Astra Valorant Voice Lines

This is post about voice lines for Astra in Valorant. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Astra through: Agent Select and Abilities.

Astra Voice Lines

Astra Quotes

Actions Quotes
Pick “I am on a higher plane, chale, literally!”
Buy Phase
Match Start
“My plan may sound irrational, only because you cannot see what I can!”
“Chale, you are ready for this situation, right my friends?”
“Now we show dem, eh? They see our strength.”
“Okay, okay guys, let’s get going. Win this!”
“Relax, my friends. Time and space are…chuckles…they’re not what you think.”
“Don’t underestimate me-o. Gold is my heart and my soul cuts like the sword.”
“Waddup, suckers! You okay?”
“Guys, don’t think what you’re fighting against. Consider what you are fighting for!”
“Five on five, pa-pa-pa-pa-pa. We go clear dem all.”
“Why…would anyone…agree to work in this cold place?!” shudders
“I like flowers and stuff, but this place no give flavor. No gold, where’s the signs, the bling-blings, come on!”
Round Start
“Don’t worry. Don’t think it, eh?”
“You can tell a person’s character by their first action. Check me then, eh?”
“We have plenty of time-o, here and now. Be here, and now.”
“I call you ‘chale’ because it means you my friend. But maybe I should call you ‘kwasia’ because you-you fool-o!”
Astra hums
“No worries, chale. No worries.”
“Have I told you you’re okay? You’re okay, fam! Good even.”
“My people, are you ready? You must cultivate a sense of calm.”
“Take a breath now. Release the tension. Good? Let’s go!”
“That moment is gone, but it be cool-o. Now we are here. Here.”
Last round won
“I myself predict we will win…again!”
“Ye-heah, good effort, my friends!”
“Stand tall, chale. Stand tall.”
“Haha, we just do that again! Cool-o!”
Last round won while in the lead
“This, is the continuatiooon!”
“We are above this. We are above this!”
“Look down on them, my friends.”
“Hey, that was audacious!”
Making a comeback
“Now again! We must repeat that, our progress demands it.”
“Huh I’m being truthful, that was good! And needed!”
“Yes fam, yes! This is what we needed.”
Last round in the half
“Gold is in our hearts. But empty your pockets, fools!”
“Equip yourselves-o. Money dey falaa, spend it!”
Match Point
“This is the final moment of destiny.”
“We saw the beginning, and the continuation. Now, the end.”
Spike forgotten
“The spike, don’t forget that!”
“Don’t forget the spike!”
Call for a buy
“I’m buying.”
“I’m buying.”
Call for a save
“I’m saving.”
“I’m saving.”
Offer to buy for allies
“I got money. Anyone need something?”
“I got money. Anyone need something?”
Request weapon
“Need a drop.”
“Need a drop.”
Barrier Down
“Yawa that. New energy now, eh?”
“We must be better now.”
“Rise up and hold.”
“Chale, like, move from here.”
“Oh, eternity blesses us!”
“Do not let yourselves fall!”
“Push forward, chale!”
“Next time is now, fam.”
“Flow with this energy!”
“Show me your true selves!”
“Alright, alright, make me go, squad.”
“Be worthy, guys. Be worthy.”
“We are above them.”
“Let’s make progress, my friends. Make progress.”
“This is your glory.”
“Rise and bring glory.”
“Wooooo! Let’s start!”
“I am with you. We are strong.”
Kill“Better luck next life!”
“Mereko, bye bye!”
“Too easy, too easy!”
“Enemy punished!”
“Oh, come off!”
“I take them out.”
“Useless individual.”
“I killed ’em.”
“Just swag.”
“You dead!”
“Akoa wei paa’!”
“Uhuh, idiots!”
“Soul shots!”
“Boom! Haha!”
“I punish you.”
“See this dead fool-o!”
“Mmhm, too stupid!”
“Look at my beauty.”
“No problem, no problem!”
“Trinity, you’re welcome!”
“Trinity, you’re welcome!”
Last kill
“And the enemy was punished.”
“Huh, I end them, feeli feeli!”
“This thing? Kwɛ, settled!”
“Oh, haha, I sent the punishments on them.”
“Chale, I face one, I kill ’em!”
“No wahala, I end the trouble.”
Last kill melee
“Ha! My gift to you, and my lesson.”
Last kill enemy MVP
“I take lungulungu kill am, eh? My own style wey, I take kill am.”
One kill remaining (game-mode specific)
“One more!”
“One more!”

Each Agent have certain voicelines that resonate with their characters and firmly adhere to the locations from which these individuals hail.