Best Website For Cookie Toppings [Cookie Run: Kingdom]

Cookies use Toppings to increase their power in cookie run kingdom. Depending on the role, you choose the appropriate toppings. You can upgrade Toppings by using Topping Pieces and Coins.

Top 3 Website build Toppings

Top 1: is the best toppings website for Cookies. Here, you will get the best builds. My friends and I often use the website for reference.


Top 2:

Top 3:

What types of Toppings are there?

Types :

  • XS (Common).
  • S (Rare).
  • M (Epic) Toppings.

ATK SPD: Bouncing Caramel, Draconic Caramel, Moonkissed Caramel, Radiant Cheese Caramel, Sea Salt Caramel, Trio Caramel, Tropical Caramel.

Debuff Resist: Fresh Kiwi.

HP: Healthy Peanut.

CRIT Resist: Hearty Hazelnut.

CRIT: Juicy Apple Jelly, Draconic Apple Jelly, Moonkissed Apple Jelly, Radiant Cheese Apple Jelly, Sea Salt Apple Jelly, Trio Apple Jelly, Tropical Apple Jelly.

ATK: Searing Raspberry, Draconic Raspberry, Moonkissed Raspberry, Radiant Cheese Raspberry, Sea Salt Raspberry, Trio Raspberry, Tropical Raspberry.

DMG Resist: Solid Almond, Draconic Almond, Moonkissed Almond, Radiant Cheese Almond, Sea Salt Almond, Trio Almond, Tropical Almond.

Amplify Buff: Sweet Candy

Cooldown: Swift Chocolate, Draconic Chocolate, Moonkissed Chocolate, Radiant Cheese Chocolate, Sea Salt Chocolate, Trio Chocolate, Tropical Chocolate.

How to build Toppings for Cookie ?

Magic Cookies: Using ATK, Cooldown.

Ranged Cookies: Using ATK, ATK SPD and CRIT.

Support Cookies: Using Debuff Resist, Amplify Buff, DMG Resist and Cooldown.

Charge Cookies: Using ATK, HP, CRIT Resist, Debuff Resist, DEF and DMG Resist.

Defense Cookies: Using Debuff Resist, DMG Resist, DEF, HP and CRIT Resist.

Healing Cookies: Using Amplify Buff and Cooldown.