Overwatch Echo voice lines & voice actors

This is post about voice lines & voice actors for Echo in Overwatch. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Echo through: Abilities, Chatter, Call-Outs, Mission-Specific, Eliminations.


Overwatch Echo voice lines



Adjusting angle of attack.
Boosting up.
Changing position.
Executing flight maneuvers.
Flight routine: Activated.
Going free!
Lifting off.
Mobility increased.
Moving up.
Taking off!
Beam activated.
Burning them down.
Finishing them off.
Focus with me.
Lock on my target!
Locking on.
Adaptive circuits engaged: [Targeted Hero’s Name]. (self and hostile)
Duplication initiated! (friendly)
(When Ultimate is ending) Personality duplication complete.
(When Ultimate is ending) Reverting personality: Echo online.
(When Ultimate is ending) Reversing personality module.


Echo here! It’s good to be back.
Personality synchronization: 100%. Good to be back.
Combat systems nominal. Shall we get started?
Operational protocols complete. Time to apply what I have learned.
Is everyone ready?
Keep to the plan, but be ready to adapt if necessary.
Nothing to worry about, unless there’s something to worry about, as Dr. Liao always said.
Focus on the objective. Minimize errors. Adapt to changing battlefield conditions. And good luck.
Mission underway. Prioritizing combat functions.
Back online.
I need to get back in there!
Learning from that one.
Neural adaptation complete.
Regeneration complete. Switching back to combat mode.
System reboot complete.
That was a learning experience!
Repairing internal circuitry.
Restoring health systems.
Stabilizing system core.
Overclocked and on fire!
So optimal!
Systems on fire!
Damage systems increased!
I like this!
Quite the boost!
Less than ideal!
Not good.
Adaptation successful.
Glad to be of assistance.
Oh, that’s too much!
I learned from the best.
Dr. Liao would be proud!
Just as Dr. Liao would have intended.
That worked even better than I thought!
Enemy is reviving!
They’re getting one back!
Thank you Dr. Ziegler!
Thanks for the second chance.


Echo here.
Enemy sniper!
Enemy sniper detected.
Enemy radar contact.
Enemy turret ahead!
Enemy turret detected.
Turret ahead!
Systems in overdrive!
Upgrade detected!
They’re on the back foot! Keep going!
This seems like it’s working! Don’t let up!
It’s not too late for a new strategy!
We’re running out of time! Should we try something different?


Beginning objective capture.
Capturing the objective. Additional support would be appreciated.
I’m taking the objective… wondering where everyone else is?
I could push if that would help.
In case you weren’t aware, the payload’s stopped!
We need to rally on the payload!
Payload’s moving forward.
The payload’s moving.
We’re making progress!
We need to contest the payload!


Firing on all cylinders!
I’ll do my part.
In case you were wondering, that’s a confirmed kill.
Kill confirmed.
Eliminate inefficiencies, maximize combat routines.
No time to cool down.
Someone called for air support?
Target’s down.
Targets locked and eliminated.
Target destroyed.
Target offline.
Update: Target destroyed.
You have to learn from your mistakes.
You’d better learn quickly if you want to keep up.
(with Focusing Beam) I finished them off!
(with Focusing Beam) Burned down.
(with Focusing Beam) Next target.
(with Sticky Bombs) Sometimes, a little patience is called for.
(with Sticky Bombs) Took a second.
(vs Genji) Sorry, Genji. I’ve been practicing.
(vs Cassidy) Not today, Cole.
Situation is under control!
An effective course of action.
Clearing the way!
Opening a path!
Saving replay for later analysis.
Enemy turret destroyed.
Enemy turret eliminated.
Oh! Ouch.
That probably hurt.
Watching Winston paid off.
Not a good idea.
I learned from the best.
I need to learn how to do that!
So that’s how you do that. I’ll add that to my repertoire.
Wow! Show me how you did that later!
(Seeing Cassidy get a kill) Nice shot, Cole.
(Seeing Cassidy get a kill with Deadeye) Where’d that tumbleweed come from?
(Seeing Winston get a kill) Quick thinking, Winston!
(Seeing friendly Cassidy get eliminated) Cole!
I learn quickly.
Let’s call it even.

Overwatch Echo voice actors

Jeannie Bolet.