Breach Valorant Voice Lines

This is post about voice lines for Breach in Valorant. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Breach through: Agent Select and Abilities.

Breach Voice Lines

Breach Quotes

Actions Quotes
Pick “Stand in my way. I dare you.”
Buy Phase
Match Start
“Guns in my face? Just another Tuesday.”
“Nothing fancy, uh? We go in, we crush them, we get out.”
“The faster we do this, the faster I get paid.”
“We treat this like any other job. No more, no less.”
“They’re not intimidating. They’re stupid. Big difference.”
“Been pulling jobs like this for years. Risky? Sure. But never boring.”
“I don’t need these arms to fight, but they’re fun. Might as well use ’em.”
“These cowards aren’t ready for me. No one ever is.”
“Look at this place! Kingdom has more money than they know what to do with! I wonder where they keep it…”
Round Start
“They think they’re so secure.”
“If you’re not being shot at you’re doing something wrong!”
“I’ll do my job, you do yours.”
“Trust me, they’ll know what hit ’em.”
“We doing this or what?”
“Come on! Get me in the line of fire.”
“They think they’re better than us. I can tell.”
“Time to take these arms for a spin.”
“They’re not getting the message. leave it to me, I’ll rough them up.”
“Just swapping in new fusion cells…okay, my arms are good! We can go.”
“I hate waiting. Let’s do this!”
Last round won
“Oh yeah, there’s the adrenaline.”
“I’ve been itching for a fight.”
“You see an insect, you crush it.”
“You flinch, you lose.”
“Push ’em ’til they break!”
“Keep them off balance!”
Last round won while in the lead
“They can run, or get run over. Their choice.”
“They don’t get to surrender, keep swinging!”
“This isn’t a fight, it’s stealing lunch money.”
Making a comeback
“I’m done playing.”
“Their crew got sloppy. Punish them.”
“The fools gave us a window. Smash through it!”
Last round in the half
“Spend what you got.”
“No point saving. Spend it all.”
Match Point
“We got them beat. Knock ’em out!”
“Let’s put them in the ground.”
“Let’s finish this already!”
Spike forgotten
“Where the hell’s the spike?”
“Too eager! Forgot the spike…”
Call for a buy
Call for a save
Offer to buy for allies
“I’m feeling generous. Who needs a buy?”
“I’m feeling generous. Who needs a buy?”
Request weapon
“I need a drop.”
“I need a drop.”
Barrier Down
“Break through.”
“They want a fight? Let’s fight.”
“I don’t have all day.”
“Stomp ’em!”
“Attack us, come on!”
“Hit them back!”
“I take what I want.”
“Punch in.”
“Crush them.”
“Keep up the pressure.”
“Mow ’em down!”
“Behind me.”
“Let’s have some fun.”
“Don’t let up.”
“I’m ready.”
“Keep up!”
“Hit them fast, hit them hard.”
“Take ’em.”
“Too late!”
“Too late.”
Breach laughs
“You’re nothing.”
“No match.”
“Three out.”
“Three out.”
“Make it four.”
“Make it four.”
Last kill
“Not one left.”
“We bring enough body bags?”
“Quit your tiptoeing. They’re all dead.”
“Kill everyone, and our job gets a whole lot easier.”
Last kill melee
“Never been in a knife fight, have you?”
“I fight dirty.”
Last kill enemy MVP
“In a fair fight I’d still kill you.”
“No one beats me! No one…”
One kill remaining (game-mode specific)
“Game time!”
“Game time!”

Each Agent have certain voicelines that resonate with their characters and firmly adhere to the locations from which these individuals hail.