Apex Legends Crypto Voice Lines Soundboard – Voice Actors

Hi you! We are vinagaming and this all voice lines of Crypto in Apex Legends. Crypto is a Legend introduced in Season 3 that is locked from the base game.


Crypto Voice Lines Soundboard

Crypto Voice Actor

Voice Actor of Crypto in Apex Legends is: Johnny Young

Johnny Young

Crypto Quotes

Character Pick Quotes
“It’s hard to be scared when you’re prepared.”
“You’re either ready, or you’re an idiot.”
“I only trust whom I have to trust. Let’s keep it at that.”
“You can’t hide from your mistakes.”
“It’s time. 싸우러 가자.”
“I’m not paranoid, I’m prepared.”
“Better to die fighting than to live in fear.”
“I’m watching. I’m always watching.”
“I always kill the messenger. It’s safer that way.”
“Off the grid is the only secure way to go.”
“I will find them, and the truth.”
“It doesn’t matter who I am, only what I can do.”
“They’ll never catch me. 가자.”
“They call this place secure? We’ll see about that.”
“What you see is not what you get.”
“That’s my secret. I’m always ready.”
“I am more prepared than you know.”
“With an eye in the sky, there’s nothing to fear.”
“The truth is out there.”
Intro Quotes
“This is only the beginning. 끝나면 알 거야.”
“I’m not a pawn. I’m here to break the game.”
“미안해. This may be the last time you compete.”
“Truth is coming, and I won’t be stopped.”
“You better hope I find you before they do.”
Fight or Fright Icon.svg “We all wear costumes to hide who we are.”
“You think you’re not being watched right now. Don’t be an idiot.”
“I have been through hell to get here. Can you say the same?”
“I used to fear many things, but that man is gone.”
“I’m here because I have to be. What’s your excuse?”
“If I know who you are, so do they. Break the rules and you’re gone.”
“It’s easy to get here, harder to walk away.”
“It’s easy to run away but you gain nothing.”
“It’s very simple. I know more than each of you could possibly imagine.”
“Do not trust what you think you know. 멍청한 짓 하지마.”
“나 준비 많이 했어.”
“You should be careful. 세상은 험한 곳이야.”
“There’s only one thing you need to know to survive, and that’s everything.”
“Think you can surprise me? Think again.”
“We are all just data waiting to be deleted.”
“When you have nothing else to lose, it’s easy to win.”
“You found me. Now come and get me.”
Kill Quotes
Season 3 Battle Pass “You thought you were better than me. Now you know the truth.”
Fight or Fright Icon.svg “How do you know this isn’t my mask? Trick’s on you.”
Season 5 Battle Pass “They say you’re most alive when you’re in love. I guess you’re not.”
Season 7 Battle Pass “The truth, 나에게 진실을 말해!”
Season 9 Battle Pass “In my old life, all I saw were zeros and ones. Guess which one you are.”
Holo-Day Bash Icon.svg “Joy, cheer; they took that away from me. Now I take it from you.”
Holo-Day Bash Icon.svg “Winter may be long, but this journey? That’s cut short for you.”
“A lot of people run from something that’s not after them, but for you, I was.”
“Access denied.”
“Don’t take it personally. They would have gotten to you, one way or another.”
“You can only hide from the inevitable for so long.”
“I cracked your securities and your face.”
“I don’t know if you’re just bad or an idiot. Either way, you’re gone.”
“I knew you’d come after me. That’s why I’m still here.”
“I mean this with respect: you’re a hack.”
“I never heard of you, and now, no one ever will.”
“I bet you want to know who I really am. I’ll tell you the truth: I’m the person who beat you.”
“Sometimes it’s hard to run when I’m watching your every move.”
“I’ve seen target dummies smarter than you.”
“I’m sure you were looking for me. In some small way, you succeeded.”
“It appears that intelligence is just a word to you.”
“It seemed like you zigged when you should have quit and gone home.”
“I know you wish you knew what I know, but I hope you know that it’s just going to make you crazy.”
“It’s not your fault, I get it, but this is just the way it goes.
“I’ll make this simple: it’s all about the information you have that I want.”
“You really messed up. But what do I know? I’m just a genius.”
“I’ve been watching you. You’re not bad, 그래도 넌 별로야.”
“You are just a messenger, I get that, 그래도 넌 죽었어.”
“Legend? Heh. Sometimes we are all someone we are not.”
“Only fight the battles you know you can win.”
“How long were you on my tail? 솔직하게 말해.
“Sometimes they catch up to you, sometimes they lose.”
“Sometimes you get tired of running, I understand, but you can’t ever stop.”
“They don’t know everything, but me? That’s how I found you.”
“They– they did this to both of us.”
“They say knowledge is power, but what you do with it? That’s what’s important.”
“This wasn’t personal, you’re just in my way.”
“You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape yourself.”
“You can’t hide from your mistakes, I’ll find them.”
“You found me. Good eyes. Not as good as mine.”
“You got a bug. Let me fix it.”
“It seems you should have been a bit more careful.”
“You should have been more prepared. I was.”
“No one will find you. You’re long off the grid, now.”
“I’m sorry it had to be this way. You’re not the one I’m after.”
“I knew you were coming. You’re predictable and I’m not.”
“I don’t know who you are, and I don’t really care. You’re going to disappear.”
“You’ve got to watch your back, you can’t trust others to do it for you.”