Apex Legends Lifeline Voice Lines Soundboard – Voice Actors

Hi you! We are vinagaming and this all voice lines of Lifeline in Apex Legends. Lifeline is a Support Legend with healing abilities, Lifeline is a Legend best for keeping her team alive and up in a firefight.


Lifeline Voice Lines Soundboard

Lifeline Voice Actor

Voice Actor of Lifeline in Apex Legends is:  Mela Lee

Lifeline Quotes

Character Pick Quotes
“Get ready… today’s not gon’ be easy.”
“Go on, try to stop me!”
“You and me, let’s take this win.”
“Come on, we’ve got work to do.”
“We’ve got a job to do, so shift your carcass.”
“I’m ready. Let’s get the job done.”
“This is gonna be a good fight.”
“It’s time to impress.”
“Nuh romp wid mi. I’m ready for a match.”
“Mi deh yah. All good wit me.”
“Ready to go, seen?”
“Mi ain’t afraid of much but losing? That would be a drag.”
“I got your back. Rememba me telling you.”
“We’re in this together. Memba that.”
“If you’re with me, I’m with you.”
“Pay attention. Ya might learn a thing or two.”
“Big things are comin’ for us.”
“This place is somethin’ else. Let’s go!”
“It’s only over when it’s over.”
Intro Quotes
“Check yo self – or wreck yo self. (laugh)”
“Small up yuhself. Ajay Che’s comin’ through.”
“Bring it. Ajay Che will be waitin’ for ya down there.”
“I’d watch out for my squad if I were you.”
“Quit ya whinging and fight.”
“Ya bet’ not romp with me.”
Season 1 Battle Pass “Open season. Let’s go.”
“Accept it! I’m here, you’re not.”
“Ain’t afraid of you, ya hear me?”
“Mi deh yah. All good for me.”
“Ya better hope you’re with me.”
“Don’t worry, it’s easy. Bleed, patch, and keep moving.”
“Champion, challenger, means little if ya die.”
“A win don’t come easy. For you.”
“I’ve seen it all. Today, no different.”
“You’re lookin’ at a fighter. What am I lookin’ at?”
“Move it or quit.”
“‘ Member this face. It’s comin’ for ya.”
“Want advice? Stay out of my way.”
“It takes a lot to take me out.”
“Wanna be here? Take me out.”
“[chuckles] Ya ain’t that bright if ya wanna take me on.”
Kill Quotes
Season 3 Battle Pass “I don’t even think ya tryin’. This was too easy.”
Season 6 Battle Pass “This ain’t no place for you, unless you try a bit harder.”
Season 7 Battle Pass “Lookin’ for a rhythm? I got ya beat.”
Season 9 Battle Pass “Ain’t no butler here. I take out the trash myself – memba that.”
“Brush it off. Ya lost this one.”
“They don’t just call me Lifeline because I save a life…”
“Don’t blame yourself. You got a whole squad that failed you.”
“This skill takes experience and strength. I have both.”
“Giving up is no thing I will do.”
“Dis good for ya.”
“Good match!”
“I came to win. You didn’t.”
“I had a job to do.”
“Don’t be shocked. I know what I’m doin’.”
“I won this one.”
“‘Member this: I’m the one you should have concerns about.”
“It’s a big up feelin’ to win.”
“It’s all skill.”
“It’s just a loss. Take it.”
“Breathe easy. It’s over for you.”
“You listen to me. It’s over.”
“Losing, that’s a drag.”
“Never quit. That’s how you win.”
“Next time. Next time you’ll do better.”
“Nuh romp wid mi. Not today.”
“No support? That’s a shame.”
“Not your day.”
“In the future, pay more attention. It’ll do you good.”
“Quit your whinging.”
“Take this as motivation. Be better.”
“Take this loss with pride.”
“Thank you. You made me just a little bit better.”
“This is just how it is.”
“This is my win, ‘member that.”
“This is not my first time.”
“Use the pressure. It’s the only way to survive.”
“Come on, use your head.”
“What happens to you happens to you. That’s good for you.”
“Winning, now that’s a good feelin’.”
“You’re gonna need to work a bit harder next time.”
“Breathe easy. You lost this one.”
“You lost. Take it.”
“Your skill wasn’t half bad! ‘Member that.”
“Your team let you down, bredren.”
“Your time has ended.”