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Hi you! We are vinagaming and this all voice lines of Rampart in Apex Legends. Rampart is a Defensive Legend that specializes in securing areas through firepower.


Rampart Voice Lines Soundboard

Rampart Voice Actor

Voice Actor of Rampart in Apex Legends is:    Anjali Bhimani

Rampart Quotes

Character Pick Quotes

“Oh, ain’t nothing better than waiting!… Except for bloody everything else.”
“Urgh, let’s get this over with! Shop opens soon and I haven’t had lunch yet.”
“If I get taken out, it better be with a Rampart.”
“I love a good party, mate! Best way to show off the gear.”
“You ready for this dance? I’ll lead.”
“Eh, here’s hoping neither of us gets the hiccups during this bonanza.”
“Suppose we win, pay rent or tab?… Eh, I’ll just get a drink.”
“Time to show them what we’re made of! Which is just blood and guts, really…”
“Ugh, let’s get a move on, mate! I’m sprouting grey hairs here!”
“Either you fight with me, and we win or you fight with someone else, and I win.”
“I’ve been dreaming of this moment aaaaaall day!… I’ve also been asleep, all day…”
“Live today, die tomorrow! Heh, better than the other way around…”
“Eh, we both woke up today! Not a bad start.”
“Hey, my mates and I are tip-top! Reckon we are ready for a bruisin’.”
“If I ever let you down, it’s probably I because grew a bit tired of carrying you.”
“You’re good, I’m good… if we lose, it’s the other bloke’s fault.”
“You know, if you don’t die in this thing….. You live. How’s that for a bit of encouragement?”
“Right, time to turn crap into gold.”
“Fancy a go? No need to dress nice. Gonna get messy.”
“Let’s make some bees and honey. Meet back at Witt’s for a pint.”
”Chal dhoom machate hain…… It’s party time”
Intro Quotes
“I don’t think of myself as the best, just all of you as the worst. Huh, fancy that!”
“If you don’t like what you see put a bag over your head.”
“Take a long look at me, that’s the price you have to pay.”
“That’s right. What you gonna do? Whine on the field or step up?”
“Eh, not to worry, you’ll all be here soon! I’ll add you to my kill count.”
“Chin up mates. You just ain’t that good it’s all!”
“C’mon, mates, just get a new start with a Rampart!”
“Here’s the deal, you get down there, Have fun, and I’ll ruin it.”
“Ha! Grab your mash, Rampart’s in town!”
“Champion or not, I am ready for a fight! Polish your Ramparts, it’s party time!”
“Listen, I don’t want to be here anymore than you do but I’m also a good liar!”
“I’d thank everyone who helped me get here, but they’re all dead. Figures…”
“I’m not one for bragging but I’m probably the best Legend ever to set foot in this games. you know, probably.”
“If it makes you feel any better, I’m only doing this to fight and win.”
“It ain’t mechanical engineering, you either here or you’re dead.”
“It’s alright to be afraid, it feels normal if you’re a wimp”
“Eh, must be a bit of a drag for those who ain’t me.”
“No need to get razzled yet we’re all just having a good time.”
“Let’s face it, the only way you’d get here is if you kill me. Lucky me, I won’t see it.”
“Suppose you had skill, then you would be the one with nothing to say.”
Kill Quotes

Season 6 Battle Pass “Between you and me, maybe give it a rest. Try a real job, just a thought.”
Season 7 Battle Pass “(laugh) I hate to see you so upset, but I’m just so bloody happy! (laugh)”
Season 8 Battle Pass “Oh, you gotta love what you do. Mine’s taking ya down to crap-town.”
Season 9 Battle Pass “Sory mate, had to. Boss may be watchin’. Can’t let him down.”
“Are you a legend or a mouse? No. Mouses know how to hide.”
“Better take a ball and chalk mate, this place ain’t for you.”
“Don’t kill yourself over this, I’m already doing that.”
“Fancy seeing you here, I figured you would be dead by now.”
“How’s your ma?”
“I could have killed you with both eyes closed but I couldn’t wait for you to blink.”
“Oh, it’s all right, mate! We all make mistakes… I guess your squad made a big one choosing you.”
“Ah, don’t take this personally, mate. I just don’t like your style… or your face… or just literally anything about you.”
“I’ll tell you what, mate, I’ll never forget this fight with you – no matter how hard I try.”
“If it helps, I’ll tell all my mates you tried to shot your gun. Sound right?”
“I’m a big fan of yours. No, not you! The gun! Is that one of mine? Should be.”
“I’ve had a perfectly wonderful fight, but this wasn’t it.”
“Don’t feel bad! If this was the other way around I would have hit you from that side.”
“I had to claw my way to the top, you thought I was going to let you stop me?”
“Face first in the dirt might feel like the biggest insult but it’s still early, mate.”
“You’ve got knocked you by “the” Rampart! Lucky you, eh?”
“Eh, look on the bright side, mate, your face looks a little better now.”
“Uh, are you alright, mate? Lookin’ a bit messy.”
“We all make mistakes, mate, but lucky for me I caught up with you and here we are.”
“Lump of ice, don’t blame yourself. That’s for the rest of your mates to do!”
“That must have been the greatest fight the game has ever see, and that ain’t saying much.”
“Next time try glasses maybe not to see but at least I might think twice before hitting you face.”
“You’re one of the greatest fighters I’ve seen, and that’s not saying much for you.”
“Oh, you should have legged, mate. Should I phone your mom? Have her come pick you up?”
“Sorry mate, but you’re dead.”
“Uh. Sorry mate. I took you for a dummy.”
“I’m still deciding whether to wash my hands after this.”
“Suppose you had a bigger gun, you think then you’d have friends?”
“Take this time to reflect. Maybe brush your teeth while you’re at it.”
“Well, crap. There goes another customer.”
“Well, that was fun! Time for a cup of Rosie Lee? Oh right, you’re dead.”
“You lost! Time to go home to your loved ones… or you stay and I’ll go home to your loved ones. Oh, that would put a smile on their face”
“Who taught you how to fight? Must have hit their head on a bloody speed train.”
“Well, you certainly got the minerals but I’ve got a doozer here to make you wish you’d got something bigger.”
“You fools can’t fight with crap. Who taught you? Were they six, seven pints in?”
“What happened? You had this in the bag! I mean the bag had a big hole in it, but still.”
“You mind if I don’t feel bad for you? Right. Thanks, mate.”
“You poor little plonker! Never had chance! Except for the one time, so you screwed that up.”
“That’s deep talk, mate! You remind me of a fish I used to have, it got stuck in the filter. Only lived a day.”
“You should be ashamed. Not you! I’m talking to your teammates.”
“You’re a legend alright, very few have tricked people into thinking they’re good.”
“Oof, c’mon mate. Get your crap together, you’re making us all look bad.”