Apex Legends Wattson: Gameplay & Tips Season 12

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Wattson is an electricity-based Defensive Legend. Her tactical ability Perimeter Security places fence poles with connecting beams of electricity that damage and stun enemies that pass through the beams.


Perimeter Security
Create electrified fences by connecting nodes. Fences damage and slow enemies.

Doors that get in the way of a fence will shatter.
Wattson can connect her nodes to nodes placed by enemy Wattsons. The fence in between will belong to the Wattson who linked them.
The fences can trigger Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap.
The fences cannot be damaged by the Ring.
The fences can be damaged by an enemy Caustic’s Nox Gas.
The fences ignore Knockdown Shield health and will damage the health of those affected.
The fences can’t be seen through Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher.
Enemy Mirages can send decoys into the fence to determine your location.
Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection will block line of sight for nodes like any wall would.
Crypto’s Drone EMP will destroy every node in range.
Tridents passing through fences will be disabled for 5 seconds.
Spark of GeniusUltimate Accelerants fully charge Wattson’s ultimate and she can carry more Ultimate Accelerants. Wattson slowly restores her shields over time.Wattson will pick up 2 Ultimate Accelerants, instead of one, when using Loba’s Black Market Boutique.
Interception PylonPlace an electrified pylon that destroys incoming ordnance and repairs damaged shields. Standing near Pylons boosts Wattson’s tactical recharge rate. (Max: 1)Incoming ordnance include:
Grenades such as Frag Grenades, Thermite Grenades, and Arc Stars.
Tacticals such as Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher, Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps (while midair), Revenant’s Silence, Horizon’s Gravity Lift, Fuse’s g Knuckle Cluster, and Valkyrie’s Missile Swarm.
Ultimates such as Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder (only the airstrike), Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment, Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade, Horizon’s Black Hole, and Fuse’s The Motherlode.
The Pylon will not shoot down throwable objects, like D.O.C. Heal Drones, or Domes of Protection.
The Pylon can be damaged by an enemy Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap.
The Pylon cannot be damaged by The Ring.
The Pylon will be instantly destroyed by Crypto’s Drone EMP, regardless of health.
Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection will block line of sight for the Pylon like any wall or cover would.


  • Legend Type: Defensive
  • Tactical Ability: Perimeter Security
  • Passive Ability: Spark of Genius
  • Ultimate Ability:Interception Pylon
Abilities Tips
Perimeter Security

The fences are NOT traps. Like the name implies, the fences are to guard your flanks and alert you to enemies, slow them down or force them to a choke point your squad is guarding.
Most of the time, your goal is not to get enemies to run into your fences. It’s to scare them into avoiding a particular route.
Fences are only effective defenses if you or a squadmate is present to punish enemies that walk through them. An unattended fence is barely a threat.
Hide the nodes behind cover and close to your Interception Pylon so enemies must approach to destroy the fences.
The best spots to place fence nodes are spots where an approaching enemy can’t easily shoot them without leaving themselves wide open. This includes:
Placing wide fences across narrow doorways.
Placing fences at the top of a ledge an enemy might climb.
Placing nodes behind railings, planter boxes, or other existing cover on the map.
Placing fences at the end of a zipline, especially a vertical one.
If a fence spot is really effective, use a third node to turn it into a triangle. This way, enemies will be hit multiple times if they go through it. This is especially effective at the top of vertical ziplines.
Don’t just use fences on the inside of buildings to keep enemies out; also use them on the outside of buildings to keep enemies in.
Stand in the way of fences to disengage them and trick enemies into thinking it’s safe to rush you down.
Be careful using fences near destructible doors. If the doors open into the fence, they’ll break, and you won’t be able to use them for cover anymore.
When defending an area with a larger, indestructible door, place fences through the door so they’ll deactivate when the door is closed. If an enemy opens that door, the fences will reactivate, and could catch them off guard.
The fences don’t require solid ground between nodes, so you can place them over gaps like stairways or vertical ziplines.
Remember that you can ‘select’ an unconnected node to make the next node you place connect to it. Use this to quickly place a fence without having to cross dangerous areas to place both ends.
Place fences in front of hallways like ones in the Pit, Bunker, etc so if an enemy squad is escaping the Ring, they will likely panic and run through them, slowing them and may result in a kill because of fatal damage involving the Ring. Extremely effective in later rounds.
Don’t place your nodes in a hallway unless you are forced to, as they can be easily shot by enemies.
When working with a Wraith, place fences through her Dimensional Rift to instantly electrocute enemies that chase you through it.
Spark of Genius

If you find an Ultimate Accelerant at the start of the match, use it as it’ll give Wattson much more potential.
It’s best to carry at least one stack of Ultimate Accelerants in your Inventory at all times.
Try saving an Ultimate Accelerant for the last few rounds (especially on Rounds 5 or higher) as her abilities increase in utility as the play area shrinks.
This ability can allow you to save up on shield cells and shield batteries.
Just like Octane’s Swift Mend, this ability will take a very long time to fully recharge your shields, so it should only be counted on when you only have a few shields to heal.
Interception PylonHide the Pylon into a place where it cannot be shot like building corners.
While fighting and behind cover and you’re in need to heal, you can place a Pylon nearby and while using a consumable, you’ll be regenerating shield health at the same time. This can also be done if you need to recover some shield health while reviving a teammate at the same time.
Try saving a Pylon for the last few rounds (especially on Rounds 5 or higher) as her abilities increase in utility as the play area shrinks.
Try to always have at least one available, so the second you hear an airstrike, you can place it on your position and it will intercept every explosive, and you can stay right where you are.
Don’t be afraid to use this ability. Anytime you and your squad are holding down any type of cover, any ordnance an enemy squad throws to force you out of cover will ineffective. Be careful, however, as any ordnance you or your squad throws will be intercepted if close enough to the pylon.

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Natalie Paquette is a familiar face in the Apex Games, though for a different reason than most. Daughter of the Games’ lead electrical engineer Luc Paquette, she studied his manuals to stay close to him and discovered her calling at a young age. Though she could be completely distracted one moment and hyper-focused the next, electricity grounded her – its ordered, predictable flow made sense in a way the rest of the world didn’t.