Apex Legends Bloodhound Voice Lines Soundboard – Voice Actors

Hi you! We are vinagaming and this all voice lines of Bloodhound in Apex Legends. Bloodhound is a fast-paced Legend great at pushing the enemy in their base. 


Bloodhound Voice Lines Soundboard

Bloodhound Voice Actor

Voice Actor of Bangalore in Apex Legends is: Allegra Clark


Bloodhound Quotes

Character Pick Quotes
“Strong work, and win.”
“Ahead, we taka victory and slátra.”
“If the gods will it, we vinna.”
“The gústur of wind calls our victory.”
“Join me félagi fighter, fight strong.”
“Fate will be on our side félagi fighter.”
“Today will be our day, fight ríkir.”
“The Allfather will gift us today.”
“Trust nature, then trust yourself.”
“When they fall, we rise.”
“Together, we will slátra our enemies.”
“As one we will be gifted with victory.”
“Our path is made today.”
“I am prepared for the fight.”
“You and I will survive together.”
“Trust your senses and victory will follow.”
“The place between life and death is where I feel most alive”
“Félagi fighter, the end is decided, trust it.”
“I am Blóðhundur, you can call me Bloodhound.”
Intro Quotes
“I honor those who’ve risen, not those who’ve fallen.”
“I will shed bloð and honor the Allfather.”
“The battle begins may the gods bless you.”
“I fall only when the gods will it.”
“Have you prepared for your end? I have.”
“I am the hunter the gods have sent.”
Season 1 Battle Pass “Open season. May the gods bless us.”
Fight or Fright Collection “The masks we wear are part of who we are.”
“Trust in the Allfather” (deleted)
“Today is a good day to fight.”
“Blessings are upon me and brethren.”
“Everyday is a new victory.”
“Fight, vinna, fight again.”
“Find me and we will battle.”
“Honor is in the challenge, pride in the victory.”
“Like my brethren before me, I will slátra.”
“I will never disappoint my brethren.”
“Prove your strength before the gods.”
“The day is mine.”
“The fight honors me.”
“The hunt begins.”
“The true test is before the Allfather.”
“Today’s victory is already written.”
“When we meet I will slátra.”
“It is your honor to face me.”
Kill Quotes
Season 3 Battle Pass “The Allfather has gifted me with the better strength.”
Fight or Fright Icon.svg “What haunts you most is death. Something you no longer need to fear.”
Season 7 Battle Pass “For Artur”
“For my love.”
Season 9 Battle Pass “For my love, for Boone, I assure we will meet in the halls of Valhalla.”
“A bad beginning draws a bad end.”
“A victory I will be grateful for.”
“My stout heart defeated your sharp sword, battle is more than skill.”
“You fought, this makes you brave and no coward.”
“Come get some.”
“Do not regret. Stay happ, good faith.”
“Don’t let your wounds end your fate.”
“Fear has ruled your actions today.”
“Focus. That is how I defeated you.”
“Greed will eat your mortal sorrow.”
“Stand by your trial, I am not here to judge.”
“I am ready for my end, there is no fear.”
“I give a life, I don’t taka.”
“I vinna as the gods will it.”
“I vinna till the end.”
“Keep your pride.”
“Your mind and spirit is the strongest weapon you have.”
“There is more honor in death than a life without test.”
“My ríkir fate is on my side.”
“Your poor trust led to a poor end.”
“Pride is the true victory, keep it.”
“Slow and sure.”
“Take your pride and cherish it.”
“The Allfather graces you.”
“Never forget the eyes of Blóðhundur.”
“The gods have decided.”
“The hungry wolf always taka the vinna.”
“Today I fair forward with the most vigor.”
“The path led us here today, embrace it.”
“The pride of life calls for you.”
“The slátra of this battle will be remembered.”
“This loss is a gift for you.”
“To fight and fall is a happ life.”
“I trust the gust of the wind, that led to my vinna.”
“Trust yourself, there is no shame in competition.”
“We knew this end would come.”
“You are no coward, remember that.”
“Your final hour cannot be escaped, embrace it.”
“You think yourself skilled, your ignorance meets your end.”
“Your journey ends today.”
“Your strength showed life, be proud.”
“The hungry wolf always taka the vinna.”