Overwatch 2 Junker Queen voice lines & voice actors

This is post about voice lines & voice actors for Junker Queen in Overwatch 2. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Junker Queen through: Abilities, Chatter, Call-Outs, Mission-Specific, Eliminations.

Junker Queen
Junker Queen

Overwatch 2 Junker Queen voice lines



C’mon back, Gracie.
Gracie! Come!
Here, Gracie!
I need a knife!
I need ya’ Gracie!
My hand needs a knife in it.
To me, Gracie!
Where’s my knife?
Oi! Pick up your feet, ya’ drongos!
Shake the grit outta’ your knickers and move!
Stop mucking around and move!
Woo! Let’s go win this thing.
Time for the reckoning! (self and enemy)
Let’s take ’em to the Wasteland! (team)


My throne is where I say it is.
Are you lot ready for some bloodshed?
Before we go out there, I gotta’ warn ya’ I’m gonna yell at ya’ a lot. Not because I don’t like ya’ or because I care, or any of that, it’s just because… I’m really good at this.
Is this one a scrap or a heist? I wasn’t listening. Heh, heh.
So, here the plan. Do what I do, listen to what I say. And don’t screw this up!
The knife’s called Gracie, the axe is Carnage… and me? Ha ha, I’m your Queen.
Think you can keep up?
Everybody holds. Nobody runs.
Let’s go smash some heads!
Beat me? Like hell you will!
I’m gettin’ back in there!
Eh… I’ve got plenty of teeth left.
Looks like somebody wants the death penalty.
Lucky shot. My turn!
*growls* That… is IT!
That’s no way to treat your Queen!
There’ll be consequences for that.
Ya’ only lose if you stay down.
Is my team asleep or what?
Where is everyone? I need someone to shout at!
Where the hell is the rest of my team?!
Good stuff.
Much better.
All hail THE QUEEN!
No one can stop me!
Aww… I wanted a scar!
I owe you one.
All right!
Bloody hell!
Damn it!


I am the Junker Queen.
The Junker Queen stands with ya’
Get the sniper!
Gutless sniper ahead!
Come on, then!
Outnumbered? They’ve finally got a fair fight!
We’re outnumbered!
Enemy turret. Scrap it!
They built a turret!
Turret up ahead!
Behind ya!
Ha ha ha ha! Who wants their guts handed to ’em?
Ho-ho, mate! Here it comes!
None of you can stop me!
You’re in for it now!
Hold them back!
Push ’em back, or answer to me!
Move in and cut ’em down!
Time’s up! Get in there!


Claiming the objective. Get over here!
Fight here and fight hard!
Stop lagging about, and get over here!
Oi! Get on the payload, or I’ll nail you to it!
Oi, oi, oi! Hey, hey! Stick to the payload!
Why is my payload stopped?
I have the payload. Everyone, relax.
I’m on the payload. Get over here.
My payload’s moving. Pile on.


As the Queen decrees.
Aww, someone shot ya’ !
Aww, your blood’s all gone!
Come on. Fight back!
Give up!
Ha ha ha! And stay down!
Ha ha ha! Softie.
Harden up. It’s only buckshot!
Kneel before your Queen!
Oh. Are you done?
You got too close, didn’t ya’ ? !
You’re embarrasing yourself!
You’re scattered, mate.
Quit hiding behind your shield, big girl! (eliminating enemy Brigitte)
Ya’ look better than you fight. Shame. (eliminating another enemy Junker Queen)
Summer shack: avenged. (eliminating enemy Junkrat)
I warned you boys. Should have listened. (eliminating enemy Junkrat or Roadhog)
Down you go, big man. (eliminating enemy Reinhardt)
Put a dent in your armor there! (eliminating enemy Reinhardt)
Aww, champ! You’ve gone soft. (eliminating enemy Wrecking Ball)
Did that hurt? Ha ha, good.
Ha! Axe wins! You lose.
How’s that edge treating ya’ ?
Sharp enough for ya’ ?
Ya’ don’t play with Carnage!
Ha ha! Loot ’em and let’s go!
No champions here.
Nothin’ left but scrap.
Reckoning’s done. I win again.
Shoulda’ got out the way!
And I’m just. Getting. STARTED!
I’ve taken naps harder than you!
One by one by one! Come on! Come on!
Weak. You’re all weak!
You know you’re allowed to fight back, yeah?
You’re allowed to hit back!
Are any of ya’ even trying?
Ha ha! You’re makin’ this too easy!
How many of you drongos are there?
Lie down!
Thanks for bunchin’ up. Ha ha ha!
Turret… crushed!
Turret destroyed!
Down goes another pretender.
Ha! You call that a fight?
Ooh. Down goes another one.
Ooh… should’ve ducked!
Ugh… c’mon, mate. Try to keep up!
And down ya’ go!
And you’re dead. Next!
Can’t fly, can ya’ ?
Nobody beats gravity, mate.
Ha ha ha! You should have finished the job, mate.
I always come back.

Overwatch Junker Queen voice actors

 Leah de Niese.