Apex Legends Gibraltar Voice Lines Soundboard – Voice Actors

Hi you! We are vinagaming and this all voice lines of Gibraltar in Apex Legends. Gibraltar is a mountainous Defensive Legend. 


Gibraltar Voice Lines Soundboard

Gibraltar Voice Actor

Voice Actor of Gibraltar in Apex Legends is:  Branscombe Richmond


Gibraltar Quotes

Character Pick Quotes
“Alright, pal, let’s go change a life.”
“Come and get it.”
“The ring is one hell of a beast.”
“I’m here to watch your back, brudda.”
“(laughs) this is gonna be fun.”
“It’s you and me, brudda.
“I’m ready for whatever today brings.”
“Come on, we got this, we got this.”
“The match is on, let’s do this, brudda.”
“Ready to go.”
“Hey now, I didn’t ask to be the best; I worked for it.”
“The important thing is not to die.”
“I’m good at what I do, believe me.”
“Time to end this. “
“Let’s go get the job done. “
“They’re not gonna know what hit’em.”
“I can’t wait to get down there and do a job.”
“Hey, challengers, you better watch out for me.”
“Hehe, today is gonna be our day.”
“Just give me a shot and I’ll shine like the sun.”
“I’m ready for whatever today brings”
Intro Quotes
“When this is over, they’ll all know the name ‘Gibraltar.’”
”When this is over, they’re all gonna know the name ‘Gibraltar.’”
Season 1 Battle Pass “It’s Opening season.”
Fight or Fright Icon.svg “Maybe you should take that costume off brudda, Legends don’t pretend.”
Holo-Day Bash Icon.svg “Hey there, warm up! It’s gonna be a long winter.”
“Good luck, brothas.”
“(laughs) I just do the job.”
“What can I say? I love what I do.
“Hey, try and move me, it’ll be fun. (laughs)”
“You see me, you’re pow, finished.”
“Come on, step up.”
“Hey, Gibraltar’s comin’ for ya.”
“Hoho – Great. Good. Wonderful.”
“Here we go! Better hope you’re with me.”
“This is gonna hurt you more than me. (laughs)”
“I’m not hard to miss and I don’t miss.”
“I’m like a rock, but rocks don’t hit back. (laughs)”
“Hey, it’s a bea”
“My shield, my life.”utiful day. Let’s make the most of it”
“I’m ready, are you?”
Kill Quotes
Fight or Fright Icon.svg “Knock knock! Gibraltar’s at the door! (laughs)”
Season 4 Battle Pass “What did you think you were gonna do? Win? Against me? (laughs) Take care, brotha.”
Season 5 Battle Pass “Don’t feel bad brotha, Gibraltar still loves you.”
Season 6 Battle Pass “(Laughs) You’re a bit too slow, my bruddah. I’m a bit too strong. (Laughs)”
Season 7 Battle Pass “This is your problem, you give up too easily. Hey, get up and fight bruddah!”
Season 8 Battle Pass “Hey, get buff like me, bruddah, and maybe you’ll stand a chance. (Laughs)”
“Hey brah, get buff, like me, and maybe you’ll stand a chance. (Laughs)”
Season 9 Battle Pass “I used to run with a bad crowd, but at least mine knew how to fight. (Laughs)”
“That was all I needed, bruddah.”
“Awesome battle, maybe next time.”
“It is an awesome feeling to win!”
“Hey, I really know how to bring the fun into this.”
“Bye, brother, see you later.”
“I can’t help but to compliment myself. (laughs)”
“Hey, just Gibraltar getting the job done.”
“Ah yes, Gibraltar wins again (laughs)”
“Hey, that was a good match, bruddah.”
“(laughs) I got you.”
“I brought it, you didn’t.”
“(laughs) some call it luck, I call it skill.”
“I said it and I believe it, I’m winning today.”
“It’s all in the attitude and I got a lot of it.”
“It’s just my skill, can’t help it.”
“Hey, you just got it handed to you, bruddah, nice try.”
“Brudda, this just wasn’t your fight.”
“You have some skill, keep at, so I can beat you again.”
“Looks like my training paid off.”
“This is my favorite part.”
“Never turn your back on Gibraltar.”
“Not today, maybe tomorrow.”