Overwatch Genji voice lines & voice actors

This is post about voice lines & voice actors for Genji in Overwatch. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Genji through: Abilities, Chatter, Call-Outs, Mission-Specific, Eliminations.


Overwatch Genji voice lines



Come on.
I am ready.
Try me!
Is that all? (With Blackwatch Skin)
ExpandJōtō da!
ExpandSono teido ka?
ExpandHonki o misete miro.
Right back at you. (Upon deflecting Dragonstrike)
Back at you, brother! (Upon deflecting Dragonstrike)
Ha! Good aim, Cassidy. (Upon deflecting Deadeye)
Think fast, Pharah! (Upon deflecting Barrage)
Rising Hammer… Intercepting Sword! (Upon deflecting Fire Strike)
Bastion, catch! (Upon deflecting a Configuration: Tank projectile)
Back at you! (Upon deflecting an enemy ultimate)
Cheers, Tracer! (Upon deflecting Pulse Bomb)
Just like in training! (Upon deflecting Pulse Bomb)
Calm down Winston! (Upon deflecting Primal Rage)
This is not a snowball fight. (Upon deflecting Blizzard)
Yes! (With Blackwatch Skin)
ExpandRyūjin no ken wo kurae! (self and hostile)
The dragon becomes me!
ExpandMizu no yō ni nagare.
Flow like water.


Mi o sutete mo, myōri wa sutezu.
Negaeba heiwa wa otozure yo.
Shi no nioi ka? Yoshi! Itsu demo koi.
Waga kokoro meikyōshisui.
Rin. Byō. Tō. Sha. Kai. Jin. Retsu. Zai. Zen.
Empty your mind. Focus on the task at hand.
Hitoshirezu kami no yurushi o machi shima ni, kokora tsure naki yo o sugusu ka na.Expand
Iku zo!Kanji: 行くぞ
English: Let’s go!
I return to the fight.
I will not falter.
I will not waste this chance.
Let us hope for a different outcome.
Waga tamashī wa mada moete oru.
Mō issen negaō.
Tatakai wa owaran.
Ahh… much better.
I am healed.
I am repaired.
I’m on fire!
My warrior spirit burns.
The advantage is mine.
My spirit grows strong.
I will not waste this chance.
Waga kokoro wa ryū no kokoro.
Seishin tōitsu!
Strength flows through me!
Chikara ga minagitte kuru!
I am unstoppable!
Most enjoyable.
It was nothing!
It is an honor.
Our enemies return.
You’ve rescued me again, Doctor Ziegler!


Genji here.
Genji is with you.
Sniper; be wary.
I have spotted the enemy.
Enemy sighted.
Enemy turret ahead.
Enemy teleporter detected.
Our enemies possess a teleporter.
Heh. I found the teleporter.
Our enemies have deployed a shield generator.
Behind you.
Watch yourself.
Take cover!
Victory draws near. Defend!
Defend as one. Victory is near.
The battle draws to its conclusion. We must attack.
Time is against us. Press on.


Our point is under attack. Let us welcome our guests.
Our point is under attack. Let us rid ourselves of these unwanted guests.
We are losing the objective! Push them back.
Our enemies have the upper hand for now. Let us turn the tables.
The objective is under attack.
I am taking the objective. Join me.
The objective is mine. Be quick about it.
We must press our advantage and seize victory.
The payload is stopped. And here I thought we had a plan.
Push the payload.
Push forward.
The payload moves. We must keep it safe.
Keep the payload in motion.
Stop the payload.
The payload is moving; stop it.
We need to stop the payload. Converge upon it.


An excellent fight.
Like cutting through silk.
Know yourself in the face of death.
Think upon your actions.
We will fight again!
ExpandNingen nado, toruni taranwa.
ExpandKono teido ka.
ExpandOre wa kaze da!
ExpandKaze yo.
ExpandOitsukeru kana?
ExpandOwari ni shi-te aru
(vs Hanzo) I am victorious this time, brother.
(vs Reaper) Mock death at your own peril.
(vs Zenyatta) I have the upper hand this time, Master.
My aim is unerring.
ExpandSenri no michi mo, hito ashi zutsu hakobunari.
Enemy turret destroyed.
Enemy teleporter destroyed.
The enemy teleporter is no longer our concern.
ExpandHah. Aho ga!
I learned that from my brother.
Honor the fallen.
ExpandKesshite hirumu na yo.
ExpandTajirogudenai zo.
ExpandYara reta ka.
(Friendly Hanzo is eliminated) I will avenge you, brother.
(Friendly Mercy is eliminated) Angela!
(Friendly Tracer is eliminated) Tracer!
(Friendly Winston is eliminated) Winston!
(Friendly Zenyatta is eliminated) Master!
ExpandHito o norowaba ana suru.

Overwatch Genji voice actors

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