Overwatch Brigitte voice lines & voice actors

This is post about voice lines & voice actors for Brigitte in Overwatch. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Brigitte through: Abilities, Chatter, Call-Outs, Mission-Specific, Eliminations.


Overwatch Brigitte voice lines



Come on, everyone!
Get in!
I’ll lead the way.
That’s how you do it!
Together now!
ExpandFölj mig!
ExpandKom igen allihopa!
Feeling better?
Fixing you up.
Good as new!
Helping you recover!
Here! For you!
Here! Take this!
I’ll take care of you.
I’ve got you!
Let me help you with that.
Let me patch that up.
Let me take care of that for you!
Looking better already!
Patching you up.
Sending care your way.
Special delivery!
That should be better!
You’ll feel better soon.
(Mercy) My turn to take care of you, Angela.
(Reinhardt) Patching you up, Reinhardt.
(Torbjörn) I’ve got you, papa.
ExpandBättre så?
ExpandDu mår bättre snart.
ExpandJag fixar dig.
ExpandJag hjälper dig.
ExpandJag tar hand om dig.
ExpandSå gott som ny.
Get behind me!
I will shield you!
I’ll cover you.
I’ve got you covered!
My shield’s up!
Raising shield!
ExpandJag täcker dig!
ExpandSkölden är uppe!
ExpandTa skydd bakom mig!
Shield’s buckling!
Shield’s holding!
Shield’s taking damage!
Barrier won’t hold much longer!
Barrier’s not in good shape!
My barrier can’t take much more!
My barrier is about to go!
Barrier down, get back!
My barrier’s down!
ExpandAlla till mig! (hostile)
Rally to me! (self and friendly)


I am Brigitte Lindholm. I will be your shield!
I will prove myself!
I will be your shield!
Breaking me down just builds me up.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help out there.
Here we go again. Shields up!
I could’ve used a little more time to get ready.
Last minute check. Everyone squared away?
Work together and we’ll make it through.
Let’s get to work.
Everyone ready? Let’s do this!
Okay, here we go!
Back in the fight.
Back to the drawing board.
I can do better than that.
I’ll remember that for next time.
No place to go, but up.
No sweat, just try again.
Practice makes perfect. Not to mention some bumps and bruises.
Ready for more.
That wasn’t the plan.
This is all part of the learning process.
This might need a few adjustments.
This is not the end of the world.
Taking my medicine!
Much better.
ExpandInte en skråma.
I’m on fire! Come on, try me!
Maybe you should just stay out of my way.
It’s automatic!
Now we’re in business.
Keep it coming.
That feels good.
Don’t get in my way!
I am unstoppable!
Who’s ready to take some punishment?!
Aw, thanks everyone!
Just doing my part.
Now that’s a vote of confidence!
Can’t argue with that!
Glad we’re all in agreement.
One’s coming back!
Ready for another round!
Thanks, Angela.


Brigitte at your service!
Brigitte here.
Sniper! Get behind something!
Sniper! Watch out!
There they are!
Enemy’s over there!
We’re outnumbered. Careful!
Enemy turret ahead!
Enemy turret ahead! One of Papa’s beloved creations.
They have a teleporter somewhere.
They’re using a shield generator.
The teleporter’s over here!
Found their shield generator.
Take cover!
Behind you!
Help me!
I’m under attack!
I’m under fire!
Taking heavy fire!
I’m taking damage!
They’re on me!
Just a little bit longer, and we win this.
We’ve got to hold our ground, everyone!
We’re running out of time!
Keep the pressure on! We can’t let up now!


I’m taking the objective, come on over!
I’m planting my flag on the point!
Knock them off the objective!
We need to sweep them off the point!
Payload’s moving out, keep it covered.
The payload’s under my protection!
Payload is on its way.
Payload’s moving. We should put a stop to that.
Everyone, get on the payload!
We need to stop the payload.
Why’s the payload stopped?
Get that payload moving.
Payload’s stopped. Is something broken?
I have the flag.
Taking the flag back to base.
We lost our flag!
They have our flag! Get after them!
Special delivery!
Yeah! Score one for us.
Oh, come on!
That’s wasn’t supposed to happen.
Someone pick up our flag.
They dropped the flag, now’s our chance!
I’m giving up the flag.
Dropping the flag.
Our flag’s secure.
Sending the flag back to base.


And that’s what I’ve learned.
Don’t underestimate me.
Had enough?
I could do this all day!
I hope you weren’t holding back!
I’ve been working on that.
I’ve got this.
I’m getting good at this.
I’m getting used to this.
I’ll be waiting if you wanna try again.
I’ll knock some sense into you!
One at a time, that’s what the old man says.
Sometimes I still surprise myself.
That felt pretty good.
Try something different next time.
Were you taking me seriously?
You can do better than that.
You looked like you needed a break.
You need to clean up your act.
You should rethink your strategy.
You should sit this one out.
You should’ve yielded!
You’re wasting my time.
Expand(vs Junkrat) Skogstokig.
(vs Reinhardt) Got you this time, Reinhardt!
(vs Torbjörn) Sorry, papa!
(vs Wrecking Ball) I’m more of a cat person.
Back off!
Get back!
Step off!
That’s how you push back!
The best offense is a good defense.
There’s more than one way to use a shield.
This shield isn’t just for defense!
Turning defense into offense!
You might want to keep your distance.
Bet you didn’t see that coming!
I can still reach you! (enemy in mid-air)
I see you over there!
Shouldn’t have come so close!
ExpandBort från mig!
I really wiped them out.
I’m on a roll!
My hard work pays off!
Not a bad streak!
You’re making this easy for me!
An efficient use of my energy.
How inspirational!
Practise pays off!
Thanks for lining up for me!
Enemy turret destroyed.
Sorry papa, back to the scrapheap!
Enemy teleporter out of commission.
That’s the end of their shield generator.
Enemy shield generator destroyed.
Be serious.
Get outta here!
There’s more where that came from.
ExpandTagga ned.
Beginner’s luck.
Goodbye. Ha ha!
I love doing that…
I meant to do that.
Pow! Right off the edge!
Rocket Flail: working as intended.
See ya!
ExpandFick iväg!
You’ve been practicing!
I always had faith in you.
I didn’t forget about you.
Be careful who you mess with.

Overwatch Brigitte voice actors

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