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Hi you! We are vinagaming and this all voice lines of Seer in Apex Legends. Seer is a Recon Legend whose abilities are useful in a battle.


Seer Voice Lines Soundboard

Seer Voice Actor

Voice Actor of Seer in Apex Legends is: Iké Amadi

Seer Quotes

Character Pick Quotes
“Do not hide your true colors. They are your strength.”
“I believe in art. And pinball. I love pinball.”
“I do not wait for inspiration; I take it.”
“If they look, give them something to see.”
“We can not resist the flame, so let us dance across it.”
“Make it so they can not help but look. Then, they are yours.”
“Victory is assured. But can we make it stunning?”
“Let us be last to accept the Ring’s embrace.”
“I have your attention. I will not waste it.”
“The Ring does not enclose me; I wear it.”
“If we are defeated, we will still make it beautiful.”
“They see the cage. I see the sky beyond.”
“I create for life, not death.”
“Embrace yourself, and know strength without fear.”
“Let them stare. What they see is for me to choose.”
“Let us make something that cannot be ignored.”
“Give everything to the game; or we do not deserve her.”
“I do not know what I’ll become. But it will be striking.”
“We will give them a show like no other.”
“I will leave my mark.”
Intro Quotes
“I do not fight to be accepted. I fight to be free of your acceptance.”
“I fight on behalf of the odd ones… Which could be any one of you, I suppose.”
“The game is not merciful to those who lack imagination.”
“To be the last thing you see will be my honor, legends.”
“You will achieve greatness, just not in victory.”
“Do not believe any rumors about me that I have not started.”
“Do not look away. I want you to look.”
“I fight for the refused, the cursed… the exceptional.”
“I will make your end live forever.”
“I will not be cast aside.”
“I’ve been described as deadly and beautiful, but I am also approachable.”
“Look away, but I will be the last thing you see.”
“Look for me, and what you will see you will never forget.”
“Play with all your heart. If not, I will find you.”
“Stand out, or stand aside.”
“To give the crowds a show, sacrifice will be necessary.”
“Today, the cursed ones triumph.”
“Underestimate me. Please do.”
“When the flame beckons, you obey.”
“You kill, I create. This is why I win.”
Kill Quotes

Season 10 Battle Pass “Change is inevitable, my friend. I just make it beautiful.”
“A painting burns, a sculpture shatters… It is not beautiful if it last forever, my friend.”
“Are you still watching? Good. This next part is just for you.”
“Cast off your fear. Now is the time for fascination.”
“Do not look away. Courage first, my friend, then, rest.”
“Defeat is tragic only if it is uninspired… And yours is anything but.”
“Do I have something on my face? You look at me strangely.”
“Do not blink, legend. You do not want to miss this.”
“Do not fear my art. It is… Oh, it is death that you fear. That is more understandable.”
“Do not fear. Beauty will go on. I will make sure of it.”
“Eyes up, my friend. All the beauty of this moment is for you and you alone.”
“Here, a moment of beauty before beauty’s end.”
“I am here, and I am in your mind.”
“I do my best work with a captive audience.”
“I do not know where my art comes from, or where it goes… Like you, my friend.”
“I expected more of a show from you, my friend.”
“Life burns brightest at its end.”
“Loss is not tragic, if it is made beautiful.”
“My work will outlast me, but you… will not.”
“No one leaves the ring unchanged.”
“No one outlives art.”
“Not to spoil too much, but this will be breathtaking.”
“Quickly, before the darkness comes, stare into the light one final time.”
“The curse is the gift, my friend. Embrace it.”
“The game led you to me for a reason: to witness something beautiful before… this.”
“The rhythm slows, my friend. Rest, the dance is over.”
“There are safer ways to view my performances, my friend, but none more visceral than this.”
“This game demands so much of us, but from you, she demands everything.”
“This is the performance of a lifetime. Your lifetime, my friend.”
“Unknown beauty awaits you. Cherish it, please.”
“We are all born cursed. If only you had embraced yours.”
“We cannot escape ugliness, my friend, but we can make it beautiful.”
“What colors, what sounds lie in the beyond? Go my friend, create.”
“You did not fail. You played your part to its end.”
“You fight with great beauty… But perhaps not enough today.”
“You fought beautifully. I would call for an encore, but that seems… cruel.”
“You performed exquisitely, but I must clip your strings now, my puppet.”
“You will pass with grace, my friend. I will see to that.”
“Your finale will be unforgettable. I am envious… Almost.”
“Your heart cried out for this, and I listened.”
“Your heart must beat with passion to the very end.”