Apex Legends Caustic: Gameplay & Tips Season 12

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Caustic is a deadly Defensive Legend with poisonous gas-based abilities. His tactical ability Nox Gas Trap places canisters that fire out toxic gas when damaged or when an enemy comes near them.


Nox Gas Trap
Place up to 6 canisters that release deadly Nox gas when shot or triggered by enemies.

Wattson’s Interception Pylons can shoot down traps in mid-air if they would have landed inside the range of the pylon.
Wattson’s Interception Pylons cannot destroy traps that are already fully inflated on the ground.
The gas can damage both Wattson’s Interception Pylons and Perimeter Security nodes.
Mirage’s decoys can trigger the traps to reveal Caustic’s location to his squad.
Lifeline’s D.O.C. Heal Drone will malfunction while inside of the gas and will not be able to heal anyone.
Crypto’s Surveillance Drone can be damaged by the gas.
Rampart’s Amped barriers can be damaged by the gas.
Nox VisionYou gain threat vision on enemies moving though your gas.
Nox Gas GrenadeBlankets a large area in Nox gas.The grenade can be shot down by Wattson’s Interception Pylon. However, if the grenade has already detonated, the pylon can’t block any of the gas, and will even take damage from it.
FortifiedIncoming damage reduced by 15%. Not slowed by bullets.


  • Legend Type: Defensive
  • Tactical Ability: Nox Gas Trap
  • Passive Ability: Nox Vision
  • Ultimate Ability: Nox Gas Grenade
  • Passive Perk: Fortified
Abilities Tips
Nox Gas Trap

Shooting the base of the trap before it activates will destroy it without releasing the gas.
It’s good to throw a trap in a smokescreen generated by a Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher, especially if enemies are hiding in it. This will also highlight enemies in green due to Nox Vision, and allow you an unfettered view of the enemies.
When outnumbered or in a sticky situation, throw multiple traps around you. The enemy’s bullets will hit your traps, setting them off, and allowing you to escape or heal to stay in the fight.
When going through Wraith’s Dimensional Rift portals, throw a trap at the end to catch enemies off guard trying to get your squad from behind and reveal their position due to your passive.
Throwing a trap in front of a door prevents it from opening to that side. You can use this to block doors and protect yourself, or to trap enemies inside an enclosed room. If they break down the door, the trap will activate and you’ll be informed of their location.
You can use your traps as smoke bombs, to throw some cover for sniper fire or general confusion.
You can also use your traps offensively when an enemy squad is inside a building, and they are extremely weak. They can be thrown inside through doorways and be very deadly if they are in a small space.
A squad that manages to get their Caustic to end game (such as Round 6 as it is almost done shrinking) will have the advantage over other squads that don’t have a Caustic. Caustic’s abilities increase in utility as the play area shrinks. Furthermore, Caustic can prevent scenarios of Heal Off Victories from happening as it’s harder to heal in the gas and ring damage.
Nox Vision

Your squadmates do not share this vision, so be sure to communicate to them the locations of enemies you can see.
Your threat vision doesn’t work against other Caustics, forcing you to prioritize them, as they are immune to all Nox Gas effects and they can see your allies even if they are in your gas.
Nox Gas GrenadeDo not use Nox Gas Grenades and expect them to kill an entire squad. Similar to Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder, its main utility comes in the fact that enemies are forced to either evacuate the area or suffer the consequences of damage, the inability to sprint and being highlighted by Nox Vision.
Since gas deals damage and slows enemies, use Nox Vision to hunt down and kill them while they are weakened. If you have Grenades, throw them into your gas when an enemy is caught– this combo has the capability of wiping out full squads if enough players are caught in your gas.
Using this ability in large, open areas is often a waste. Try to save it for when enemies are occupying a building, a small area, or are hiding behind a cover too dangerous to bypass.
You can also use this ability to block chokepoints or cover/punish revives.
Try saving this for the last few rounds as his abilities increase in utility as the safe area shrinks. Furthermore, he can prevent scenarios of Heal Off Victories from happening as it’s harder to heal in the gas and ring damage.
FortifiedDon’t overestimate this ability, 15% less generally translates to surviving 1 more shot.

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Alexander Maxwell Nox was born to Arthur Rutherford Nox and Katerina Ticacek Nox on February 25, 2685.He worked as a research scientist for Humbert Labs on his homeworld Gaea, the Frontier’s leading manufacturer of pesticide gases. With a glut of pesticides needed to protect the growing Frontier colonies’ crops, Humbert Labs was constantly on the hunt for better and stronger formulas. Nox was one of their brightest scientists and worked day and night developing new gases. But to make sure they worked, he needed to test them on more than just inert tissue: he needed something living.

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