Chamber Valorant Voice Lines

This is post about voice lines for Chamber in Valorant. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Chamber through: Agent Select and Abilities.

Chamber Voice Lines

Chamber Quotes

Actions Quotes
Pick “You have good taste, my friend.”
Buy Phase
Match Start
“Do not worry, with me this will be easy. C’est simple comme bonjour.”
(“Do not worry, with me this will be easy. It’s easy as hello.”)
“Okay, last looks. You all look wonderful. Me, I always look good, we are ready.”
“If you die today, I will remember you forever. It has been an honor.”
“None of this “a win is a win” nonsense. We should win big and look good doing it.”
“This killing is terrible business but I always say if I must do something, be the best.”
On Attack
“Ah, we’ve been noticed! Follow my lead, I know how to make an entrance.”
“I must say I like what they have done with the place.”
On Defense
“Our guests have arrived. Let’s make a good first impression, shall we?”
“Oh no, invaders here to take our radianite(!)” laughs “I’m sorry, let’s go shoot them.”
“Be careful near the ship, that portal does not work as intended. Such a bad investment…”
“It is sad what happened here, such a terrible accident, one that I had nothing to do with.”
Round Start
“It seems these strangers want me dead. Eh bien, they’re not the first.”
(“It seems these strangers want me dead. Well, they’re not the first”)
“Trust me, they will make mistakes. When they do, take advantage.”
“If you’re not doing well, keep trying. We must keep up appearances.”
“Okay, which gun to pick this time?”
“One bullet per enemy, that should be enough, yes?”
“Weapon choice, it is so personal, non? You pick a gun and it tells me who you are.”
“Take aim, then fire, let’s not complicate it.”
“Let us see what they have planned for us this time.”
“These guns we use are okay but I will also bring my own. No offense.”
“These new friends of ours are not too friendly.”
“Please do not mistake my smile. I take this all very seriously.”
Last round won
“I do like winning.”
“They revealed their weaknesses. Not smart.”
“One step closer.”
“That was good! Another round, yes?”
Last round won while in the lead
“Surely they can do better.”
“They are no match, though I cannot say I’m surprised.”
“I thought I would have to work today. Clearly not.”
Making a comeback
“This is just the beginning.”
“That was good but there is more to do. On n’est pas sorti de l’auberge.”
(“That was good but there is more to do. We haven’t left the inn”, meaning “We’re not yet out of this”)
“Now they are nervous.”
Last round in the half
“Buy the best guns you can.”
“Spend everything, don’t be cheap.”
Match Point
“This has gone on long enough I think.”
“Time to say goodbye.”
Spike forgotten
“I think we should also bring the spike.”
“Mesdames, messieurs… the spike!”
(“Ladies, gentlemen…the spike!”)
Call for a buy
“I’m buying.”
“I’m buying.”
Call for a save
“I’m going to save.”
“I’m going to save.”
Offer to buy for allies
“I can buy for you, my treat.”
“I can buy for you, my treat!”
Request weapon
“Does anyone have funds?”
“Does anyone have funds?”
Barrier Down
“Keep your eye on target.”
“Kick them out.”
“Find a way through them.”
“Get them out of here.”
“Okay, start fresh.”
“I’ve done more with less, keep fighting.”
“It feels like we’ve won already.”
“They should give up now.”
“Now they have my attention.”
“Have a good time out there.”
“They are making this simple.”
“Let’s dance.”
“Focus now, eyes off me.”
“Bonne chance, mes amis.”
(“Good luck, my friends”)
“Who will I spot first?”
“In we go.”
Kill“Too slow!”
“Not your best!”
“One less!”
“So close!”
“Do better!”
“I don’t think so!”
“You lose!”
“Away with you!”
“I win again!”
“That one’s dead.”
“I can’t miss!”
“I’m a good shot!”
“So long!”
“Stand aside!”
“That’s three.”
“And four!”
Last kill
“It’s a shame you had to die, but you are not part of my bigger picture.”
“I would apologize to them but alas, they are dead.”
“Oh, I am not cleaning this up.”
“Okay, quick break.”
“I am sorry we could not work out our differences.”
Last kill melee
laughs “I’m sorry, but I could not help myself”
Last kill enemy MVP
“Was that their best? How embarrassing.”
One kill remaining (game-mode specific)
“One more!”
“One more!”

Each Agent have certain voicelines that resonate with their characters and firmly adhere to the locations from which these individuals hail.