Jett Valorant Voice Lines

This is post about voice lines for Jett in Valorant. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Jett through: Agent Select and Abilities.

Jett Voice Lines

Jett Quotes

Actions Quotes
Pick “Cool. Let’s go.”
Buy Phase
Match Start
“Think you can keep up? Who am I kidding? You know you can’t keep up.”
“Huh! Who are you all? The cleanup crew?”
“I would make fun of their dumb faces, but they’re us! Huh, we look stupid.”
“Feels like just yesterday I was chopping 달래 at the store. Wonder if that place is still standing…”
(“Feels like just yesterday I was chopping Korean wild chive at the store. Wonder if that place is still standing…”)
“Oh, I’m hungry. Anyone hungry? Lunch on Brimstone after this!”
“I know I dash around a lot, but I promise I’m looking out for y’all. Take them out while they’re busy with me.”
“Ayyy, the gang’s all here! This is great, they don’t stand a chance!”
“Careful of the edges! Not sure if I could catch you in time if you fell off. I mean, I’d try of course.”
Round Start
“Woo! We got this.”
“I got your backs. Just…y’know…from the front.”
“Wind, show me where to go.”
“We get a pick, we move in. Got it?”
“Let’s get these idiots.”
“I hate to say it but…probably best to play as a team. So, uh, what’s the plan?”
“This place is nice, but not nice enough to die in. Let’s win and get outta here.”
“Just let them try to catch me.”
“Woo, okay, we know the drill. Stick to your roles and we’ll crush it.”
“Race you to the spike sites!”
“I’m amped! Let’s go! I got things to do.”
Last round won
“Keep it up. Screw up, and they’re on us!”
“Let’s blow them over.”
“Sweet, that went well! Alright, same thing this time.”
“Nice, killed it!…and them. We definitely killed them.”
Last round won while in the lead
“They’re supposed to be fighting back, right?”
“Damn right we’re crushing it!”
“This is fun. Who needs training dummies when you have real dummies!”
Making a comeback
“Yeah! Let’s bring it back.”
“Finally. This is how I like to win.”
“We’re gonna win. No other option. Let’s go.”
Last round in the half
“We lose everything after this. Spend it.”
“Use everything you have, we lose it anyway.”
Match Point
“Oh look! They’re desperate.”
“Let’s end this.”
Spike forgotten
“Guys, come on. The spike!”
“Aaaand the spike’s still in base.”
Call for a buy
“I’m buying.”
“I’m buying.”
Call for a save
“I’m gonna save.”
“I’m gonna save.”
Offer to buy for allies
“I have extra money if anyone needs.”
“I have extra money if anyone needs.”
Request weapon
“Need a drop.”
“Need a drop.”
Barrier Down
“Keep it up!”
“Let’s take at least one down with us!”
“Time to mix things up.”
“Even fight? That’s fun.”
“They’re not better than me.”
“You can’t catch us!”
“Do it again!”
“Good work! Don’t screw it up.”
“Let’s take what they have.”
“Hold those angles!”
“This is our home. Keep them out!”
“Are they asleep?”
“Let’s crack them open.”
“Keep up.”
“Keep up.”
“Let’s go.”
“Let’s go!”
“Let’s fly.”
“Stay safe.”
“This is gonna be fun!”
“Stay down!”
“One down.”
“See ya!”
Jett scoffs
“Enemy killed.”
“Night night!”
“Be faster.”
“Your fault!”
“Nailed them.”
“Ha, gottem!”
“Oh no!”
Last kill
“Last one down.”
“There you are, you little shit.”
“There you are.”
“You? Outrun me?!”
“Aww, thought you’d try harder!”
“Yikes, that sucks!”
Last kill melee
“Don’t stress. I’m super quiet.”
Last kill enemy MVP
“Looks like I was the stronger one.”
One kill remaining (game-mode specific)
“Okay, where’s the straggler?”
“Okay, where’s the straggler?”

Each Agent have certain voicelines that resonate with their characters and firmly adhere to the locations from which these individuals hail.