Apex Legends Fuse Voice Lines Soundboard – Voice Actors

Hi you! We are vinagaming and this all voice lines of Fuse in Apex Legends. Fuse is an Offensive Legend who specializes in explosives.


Fuse Voice Lines Soundboard

Fuse Voice Actor

Voice Actor of Fuse in Apex Legends is:  Ben Prendergast


Fuse Quotes

Character Pick Quotes
“Been puttin’ the ‘bomb’ in bombastic since 2681.”
“Time to rock ‘n load fellas.”
“Time to rock ‘n load.”
“Congratu-bloody-lations, you just called in the big guns.”
“Hold on to me Coldie, this won’t take a second.”
“Hold on to me Tinny, this won’t take a second.”
“This ain’t me first rodeo, mate.”
“Bit a hard yakka an’ the win’s ours.”
“Fightin’ fire, with fire.”
“I’m here to pour a little petrol on the situation.”
“Welcome to the school of hard knocks.”
“Breakin’ bones and breakin’ hearts, 5 decades running.”
“Me life’s an open book, just get ya mum’s permission to read it, yeah?”
“If there’s dirty deeds need doin’, I’ll do ’em dirt cheap.”
“Never met a problem a dibutyl phthalate compound explosive couldn’t fix.”
“Never met a problem a compound explosive couldn’t fix.”
“You could say I’m lookin’ to make a bit of a scene.”
“Let’s make those drop kicks crap their dacks.”
“Could we end a few careers today? I dare say we might.”
“No faffing about fellas, let’s bloody do this!”
“Walter ‘Fuse’ Fitzroy at ya bloody service.”
“Mate, I wasn’t born to be subtle.”
“I’m just here for a laugh or two. Anyone got a light?”
“For me mate, this is just a way of life.”
“Stick with me fellas, fortune favors Fusey.”
“Just think of me as the elder statesman of destruction.”
Intro Quotes
“Don’t get ya budgie smugglers in a twist, it’s just ya old mate Fuse.”
“Let Old Man Fusey show you ankle-biters how we did it back in the day.”
“Drinking cold ones before the match, making cold ones during the match. She’s alright, this life.”
“Takin’ orders for after the game, fellas. We talkin’, what, sixty steaks?”
“Time for a little shock ‘n’ awesome.”
“Any of you lads up for a campfire sing song after?”
“Back on Salvo, they called me ‘the Grenado Tornado’.”
“Bringin’ the noise, boys.”
“Combust or bust.”
“Hang onto ya sangas, lads. She’s bound to get messy.”
“Here comes a little old school.”
“Here comes the biff.”
“It’s about to get a lil’ loud, fellas.”
“Let’s fill this bloody world with craters.”
“Nothin’ like a lil’ chaos, ay?”
“Righto, time you pups see what an old dog can do.”
“The buck stops with old mate Fuse.”
“What these bloody games need is a bit of Old School.”
“What’s a few concussions between mates, ay?”
“In my experience, kids, you get more outta life if you don’t follow the rules.”
Kill Quotes
Season 8 Battle Pass “Bloody hell, you look like bloody hell.”
Season 9 Battle Pass “You remind me of meself when I was your age, except I was alive and all.”
“Always thought you were a few coldies short of a slab.”
“At least ya died doin’ what ya loved: losin’.”
“Couldn’t mind yer own beeswax, could ya?”
“Crushin’ tinnies ‘n’ takin’ lives.”
“Don’t be such a bloody sook.”
“Don’t chuck a wobbly.”
“Don’t come the raw prawn with me.”
“Aww, don’t look at me like that. We were just playin’ around, mate.”
“Don’t step in the Games with Fuse unless you’re prepared to stick your whole bloody leg in. “
“Don’t spit the dummy, mate. I’ll grab ya a coldie after.”
“Fair effort, mate. Next round’s on me.”
“Feels like we sorted that out, ay?”
“Got a copy of their dental records? Gonna need ’em.”
“Hahaha. Oh ya got bloody smashed, mate.”
“I guess cold ones after the game are off, then?”
“I know a fella who’s great at makin’ replacement spines. Reckin’ you might need his numba’.”
“I’m sure that’ll heal right up.”
“Just wasn’t your moment, kid.”
“Mate, you were the very essence of foolish.”
“Nothin’ like a bit o’ biffo.”
“Oh c’mon mate, I hardly touched ya.”
“Oh it’s just winge, winge, bloody winge with you isn’t it.”
“Tell the devil Fuse sent ya.”
“Didn’t ya hear, mate. These games take years of ya life.”
“Told ya, mate – you were crusin’ for a bruisin’.”
“Walk it off, mate.”
“Well don’t take it so seriously, mate. The word ‘game’ is literally in the title.”
“Well go on then, have a good sook.”
“Well you were a first class waste of bloody time.”
“No hard feelin’s, kid. What happens in the arena, stays in the arena.”
“Winners are grinners, mate. Guess that’s not you, ay?”
“Word of advice, young pup. Next time you wanna take a swing at Fuse, don’t.”
“Aww, ya not feelin’ so good, kid?”
“Yeah, nah not ya best. Maybe next time, kid.”
“Yer lucky we ain’t out bush, mate. I wouldn’t have gone so easy on ya.”
“You come at your old mate Fusey, ya best not miss.”
“You had to light me bloody fuse, didn’t ya?”
“Aww, you havin’ a whinge, mate?”
“You signed up for this the second you stepped into the ring with Fuse.”
“You were bloody dreamin’, mate.”
“You’re lucky we’ve got med bays here, mate. We didn’t have that kind of luxury back in my day.”