Apex Legends Pathfinder Voice Lines Soundboard – Voice Actors

Hi you! We are vinagaming and this all voice lines of Pathfinder in Apex Legends. Pathfinder is a Recon Legend very useful on movement and rotation.


Pathfinder Voice Lines Soundboard

Pathfinder Voice Actor

Voice Actor of Pathfinder in Apex Legends is:   Chris Edgerly

Pathfinder Quotes

Character Pick Quotes
“I cannot wait to win this match, friend!”
“The championship is ours!”
“Time to win, and stay alive!”
“Good luck. Have fun. Don’t die!”
“I accept the challenge!”
“Let’s have fun, friend!”
“This is going to be fun.”
“We will defeat all of our enemies!”
“Ready to go.”
“Powered up and ready to go.”
“I am ready. I hope you are too!”
“This is my favorite part!”
“Ready and excited.”
“I was created for this! ..I think.”
“I think we’re going to do great, friend!”
“Excellent. Time to destroy more opponents.”
“You and me, friend!”
“Come on friend, time to win!”
“Grapple: locked and loaded.”
“I just polished my grapple.”
Intro Quotes
“I wish all of you could fight tomorrow too. But you’ll be dead.”
“Get ready! I’m coming for you, friend.”
“Losing isn’t fun. That’s why I don’t do it.”
“Remember me, friends. I may kill you.”
“In case you didn’t know, you get here by winning. Good luck.”
Season 1 Battle Pass “It’s the season-opening. It’s really fun to do stuff.”
“Hey, that’s me!”
“Hi, friends.”
“I am really good at this. You should be too.”
“I may be smiling, but that also means I’m happy!”
“I swung to this position. Funny and true!”
“I’ll high five you all when I see you.”
“I’m excited to fight you!”
“It’s fun to zipline. You should try it.”
“My squad must be very proud.”
“Oh, am I supposed to talk?”
“This sounds like it’ll be fun.”
“This will be fun. Can’t wait to win!”
“Watch out our I’ll grapple you. Literally!”
“After this, we should hang out!”
“Wow! They chose me! The odds are full of all kinds of math.”
Kill Quotes

“Did you see how great I was? I did all kinds of really amazing moves… are you listening?”
Season 6 Battle Pass “I’m going to a party after this. You are not invited, but I still like you.”
Season 7 Battle Pass “Hey, look at this, I won! It must be my birthday – whenever that is…”
Fight Night Icon.svg “Piss off, scab-lander. I learned that from an old friend.”
Season 8 Battle Pass “Oops, I killed you on purpose.”
Season 9 Battle Pass “You have the same expression as my customers when I was a waiter – satisfied.”
“I did really good today. I can’t wait to tell my creator. When I find him.”
“I won. Congratulations to me!”
“I’m sorry, but you could have killed me, friends.”
“Did you have as much fun as me? Hello?”
“Did you like my moves? My grapple is very useful.”
“Don’t bat yourself up. Leave that to me! That was a joke!”
“Don’t blame yourself, blame me!”
“Good work. Let’s remain friends!”
“Grappling makes things much easier. Try it sometime!”
“Great moves, friend! Sorry, you lost.”
“Looks like I beat you. High five!”
“I feel good!”
“That was exciting. I hope you had fun!”
“I may win this thing today. Keep rooting for me!”
“I only beat you because I want to win.”
“It’s okay, friend. I was just better this time.”
“I’ll never forget this match. It’s in my memory files.”
“Watch out. I’m very skilled with this grapple.”
“If I didn’t beat you, someone else could have.”
“If I had a heart, it would be racing right now.”
“If we were on the same team, you would be happy about this!”
“You don’t know where my creator is, do you?”
“Look at that, I beat you!”
“Maybe next time you’ll do really good.”
“You did a really mediocre job, friend!”
“My accuracy is getting better every day! Right?”
” Sorry I beat you. I’m only looking for my creator.”
“That was fun. Sorry, you died.”
“Surprise! ..I hope I didn’t scare you.”
“Thank you for the fun fight!”
“That was close!”
“That was impressive. I hope my creator saw it.”
“The crowd loves you! And they really love me.”
“This is my favorite part.”
“Some times luck is involved. But this time it was skill.”
“Trying is 55.5% of the battle.”
“Now this is very fun when you win.”
“You tried and that’s all that matters. Also winning.”
“You were tough, friend.”
“Don’t worry, you won’t be the only person I beat today.”