Neon Valorant Voice Lines

This is post about voice lines for Neon in Valorant. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Neon through: Agent Select and Abilities.

Neon Voice Lines

Neon Quotes

Actions Quotes
Pick “Move, or get zapped.”
Buy Phase
Match Start
“This covert ops thing, I kind of like it. Let’s not mess that up.”
“Radiant powers, deadly tech. I’m sure we won’t break anything.”
“Let’s go. World’s not saving itself.”
“Another site on the brink of destruction. At least we’re consistent.”
“Look, I’m glad you’re all here. There, I said it.”
“Enemies in our way? Hope they like getting hit by lightning.”
On Attack
“Any chance they’ll let us through? Fine, we’ll do it the hard way.”
“Here’s the plan; whatever they got, tear it down.”
On Defense
“They come at us, we push them back. They don’t stop, we don’t either.”
“Huh, they came all this way. That was stupid.”
“Big surprise, someone blew the fuse. No wonder you brought me.”
Round Start
“Hoy, fight’s not over you know.”
(“Hey, fight’s not over you know”)
“Please stay alive, I hate making new friends.”
“Listen up, kill them before they kill us.”
“Remember, bullets hurt.”
“Ingat ka, don’t get stabbed, bad way to go.”
(“Be careful, don’t get stabbed, bad way to go”)
“Get ready, I go fast.”
“Fight till the end, no matter what.”
“Ugh, I’m over them.”
“Tara na, clock’s ticking.”
(“Let’s go, clock’s ticking.”)
“Charge and shoot, easy enough.”
“My advice? Don’t get shot.”
Last round won
“Fine, I admit it. That was nice!”
“Not bad, I could get used to that.”
“They’ll hit back, or at least they should.”
Last round won while in the lead
“They’re a mess over there!”
“Free target practice, I’ll take it.”
“I feel good! That’s weird…”
Making a comeback
“I belong here. We all belong here.”
“My lola was right; weeds are difficult to kill.”
(“My grandma was right; weeds are difficult to kill.”)
Last round in the half
“Spend your cash, don’t look back.”
“No point saving, buy it all.”
Match Point
“We can all agree losing sucks, come on let’s win!”
“Let’s end their misery.”
“They look tired, finish it!”
Spike forgotten
“Hoy! Grab the spike!”
(“Hey! Grab the spike!”)
“Really? No one got the spike?”
Call for a buy
Call for a save
Offer to buy for allies
“I can buy, who needs what?”
“I can buy, who needs what?”
Request weapon
“Need a drop.”
“Need a drop.”
Barrier Down
“Kick them out, I don’t do visitors.”
“Maybe they’re pacifists.”
“Get these losers out of here!”
“Shoot them! Always works.”
“I suggest we keep winning.”
“We fight to win.”
“Whatever they’re doing, I like it.”
“Could be worse, could be better.”
“Switch it up? Just for fun?”
“Tabla tayo, I’d rather win.”
(“We’re even, I’d rather win.”)
“Halika na, we can do this.”
(“Come on, we can do this.”)
“Stop them please? Thank you!”
“Let’s go!”
“Ah, break’s over.”
“I’ll show them! Lintik kayo!”
(“I’ll show them! Damn you!”)
“Quick feet, quick trigger.”
Kill“Back off!”
“Smart move(!)”
“Nice try!”
“Taken out.”
“Go away!”
(“Get lost!”)
“Got one!”
“Bad move!”
“They’re dead.”
“Head’s up!”
“Get lost!”
“You blinked!”
“Must’ve hurt.”
“That’s three!”
“That’s three!”
“Four down!”
“Four down!”
Last kill
“You had it coming!”
“Not a chance!”
“It’s over!”
“Hoy! Found you!”
(“Hey! Found you”)
“End of story.”
“Tapos ka na! You’re done!”
(“You’re done! You’re done!”)
Last kill melee
“Not a good look.”
Last kill enemy MVP
“That was their best, ‘di ba? Not impressed.”
(“That was their best, right? Not impressed.”)
One kill remaining (game-mode specific)
“One more.”
“One left.”

Each Agent have certain voicelines that resonate with their characters and firmly adhere to the locations from which these individuals hail.