Fade Valorant Voice Lines

This is post about voice lines for Fade in Valorant. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Fade through: Agent Select and Abilities.

Fade Voice Lines

Fade Quotes

Actions Quotes
Pick “Everyone is afraid of something.”
Buy Phase
Match Start
“I paid a heavy price to commune with Nightmare. Don’t waste it.”
“It doesn’t matter where they hide, I’ll find them. I always find them.”
“Hop! Eyes open, we have a job to do.”
(“Hey! Eyes open, we have a job to do.”)
“Another mission? Good. Anything to keep me awake.”
“There’s truth in every dream, if you dig deep enough. Let’s find out what they buried.”
“Don’t worry everyone, I won’t tell them what scares you. Promise…”
On Attack
“Let’s cut them down then plant the spike – and sweep the stragglers into the trash!”
“We find what’s hidden, we take it, then we leave.”
On Defense
“They think they can steal from us? Hadi lan, this is funny.”
(“They think they can steal from us? Come the hell on, this is funny.”)
“How many times must we turn them away?! I’m getting aggravated…”
“Many people died here. Their fear still lingers.”
Round Start
“One dream ends, another begins.”
“Hesitation is for amateurs, let’s go!”
“Pry open their mind, find the weakness.”
“Their teeth will chatter in the cold and dark.”
“Make their fear your weapon…or use a gun, whichever.”
“Boş yapmayın, keep fighting. Rest is overrated.”
(“Stop messing around, keep fighting. Rest is overrated.”)
“They have courage, but no one is immune to fear.”
“Dreams are a funny thing. One little twist, and it all turns dark.”
“Whatever happens, sakin, don’t panic. Trembling is bad for your aim.”
(“Whatever happens, chill, don’t panic. Trembling is bad for your aim.”)
“Hadi, again. Their fear is a track, and the track is fresh.”
(“Come on, again. Their fear is a track, and the track is fresh.”)
Last round won
“Nice work lan. All of you.”
(“Nice bloody work. All of you.”)
“Keep hitting them like that and this job is done.”
“Their heart rate just went up.”
“Savor the good dreams while you can.”
Last round won while in the lead
“We could finish this with our eyes closed!…but I wouldn’t recommend it.”
“Güzel, we are doing very well.”
(“Nice, we are doing very well.”)
“You don’t need nightmare powers to see them shaking.”
“Look at them, pale and sweating. All good signs.”
Making a comeback
“You see? There’s still plenty of fun to be had.”
“The nightmare turns in our favor.”
“This fight isn’t over until we are dead!.”
Last round in the half
“Buy what you need, otherwise we’re going to look very stupid.”
“Spend everything. Hoarding money is useless now.”
Match Point
“This is it! Their courage falters!”
“Their spirit is cracking! Now shatter it!”
Spike forgotten
“Yok ebesinin nikahı, we forgot the spike.”
(“No midwife’s wedding, we forgot the spike.”, used as an outraged exclamation similar to “That’s unbelievable.”)
“Hey, isn’t the spike important?”
Call for a buy
“I will buy.”
“I will buy.”
Call for a save
“I will save.”
“I will save.”
Offer to buy for allies
“Who needs a weapon?”
“Who needs a weapon?”
Request weapon
“Anyone feeling generous?”
“Anyone feeling generous?”
Barrier Down
“Push them back!”
“They are terrified.”
“Shit, they’re good.”
“Fight harder!”
“Do not relent!”
“Keep them on the run.”
“Never give in.”
“Their line can’t hold forever.”
“Give me a challenge, ya?”
“Stay awake! They strike again.”
“Make them fight for it.”
“They will break against me.”
“Stay focused.”
“They are mine.”
“Time to work.”
“Where are they?”
“Their fears betray them.”
“Ah be abi.”
(“Oh brother.”)
“Enemy down.”
“İyi geceler.”
“No more dreams.”
“Yat aşağı.”
(“Lie down.”)
“Try again.”
“Quietly now.”
“That makes three.”
“That makes three.”
“Four down!”
“Four down!”
Last kill
“Did I get inside your head?”
“You should have run.”
“I knew your every move.”
“You were so close.”
“Sweet dreams, asshole!”
Last kill melee
“And I didn’t even need a gun…”
Last kill enemy MVP
“So much for their elite agent!”
One kill remaining (game-mode specific)
“Alright, one more.”
“Alright, one more.”

Each Agent have certain voicelines that resonate with their characters and firmly adhere to the locations from which these individuals hail.