Overwatch D.Va voice lines & voice actors

This is post about voice lines & voice actors for D.Va in Overwatch. Let’s listen to the voice lines of D.Va through: Abilities, Chatter, Call-Outs, Mission-Specific, Eliminations.


Overwatch D.Va voice lines



APM jom ollyeo bolkka?
Defense Matrix activated!
Forward barrier activated!
Get through this.
I’m gonna have to shoot you down.
Initiating defense matrix!
Neutralizing projectiles!
Nothing gets past me!
Routing power to forward barrier.
Routing power to forward shields.
Time to raise my APM.
ExpandGunggeukgi chadan!
(Blocking Pharah’s ultimate) It’s a good thing I brought an umbrella.
(Blocking Soldier: 76’s ultimate) No hacks for you.
(Blocking Cassidy’s ultimate) I think your clock’s off.
(Blocking Roadhog’s ultimate) I think this pig’s a little under-cooked.
(Blocking Reaper’s ultimate) Maybe next time.
Boosters engaged.
Bunny hop.
Diving in!
Engaging thrusters!
Speeding up!
Taking off.
ExpandBuseuteo on!
Nerf this! (self and hostile)
Activating self-destruct sequence! (friendly)
All systems checked out.
Calling in the big guns!
Initializing systems!
MEKA activated!
Tokki online!
Suiting up!
D.Va, back in action!
Game on!
I’m back in the fight!
Let’s mech up this party.
Miss me?
Now I’ll show them.
Bailing out.
Gotta bail!
I’m out!
Pilot disengaging.
Sorry Dae-Hyun!
Tokki compromised!


I play to win!
Time to save the world? Game on!
I can’t wait to get into the fight!
All systems operational. D.Va, ready for combat.
Let’s shoot for a new high score!
Alright. Gameface: On.
Think you can keep up with me?
Ready, player one!
I’m going to own all these noobs!
Uh, was there a party I didn’t get invited to? Hmph!
My New Years Resolution? Catch up on all the games I need to play!
ExpandGeim sijak!
Game on!
Hey! Try and keep up, okay?
Stick with me, and I’ll cover you!
MEKA leads the way!
D.Va reengaging!
I’m back in the game.
I’m too young to die.
I’m not a good loser.
ExpandAu, jjajeungna.
ExpandHa! Igeon sagiya!
Press start to continue.
Extra life!
New game plus.
ExpandDasi han pan haebojago!
ExpandAjik son-i deol pullyeoseo geurae.
It’s quiet. Is everyone AFK?
Where is everyone?
Where’s my backup?
Healed up!
Fully operational!
ExpandDasi wanbyeokhage jakdonghanda!
I’m on fire!
Boom shakalaka! She’s on fire!
Systems running hot!
Weapon systems overloaded!
Weapons optimised!
Now that’s teamwork!
Now we’re talking!
Damage buff!
Aww yeah!
*giggles* I’ll take more of that!
Aww, you must like me.
Power up!
ExpandWanjeon joha!
HP Max!
Yeah! Pocket healer!
ExpandJungneunjul aranne!
ExpandSaengjon singoyo!
Damn it!
ExpandAa, yeolbanne!
Thanks for the love!
Thanks for your support!
That’s a star performance!
Save that for the Hall of Fame!
Aah… Okay, okay…
Come on…
*growls in frustration*
*grunts in pain*
[Deep gasp]
Aww, no fair!
Haven’t had enough?
Huge rez!


D.Va online.
Sniper! Don’t get caught!
Enemy spotted!
Enemy turret ahead!
Hey! They have a teleporter!
Enemy teleporter located.
Behind you!
Take cover!
You better get out of the way.
I am unstoppable!
Looks like another victory! Just a little longer.
We’ve got this, don’t let up now!
Time’s running out! Everyone, attack!
There’s no way I’m losing. Attack!


They’re taking the point. Time to get some kills.
Grr! Enemies on the point, let’s clear them out!
Enemies taking the point. Time to show my skills!
Check me out, securing the point!
This objective has my name written all over it.
Taking the point, don’t worry. I got this!
Minor set back, but we can still win this.
Fight’s not over yet. All we have to do is win this round!
Payload’s stopped. Let’s get it moving!
Why’s the payload stopped? Everyone, get on it!
New objective: get the payload moving.
Let’s get this payload across the finish line!
Payload moving. Let’s all work together.
Moving the payload, let’s party up!
Boo! They’re moving the payload.
Payload’s moving. Get on it.
Payload’s moving. Let’s knock ’em back!
Flag is in my possession.
I have the flag!
They’ve stolen our flag.
They have our flag. Get it back.
D.Va with the score!
Cap the flag!
Ta-ta ta-ta!
Oh, come on!
Let’s not let that happen again.
Someone! Pick up our flag!
Touch our flag! Quick!
Someone else take the flag.
Dropped the flag.
Flag’s going back to base.
Returning the flag.


Are you even trying?
Fact check: you’re dead!
Enemy down!
Get owned!
Hard countered.
How do you like that?
I still love you.
I thought you were going to be a challenge!
One for my highlight reel!
Shot down!
Target eliminated!
That one’s for my fans!
This rabbit fights back!
Top of the scoreboard!
Umm… you need aim training.
Who invited the rookie?
Wow… cringe!
ExpandEo? Yogeo in-gongjineung?
ExpandEomeo… an mian!
ExpandNeon nal igil su eobs-eo!
Don’t call me baby!
No mech, no problem!
Get dunked on!
Oof! Bad positioning.
High score for sure!
How’s my K/D?
I’m just getting started!
I’m just getting warmed up.
I’m on a roll!
I’m on the next level!
MVP? D.Va!
New record!
Now they’re just feeding!
All me!
Aw. Go next!
Enjoy that kill cam!
Oh, that’ll be play of the game! Just wait and see.
(imitates Athena) Play of the Game.
Pure skill!
Score multiplier!
Too spicy?
Woo, I hit the jackpot!
Enemy turret destroyed.
Enemy turret’s not gonna bother us anymore.
Enemy teleporter destroyed.
Don’t mess with me!
Smack down!
Take this!
Talk to the hand!
ExpandGeogi kkeojyeo!
Hah! Good luck climbing from down there!
How do you like that?
Safe travels!
Wow! You fell far!
You’re not on my level!
Nice shot.
Great teamplay!
Ooh… you’ve got some leet skills!
*giggles* I’ll take more of that!
ExpandNaiseu syas!
ExpandO~? Jom meotjinde!
Oops! Tunnel vision.
Revenge is sweet.
Enemy team kill.
The enemy team is down.

Overwatch D.Va voice actors

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