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Hi you! We are vinagaming and this all voice lines of Bangalore in Apex Legends. Bangalore is a strategic Offensive Legend.


Bangalore Voice Lines Soundboard

Bangalore Voice Actor

Voice Actor of Bangalore in Apex Legends is: Erica Luttrell


Bangalore Quotes

Character Pick Quotes
Nothing like cold steel on a hot day.”
“Ruck up its time to move out”
“Get ready to stitch ’em up”
“Lock and load, rinse, repeat. It’s that simple.”
“Time to put some lead downrange.”
“I’ve put the time in, I’ve earned my stripes.”
“Pop the smoke make ’em broke.”
“(Sniff – Sniff) Spent gunpowder… smells like victory.”
“If you can’t keep up you’re straight out of luck.”
“We’ll win this thing together. Semper Fi or die.”
“Real men use ironsights? Heh, I use heavy artillery”.
“Clips are what civvies use in their hair, this is called a magazine.”
“Safeties off, weapons free.”
“Time to see if all those drills have paid off.”
“Amateur hour’s over, time for the big leagues.”
“Ready up, it’s go time”
“I came here to party, let’s rock.”
“Tap, rack, and clear. I’m ready.”
“No Cluster Foxtrots in my unit, let’s run this.”
“We got this round squared away”
Intro Quotes
“Hope you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty.”
“Better find me before I find you.”
“Come get some. Move it or die.”
“Get ready for a light show.”
“No such thing as auto-aim, ladies.”
“You make contact, you better finish the job.”
Fight or Fright Icon.svg “This isn’t a costume, it’s a uniform. It’s who I am and you will respect it.”
Holo-Day Bash Icon.svg “They say there’s nothing harsher than a long winter, guess they never met me.”
Season 1 Battle Pass “Opening season. No time for an FNG.”
“Artillery sounds like music to me.”
“I’m not hard to understand. Death is my language.”
“Don’t bring a pistol to an artillery fight.”
“Don’t matter what you run, just how you use it.”
“Don’t miss. I won’t.”
“Get ready for a world of hurt.”
“Want a tip? Go back to boot camp.”
“Heads up for a pucker factor.”
“Pistols to artillery, I can do it all, your call.”
“Name the weapon, I’ll still beat you.”
“I’m ready today… (laughs) I’m ready all month.”
“Locked ‘n’ loaded.”
“Make each round count.”
“Maybe this time I’ll open both eyes.”
“Shooter ready.”
Kill Quotes
Fight or Fright Icon.svg “Show up on my door playing pretend soldier? Hmph, here’s your candy.”
Holo-Day Bash Icon.svg “Cold out? Gonna feel a lot colder in a second.”
Season 5 Battle Pass “I didn’t say I mended broken hearts, I said I ended them.”
Season 7 Battle Pass “You call that a firearm? That’s adorable.”
Season 9 Battle Pass “Five generations of IMC military training in my blood and that’s what you show up with?”
Sale Icon.svg “What can I say? I’m a bit competitive. Runs in my blood.”
“Looks like aiming isn’t your strong suit.”
“Bad effect on target, rook.”
“On this field you gotta be prepared for anything.”
“You can’t dodge heavy artillery. You know that right?”
“Did you think the trigger would pull itself?”
“Don’t knock yourself. I put my time in long ago.”
“Dropped, shocked, and rocked. Say hello to the four-oh first.”
“First one through the door is usually the first one in a body bag.”
“Good initiative, bad judgment. Try again.”
“I got the best of you today.”
“Here’s a tip: know what you’re doing.”
“You need to hit the range more.”
“Ever heard of a stock? Barrel stabilizer? How about skills? You might wanna find you some.”
“Not gonna say this was too easy, but I may have had one eye closed.”
“I said danger close. Weren’t you listening?”
“I’m quicker than you think. Keep that in mind next time.”
“You’re just another KIA on my resume.”
“You sure you didn’t just make it out of basic training?”
“Kill confirmed. Gonna add you to the list.”
“Like a deer in the headlights. And I’m the headlights.”
“No substitute for real steel.”
“You’re not even worth the chalk to tally.”
“Not your day, shooter.”
“You played dead like a pro.”
“Rate of fire means nothing when you miss all the time.”
“What happened? Recoil hit you in the face?”
“[sniffs] So that’s what fear smells like.”
“Take a breather. You lost this one.”
“First you lose your cool, then you lose your head.”
“Too slow on the draw.”
“Training dummies move faster than you.”
“What are you? The FNG?”
“What happened? Your weapon malfunction? Or did you?”
“This is what happens when your unit goes AWOL.”
“You just got caught on the wrong end of my muzzle.”
“I can tell from your shooting that you ain’t no operator.”
“You bleed. You sweat. You get what you put in.”
“I’m gonna give you the bottom line upfront: You lost this one.”
“You shooting blanks, or you just miss a lot?”
“Don’t matter who you were back in the world. You’re in my house now”
“Big, small, don’t matter. You’re just target practice to me.”