Apex Legends Horizon Voice Lines Soundboard – Voice Actors

Hi you! We are vinagaming and this all voice lines of Horizon in Apex Legends. Horizon is an Offensive Legend with gravity-based abilities. 


Horizon Voice Lines Soundboard

Horizon Voice Actor

Voice Actor of Horizon in Apex Legends is:  Elle Newlands


Horizon Quotes

Character Pick Quotes
“Time for experimentation, evaluation and a wee cuppa tea.”
“C’mon little Newtie, we’ve got work to do.”
“Fancy a bit of a blether?”
“Things look to get a mite troublesome.”
“Science time! Ooh, yaldi!”
“In the name of science!”
“Repulsors, check. Stabilisers, check. Best buddy, check.”
“Let’s have a wee play with the laws of physics, shall we?”
“Everyone forgets to look up. You lot are so… terrestrial.”
“You ready for a wee adventure, N.E.W.T?”
“Time for bold action!”
“Right dears, time for a bit of a float.”
“When you’re a master of black holes, relativity becomes… well, relative.”
“Science dinnae sleep, and neither do we, right N.E.W.T?”
“Safety first, dearies, and then, of course, utter mayhem.”
“Be right with you dears.”
“Och aye, there’s research afoot!”
“Don’t watch, wee N.E.W.T. Yer maw’s about to get a little unladylike.”
Intro Quotes
“Ach, dinnae fash yersel. ‘Cause I’m the best; got NEWT on my side!”
“I survived being swallowed by the dark heart of the universe, so you lot seem a wee bit… quaint to me.”
“If not even light can escape the event horizon, how do you think you’ll escape me?”
“I’ll put the kettle on for any survivors. So… just me and N.E.W.T., then?”
“Violence for science! Oh, quite the catchphrase, that!”
“Anyone else wielding the unfathomable cosmic power of a singularity? …Anyone? No? Just checkin’.”
“Och, I love field work. Yaldi!”
“Data points often don’t land where you expect them to. Best prepare yourselves.”
“Don’t take what follows too personally, my darlings. Me and Newtie just need to find a way home.”
“I expect the results of this will be utterly delightful.”
“In the barracks we’re pals. In the Games… well, you’re research data waiting to be collected.”
“So, is anyone else here technically over 100 years old? Wait… some of you are? I’m right at home then!”
“Och, it’s not me you’ve got to worry about. It’s wee Newtie I’d watch out for.”
“Oh, I’m sorry dear. The statistics just don’t favour you.”
“Ooh, could get messy, I’m afraid.”
“Particle colliders or R301s. They both split atoms if you ask me.”
“Strap in, Newtie. Things are about to get mighty interesting.”
“This isn’t between you and me. It’s between you and a promise I mean to keep.”
“Time to introduce a lil’ chaos to my research.”
“What happens in the Games stays in the Games, right loves? Always a cuppa at mine for anyone who wants it.”
“Ya cannae outplay the Law of Large Numbers.”
Kill Quotes
Season 10 Battle Pass “Did ya think you’d be on top forever, darlin’? Change is comin’. Best make peace with it.”
Season 7 Battle Pass “Oh no! Did that hurt, darlin’?”
Season 8 Battle Pass “Looks like someone didn’t understand the ‘gravity’ of the situation.”
Season 9 Battle Pass “Oh, dinnae feel so bad dear. This isn’t my first science fair.”
“Ach, ya bampot.”
“Ah, well that was a little careless of ya, love.”
“Better luck next time, ya delightful wee corpse, ye.”
“Between friends, dear, ya always struck me as a wee bit dim.”
“Dinnae fear, for now ya face the other side. Take a wee rest.”
“Dinnae take it personal dear. I’ve got me a promise to keep.”
“Don’t go makin’ that face at me. You know full well you signed up for this.”
“Don’t worry, pet. Me and N.E.W.T’ll have a wee teensy bevvy in your honour.”
“Failin’ means you’re playin’, love.”
“Fear not, love. I’ll inform your next of kin.”
“Here now, let me help you over the horizon.”
“I mean, can ya really call it a god complex if I actually do have the power to flatten an entire galaxy in my backpack?”
“I’m awfully sorry, pet, but just what exactly was your name, again?”
“I’m not tryin’ t’say you weren’t a challenge, but this one time I kinda bested a black hole, so…”
“Just a wee bit of a beatin’ before breakfast, lovie.”
Template:Commonl”Ach, don’t worry, pet. Me ‘n’ NEWT’ll have a tensy bevvie in your honour.”
“Now how are we supposed to test our equipment if people keep expiring on us, N.E.W.T?”
“Och I’m sorry love. Were you saying something?”
“Och, but you were so close, darlin’.”
“Och, dinnae worry, petal. I won’t tell anyone about this.”
“Och, don’t make that face, dearie. Some things are just inevitable, and in your case, a wee bit embarrassing.”
“Och, no, don’t feel so bad. I can tell you tried your best.”
“Oh dearie, it just wasn’t your day.”
“Oh, hush now, don’t say a word.”
“Oh love, what made you think you’d walk away from this?”
“Oh no, you look a right jobbie.”
“Oh shush now, dear. It wasnae in vain. You’ve helped me ‘n’ NEWT get a little closer to home.”
“Oh well, doin’ your best is what counts, right dear?”
“Oh, well, sometimes it’s just lovely to get some air, right?”
“Perhaps the better choice for you might’ve been a wee day in the library.”
“Shh, rest now, love. Ya earned it.”
“That wasn’t a bad effort. Sometimes participation is the most important thing.”
“There’s a vast and densely populated universe between how good you think you are and how good you actually are.”
“Well that was a classic case of foolish right there, I’m afraid.”
“Well what were you doing? Traipsing around with your kilt over your noggin?”
“Well what’d ya think would happen? I’m literally carrying around a singularity.”
“Well, I guess you picked the wrong time to blink.”
“Well, I suppose I would have underestimated me, too.”
“Well, someone’s a wee bit crabbit.”
“Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye.”
“You’re lookin’ a bit peely-wally there. Can I suggest a nap?”