KAYO Valorant Voice Lines

This is post about voice lines for KAYO in Valorant. Let’s listen to the voice lines of KAYO through: Agent Select and Abilities.

KAYO Voice Lines

KAYO Quotes

Actions Quotes
Pick “Let’s do this.”
Buy Phase
Match Start
“What’s the plan, send the robot in first? Smart choice.”
“I’m about to go full killer robot. You’ve been warned.”
“Fight well. This world depends on it.”
“I’ll take the lead. It cost enough to build me. Get your money’s worth.”
“If no one objects, I’ll go nix these targets. Company’s welcome.”
“More hostiles trying to kill us, what’s new?”
“We have one job; save this Earth. No excuses.”
“Deploy the killer robot to an urban population center. Great idea(!)”
Round Start
“Everyone’s motor functions okay? I know humans get tired.”
“Let’s make a plan, then execute.”
“Catch a breath. Not that I need to of course.”
“Attack when they’re suppressed. I cut their options, they make mistakes.”
“Activating kill mode. That’s a joke. Kill mode is default.”
“I will fulfill my purpose.”
“If I’m powered down, restart me. You leave me for scrap, I’ll kill you.”
“I’ll shut them down. Until then, survive.”
“I’ll survive a dent or two, can’t say the same for you fragile humans.”
“Bragging rights if you get first pick.”
“Don’t get shot. Human brains are hard to replace.”
Last round won
“Let’s go kill them all again.”
“Keep the momentum.”
“Just like last time. Search, destroy, repeat.”
Last round won while in the lead
“I could activate training mode if that’s more their skill level.”
“We’re not done yet, but soon at this rate.”
“I don’t blame them for fighting, but it won’t help.”
“I’m enjoying this.”
Making a comeback
“Never back down.”
“Here we go. Rally up!”
“Break down, rebuild, back in it!”
Last round in the half
“We’re moving out, pack heavy.”
“Load up, we’re not coming back.”
Match Point
“They’re fighting to the end. Typical…and pointless.”
“I could fight forever, but we should wrap this up.”
Spike forgotten
“Maybe we get the spike. Just a thought.”
“We forgot the spike. Good start(!)”
Call for a buy
“I’m buying.”
“I’m buying.”
Call for a save
“I’m saving.”
“I’m saving.”
Offer to buy for allies
“I can buy for you.”
“I can buy for you.”
Request weapon
“Need a drop.”
“Need a drop.”
Barrier Down
“Bring it.”
“I won’t lose you all again.”
“Hold the line.”
“Press forward.”
“Brace for impact.”
“Tangos incoming, light them up.”
“Destroy them again.”
“Over the top, let’s go!”
“Stand by to get some.”
“Whatever it takes.”
“Dig deep.”
“We need an edge, leave it to me.”
“Charlie Mike, let’s move.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll keep them quiet.”
“Heads down, guns up, get deadly.”
“Kill All Your Opponents.”
“Let’s get this done.”
“Clear to engage, weapons hot.”
Kill“Kill confirmed.”
“Obstacle removed.”
“Tango down!”
“Target dead.”
“Got ’em.”
“Hostile KIA.”
“Target 86’d.”
“Bad guy down.”
“Patch this!”
“Shut down!”
“Come get some!”
“You want a piece of this?!”
“Come get it!”
“Do not resist.”
“I can do this all day.”
“Get out!”
“Three kills!”
“Three kills!”
“Four kills!”
“Four kills!”
Last kill
“Next time, mind the heavy machinery.”
“Time to die, don’t make a fuss.”
“I would let you live, but that does not compute.”
“Survivors rest, I’ll clean up.”
“And we’re clear.”
Last kill melee
“That was cold, even for me.”
Last kill enemy MVP
“Is that the best you’ve got?”
One kill remaining (game-mode specific)
“Final target.”
“Final target.”

Each Agent have certain voicelines that resonate with their characters and firmly adhere to the locations from which these individuals hail.