Killjoy Valorant Voice Lines

This is post about voice lines for Killjoy in Valorant. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Killjoy through: Agent Select and Abilities.

Killjoy Voice Lines

Killjoy Quotes

Actions Quotes
Pick “Relax. I’ve already thought of everything.”
Buy Phase
Match Start
“I built literally everything on this battlefield. Ja, even the things that might kill us. What? You want me to say sorry?”
“Okay, I put together some data on our last six combat missions. Did you read it? Did anyone…read it? Oh God…can anyone here read?”
“Don’t worry team. If you die, I have your memories backed up at base! Heh, just kidding, just kidding…or am I…”
“Swarm grenades? Check. Killer robots? Check- oh, hah, don’t worry. They’re only killer when I say so.”
“If I’m not stressed, then you should not be stressed. I mean, look at me. Cool as a cucumber. laughs Ja, that’s a thing Americans say, right?”
“These imposters actually think they can beat my tech? Ah, let’s test that theory.”
“Why is no one wearing the pulse monitors I gave you? Honestly, I ask for a few readouts and you think I’m Doctor Frankenstein…”
On Attack
“Let’s make this extraction quick. After this I’m going clubbing five timezones away, and a girl needs a moment to change.”
“Oh! Oh! What if I sabotaged their defuser to speed up the timer instead! Oh man, how funny would that be!”
On Defense
“Stealing our radianite is one thing, but I swear if they touch my coffee mug collection, I will erase them from existence.”
“Meine güte! How many spikes do they have anyway? That tech’s not cheap.”
(“My goodness! How many spikes do they have anyway? That tech is not cheap.”)
“If this town had let me install my defense matrix we wouldn’t have to be here! Ugh, oh well, I’ll clean this up myself.”
“Alpha this, Omega that, scheiße, who named these universes?! A und B would work perfectly well. We would be A, of course.”
(“Alpha this, Omega that, shit, who named these universes?! A and B would work perfectly well. We would be A, of course.”)
Round Start
“Don’t die. If you need help figuring out how, just ask!”
“Where are we going this time? Remember what worked in the past.”
“Their tech is only as good as their skill, and there, we have them beat!”
“Everyone makes fun of German efficiency, haha. Just keep laughing as you use all my gear…”
“You can trust my bots. They only malfunctioned that one time and, honestly, she won’t miss that finger.”
“Don’t stress if I die. It was great knowing you all. Also, delete my hard drive.”
“I can hold an area pretty well myself. Make sure to cover the angles I can’t.”
“Remember, your weapon is only a tool. You can’t just shoot, you have to think!”
“They look like us, but are they us? I have so many questions.”
“Everyone note down your observations, then let’s run it again.”
“Is everyone’s tech still working? Double check it please.”
Last round won
laughs “They’re thinking so hard, I can smell their circuits frying”
“Good! One step closer to being back in pajamas.”
“Good. Analyze, then improve.”
“They should probably reevaluate their approach.”
Last round won while in the lead
“Let’s see. Battles are won by geniuses. And I am a genius. Sooo…”
laughs “I knew this would be easy but…meine güte!”
(laughs “I knew this would be easy but…my goodness!”)
“I evaluated their strategy. It’s a joke!”
Making a comeback
“There we go. Finally, cracking their code.”
“Their stale tactics would only work for so long.”
“Oh, this is a much better trajectory!”
Last round in the half
“Last round to use our creds and abilities. Don’t waste your firepower!”
“Last round to use our creds and abilities. Don’t waste your firepower!”
Match Point
“Oh, we’re almost done? Cool, hehe, cool cool cool.”
“Once we win, just dump all your tech in my lab. I’ll fix it up.”
Spike forgotten
“Ugh, do I have to attach legs to the spike now?”
Call for a buy
“I’m buying.”
“I’m buying.”
Call for a save
“I’m saving.”
“I’m saving.”
Offer to buy for allies
“I’ve got money, need something?”
“I’ve got money, need something?”
Request weapon
“Can I get this?”
“Can I get this?”
Barrier Down
“Just cool down, we’re good enough to win!”
“We’re not their equal.”
“Their defense…uhh…could be better.”
“Find the leverage, and wedge it open.”
“Nice and easy.”
“Reevaluate tactics.”
“Keep you heads on.”
“Keep doing what you do best!”
“We can’t keep doing the same things.”
“Tactics beat firepower. Use that.”
“We can keep them out.”
“I anticipated us winning.”
“Keep it cool. That’s how you survive.”
“Quick peeks now.”
“Time for a field test.”
“Don’t overthink it, that’s my job.”
“Auf Wiedersehen!”
“Enemy down.”
“One down!”
“Variable removed.”
“That’s done.”
“Got one!”
“Impeccable kill.”
“Perfect accuracy.”
“Power’s out.”
laughs “Oh, okay.”
“Be smarter.”
“Got three!”
“Got three!”
“Now four!”
“Now four!”
Last kill
“Let me just swipe those biometrics.”
tuts “You tried.”
“Who could’ve predicted this? Alright, I did.”
“They’re all dead? I have more tests to run!”
Last kill melee
“Have to keep it fun, you know?”
Last kill enemy MVP
laughs “Is this their best?!”
One kill remaining (game-mode specific)
“Final test!”
“Final test!”

Each Agent have certain voicelines that resonate with their characters and firmly adhere to the locations from which these individuals hail.