Overwatch Ashe voice lines & voice actors

This is post about voice lines & voice actors for Ashe in Overwatch. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Ashe through: Abilities, Chatter, Call-Outs, Mission-Specific, Eliminations.


Overwatch Ashe voice lines



Dynamite out!
Fire in the hole!
Here it comes!
Hey, catch!
She’s gonna blow!
Smoke ’em outta there.
Take a step back!
Get outta here!
Back off!
B.O.B! Do somethin’! (self and hostile)
Get in there, B.O.B. (ally)
Enough, B.O.B.
I can always count on you, B.O.B.


My name’s Ashe. We’re playing by my rules now.
My business, my rules.
I’m the last one you’ll ever cross.
Nice to spend some time in the clubhouse.
Not my idea of the good life.
I’m callin’ the shots.
Follow my lead.
Get in the saddle, and let’s ride.
Do what I say and this’ll go nice n’ smooth.
I’m gonna get you for that.
Not lettin’ that stand.
You’re gettin’ me riled up.
Let’s clean up this mess.
They are gettin’ on my nerves.
Time to change things up.
That was not in the plan.
Nothing wrong with a little self improvement.
Let’s work together this time?
Where’s everybody?
Where’s my backup?
Patched up.
That’s better.
Whew! Much better.
Get too close to the sun, you’re gonna burn!
I’m on FIRE!
There’s no stoppin’ me once I get into a rhythm!
Let me handle it.
I get the idea.
Just point me in the right direction.
I am feeling UNSTOPPABLE!
Now I’m feeling GOOD!
Oh, come on!
You haven’t seen anything yet.
Just gettin’ started.
Now you know what it’s like to work with the best.
What d’you expect?
They’re back for more!
Enemy’s being revived!
I owe you one.


Ashe here.
Enemy sniper! Get ya head down!
Enemy sniper! Keep your eyes open.
Watch out for that sniper!
Spotted them.
Eyes on the bad guys.
Enemy turret up ahead!
We need to take out that turret!
They’re on the ropes! Let’s put them out of their misery.
We have this in the bag!
We’re outta time, let’s get this done!
It’s now or never!


They’re taking our objective!
Don’t let them take the objective.
Let’s fortify that objective!
The objective’s mine.
Better get on the objective. You don’t wanna miss out, do you?
I’m taking the objective.
What is going on? Get that payload movin’.
What is everyone doin’? We need to move the payload!
Can somebody get the payload movin’?
Payload’s in my possession and movin’ out.
I’ve got the payload and I’m movin’ out.
Payload’s on the way.
Let’s put that payload into reverse.
Put the brakes on that payload!
Get that payload turned around, pronto!
Flag’s mine.
Bringin’ the flag back to base.
Get our flag back.
They have our flag!
Score one for us.
Just showing ya how it’s done.
That is not how we drew it up.
That was not the plan!
Our flag’s out in the open!
They dropped our flag, let’s get it back!
Dropped the flag.
Lost the flag. Damn it!
Flag’s heading back to base.
Safe and sound!


Courtesy of the Deadlock Gang.
Dead as a doornail.
Don’t mess with an original.
Don’t waste my time.
Have a nice day.
I stick up for my crew.
Know your place.
Nice try, honey.
Ridin’ ahead of the herd.
Right on schedule.
Right on the money.
You have to watch out for the one percent.
You need to learn the rules.
(vs Cassidy) It’s always gonna be this way.
(vs Cassidy) Now who’s the better shot?
(vs Cassidy) There’s only one way you get to leave the gang.
(vs Cassidy on Horizon Lunar Colony) See ya, space cowboy.
(after killing an enemy D.Va or Lúcio) Squid needs more seasoning.
Woo! That was fun.
Wanna try again?
Oh, that’ll leave a mark.
Gets the job done.
Better safe than sorry.
See ya later.
Outta my space.
You just went, “boom”!
Count ’em up!
Do I have to do everything myself?
Ha ha ha… better get diggin’, B.O.B.!
Leave this to me.
Let me show ya how it’s done.
You can all just take it easy!
Don’t all volunteer at once, now!
Now that gets the blood pumping!
They don’t call me an outlaw for nothin’.
Enemy turret’s down.
I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty.
Ugh, get out of my way.
You picked the wrong fight.
Aww, gone with the wind…
I’m at the top of my game. You’re headed to the bottom.
Keep your distance.
See ya later.
Can’t put a price on good help.
You should join my crew.
I guess that’s that…
I need some better help.
It is hard to find good help these days.
Fixed your flint.
I settle my scores.
It’s nothing personal, just the way things go.
You knew what you were gettin’ into.

Overwatch Ashe voice actors

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