do that. Oh, wait. No wings. Maybe, flap your arms really fast?”
“Let’s see you try that. Oh, wait. (sings) You got no wings.. uh uh. You got no wings… uh uh.”
“Oh, so sorry… Sorry for thinking you might actually be a threat.”
“See what I mean? How many times do I have to say “Look up”? Unreal.”
“Should’ve punched out when you had the chance.”
“Somebody strapped their g-suit too tight this morning. In the pants area. Ouch.”
“Somebody’s grounded. Sending you to bed with no championship, kiddo.”
“Thanks, I really appreciate how easy you made that look for me. Nice touch.”
“That was… embarrassing. I mean, I know I’m good, but, wow, they let you compete? Like that?”
“The question isn’t if your squad’s on their way to help you. The question is, do I care?”
“This is just your final approach, buddy. Stick the landing and call it a day.”
“Too aggressive? Oh, I keep forgetting I’m supposed to be timid and shy. My bad.”
“Wait, that actually worked? Huh. Go figure. I really am the best.”
“Hey, we’ve all been behind the power curve sometime. Well, not me, but not everyone is me.”
“We’ve all been behind the power curve sometime. Not me, but not everyone is me.”
“Yes! (laugh) Eat it sucker! What? Sometimes, even I impress myself.”
“You don’t mind if I take your lunch, do you? I mean, it’s not like you need it.”
“What? You expected me to bow first?”
“You lost! Let it go! Take up gardening! That seems more your speed.”
“Just so we’re clear, you were a goner three turns ago. The rest was me showing off.”
“You’re definitely in the spaghetti now. Good luck getting untangled.”
“And if all this wasn’t bad enough, you’re gonna miss a killer sunset. Having a bad day all around, ain’t ya?
“You were out of fuel and you didn’t even know it.”
“Your girl’s gonna be heartbroken when she hears the news. I’ll tell her you said bye.”
“Your tires are kicked and your fires are lit, buddy. Go home.”

Apex Legends Seer Voice Lines Soundboard – Voice Actors


Hi you! We are vinagaming and this all voice lines of Seer in Apex Legends. Seer is a Recon Legend whose abilities are useful in a battle.


Seer Voice Lines Soundboard

Seer Voice Actor

Voice Actor of Seer in Apex Legends is: Iké Amadi

Seer Quotes

Character Pick Quotes
“Do not hide your true colors. They are your strength.”
“I believe in art. And pinball. I love pinball.”
“I do not wait for inspiration; I take it.”
“If they look, give them something to see.”
“We can not resist the flame, so let us dance across it.”
“Make it so they can not help but look. Then, they are yours.”
“Victory is assured. But can we make it stunning?”
“Let us be last to accept the Ring’s embrace.”
“I have your attention. I will not waste it.”
“The Ring does not enclose me; I wear it.”
“If we are defeated, we will still make it beautiful.”
“They see the cage. I see the sky beyond.”
“I create for life, not death.”
“Embrace yourself, and know strength without fear.”
“Let them stare. What they see is for me to choose.”
“Let us make something that cannot be ignored.”
“Give everything to the game; or we do not deserve her.”
“I do not know what I’ll become. But it will be striking.”
“We will give them a show like no other.”
“I will leave my mark.”
Intro Quotes
“I do not fight to be accepted. I fight to be free of your acceptance.”
“I fight on behalf of the odd ones… Which could be any one of you, I suppose.”
“The game is not merciful to those who lack imagination.”
“To be the last thing you see will be my honor, legends.”
“You will achieve greatness, just not in victory.”
“Do not believe any rumors about me that I have not started.”
“Do not look away. I want you to look.”
“I fight for the refused, the cursed… the exceptional.”
“I will make your end live forever.”
“I will not be cast aside.”
“I’ve been described as deadly and beautiful, but I am also approachable.”
“Look away, but I will be the last thing you see.”
“Look for me, and what you will see you will never forget.”
“Play with all your heart. If not, I will find you.”
“Stand out, or stand aside.”
“To give the crowds a show, sacrifice will be necessary.”
“Today, the cursed ones triumph.”
“Underestimate me. Please do.”
“When the flame beckons, you obey.”
“You kill, I create. This is why I win.”
Kill Quotes

Season 10 Battle Pass “Change is inevitable, my friend. I just make it beautiful.”
“A painting burns, a sculpture shatters… It is not beautiful if it last forever, my friend.”
“Are you still watching? Good. This next part is just for you.”
“Cast off your fear. Now is the time for fascination.”
“Do not look away. Courage first, my friend, then, rest.”
“Defeat is tragic only if it is uninspired… And yours is anything but.”
“Do I have something on my face? You look at me strangely.”
“Do not blink, legend. You do not want to miss this.”
“Do not fear my art. It is… Oh, it is death that you fear. That is more understandable.”
“Do not fear. Beauty will go on. I will make sure of it.”
“Eyes up, my friend. All the beauty of this moment is for you and you alone.”
“Here, a moment of beauty before beauty’s end.”
“I am here, and I am in your mind.”
“I do my best work with a captive audience.”
“I do not know where my art comes from, or where it goes… Like you, my friend.”
“I expected more of a show from you, my friend.”
“Life burns brightest at its end.”
“Loss is not tragic, if it is made beautiful.”
“My work will outlast me, but you… will not.”
“No one leaves the ring unchanged.”
“No one outlives art.”
“Not to spoil too much, but this will be breathtaking.”
“Quickly, before the darkness comes, stare into the light one final time.”
“The curse is the gift, my friend. Embrace it.”
“The game led you to me for a reason: to witness something beautiful before… this.”
“The rhythm slows, my friend. Rest, the dance is over.”
“There are safer ways to view my performances, my friend, but none more visceral than this.”
“This game demands so much of us, but from you, she demands everything.”
“This is the performance of a lifetime. Your lifetime, my friend.”
“Unknown beauty awaits you. Cherish it, please.”
“We are all born cursed. If only you had embraced yours.”
“We cannot escape ugliness, my friend, but we can make it beautiful.”
“What colors, what sounds lie in the beyond? Go my friend, create.”
“You did not fail. You played your part to its end.”
“You fight with great beauty… But perhaps not enough today.”
“You fought beautifully. I would call for an encore, but that seems… cruel.”
“You performed exquisitely, but I must clip your strings now, my puppet.”
“You will pass with grace, my friend. I will see to that.”
“Your finale will be unforgettable. I am envious… Almost.”
“Your heart cried out for this, and I listened.”
“Your heart must beat with passion to the very end.”

Apex Legends Revenant Voice Lines Soundboard – Voice Actors


Hi you! We are vinagaming and this all voice lines of Revenant in Apex Legends. Revenant is an Offensive Legend who specializes in ambushes and aggression. 


Revenant Voice Lines Soundboard

Revenant Voice Actor

Voice Actor of Revenant in Apex Legends is:   Darin De Paul

Revenant Quotes

Character Pick Quotes

“I’m the nightmare.”
“Team looks good. You’ll do nicely as shields.”
“All these skinbags ready to die.”
“I hope they run. I like when they run.”
“This is what I was built for.”
“Time to add names to my list.”
“The only thing that matters is body count.”
“Their final moments give me life.”
“Wait until they meet me.”
“They still think this is a game. It’s not.”
“Fear is my currency.”
“They only think they know what fear is.”
“I don’t do this for fame or glory, I do it for fun.”
“They made me a killing machine. Who am I to argue with programming?”
“This gives me purpose.”
“Time to have some fun.”
“They always get real quiet. Like they can hear me.”
“I used to wear a skinsuit too.”
“Being human is overrated.”
“One slice, stem to stern, it all spills out.”
“They made me a killing machine.”
Intro Quotes
“You don’t wanna see this up close, skinbag.”
“You all think you’ll make it out of this one alive… (laughs)”
“Have you said your goodbyes?”
“I look forward to meeting you all… real close and personal.”
“Look at all the skin suits… they don’t stand a chance.”
“You’ve all been marked for death.”
“Don’t bother trying to find me. I’ll find you.”
“Ever get the feeling you’re not alone in the room? You’re not.”
“Get a good look. It’s the last time you’ll see me.”
“I don’t need souvenirs. Every scream is encoded, stored forever.”
“I plan on getting under your skin.”
“You already know: I’m gonna kill you today.”
“I’m not gonna make it quick. That would spoil all the fun.”
“Last group of legends I slaughtered looked hopeful too.”
“Like cattle being herded into the slaughterhouse.”
“You’re all like lambs to a slaughter. And I’m the butcher.”
“Look at all the new additions to my list.”
“First is looting, but then comes my favorite part: the screaming.”
“[sniffs] That’s the sweet aroma of fear.”
“There’s still time to run.”
“Now you will understand why you fear the dark.”
“Your championships are as meaningless as you are.”
Kill Quotes

Season 4 Battle Pass “Are your friends nearby? I can’t wait to make their acquaintance.”
Season 5 Battle Pass “I want your heart. I can slice it up for a snack. Mmmm…”
Season 7 Battle Pass “I might bury you here. No one will ever know, you’ll just be… gone.”
Season 8 Battle Pass “We all kill. I just really, really enjoy it.”
Season 9 Battle Pass “It’s too late to kill the people who made me, but I can take it out on you.”
“Oh no I killed, who are you again? Nevermind I don’t care”
“Any last words? I must know.”
“Beg for your life. It’s good for both of us.”
“Do you know how many millions of times I’ve done this?”
“Face death with dignity. Or don’t.”
“Hope your teammates bring you back– so I can find you again.”
” Hoping to meet your maker? They don’t exist.”
“I find no pleasure in taking a life that doesn’t appreciate it.”
“If I can be honest, I just like the killing.”
“I just like watching skin suits suffer.”
“I wish there was more time to spend with you.”
“I’ve seen the other side. There’s nothing. You’re nothing.”
“Go on. It’s okay to be afraid.”
“You’re just another mark on my list.”
“Just another worthless skin bag.”
“Let me watch your face while you go.”
“Your life won’t flash before your eyes. It just ends.”
“Look into my eyes. I wanna remember this.”
“Maybe I’ll let you live to tell the tale. Maybe not.”
“No one is coming to save you. No one ever was.”
“You were nothing more than a name on a list, waiting to be crossed off.”
“Now this… this is worth living for.”
“Scream. Make sure everyone can hear you.”
“Shhh. It’s just a bad dream. It’ll be over soon.”
“You’re going to spend eternity as maggot food.”
“That little voice saying there’s still hope? It’s lying.”
“This is the last face you’ll ever see.”
“The sheer terror that comes with dying. I remember it well.”
“They say there’s honor in death. [scoffs]”
“They’ve already forgotten you.”
“This part never gets old.”
“What made you think you were special?”
“Tell me. What’ll you miss the most?”
“What’s your name? I have to know.”
“When it all goes dark, you don’t wake up anywhere else.”
“You can beg for mercy. It won’t help, but go on.”
“You should’ve stayed home today.”
“You should thank me. You can rest now. (I never will.)”
“You were marked for death, you just didn’t know it.”
“You’re already dead.”
“Your death will be in vain. And I’ll like that.”
“Now is when I wear your face as a mask.”
“Ever get that feeling you’re not alone in a room? You’re not.”