Overwatch Lucio voice lines & voice actors

This is post about voice lines & voice actors for Lucio in Overwatch. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Lucio through: Abilities, Chatter, Call-Outs, Mission-Specific, Eliminations.


Overwatch Lucio voice lines



Back off!
Get back!
Get lost!
Push off.
Step to this!
Too close.
Audio medic!
Feel that healing beat!
Heal up!
Healing boost!
Let’s get patched up.
Let’s get you healed up.
This is gonna make you feel better.
Yeah, time to heal up.
Aww, yeah! Move it!
Double time.
Gotta go quick!
Let’s do it faster.
Yeah, let’s pick it up!
Let’s hustle!
Let’s up the tempo.
Match this BPM!
Move to the beat.
Party time, let’s go!
Pick it up, pick it up!
Speed boost!
Speed it up, everyone!
Oh, oh, oh, time to accelerate!
Yeeeaah, let’s move it, people!
Amp up this beat!
Crank up the gain!
Ha ha, amp it up!
Ha ha, you want that louder?
Let’s get loud!
Louder this time!
Oh, this is my jam!
Oh, turn it up!
Oh, you’ll wanna hear this.
Pump up the volume!
Raisin’ the volume.
This is my favorite part.
Turn it up, turn it up!
Yeah, I’ll turn it up!
You feel that?
Ooh, you hear that?
ExpandAi sim.
Oh, let’s break it down! (self and friendly)
ExpandVamos esculachar!

And, slide!
Aw, yeah!
Oh, can’t beat this feeling!
Ha ha ha ha, YEAH!
Check this out.
Here we go!
I am loving this!
Nothing’s gonna stop me.
Oh, surf’s up!
You see this?


Come on, let’s bring it together.
We’re here to be heard!
*idle song* (plays rarely)
Another day, another mission. Man! I’m so excited.
Enough waiting around, let’s get out there.
Everyone ready?
Hey, break time’s over. Let’s get movin’!
I am ready to roll.
Let’s get this show on the road!
Let’s show them what we can do!
Look at this team. We’re gonna do great!
Pump up the bass! It’s time to roll out.
Settin’ my equalizer to absolute destruction.
(During New Year) My New Year’s resolution? Hm, new skates for all the kids in the neighborhood.
(During Christmas) This is the time of year to think about everything we have to be thankful for.
(During Valentine’s Day) It’s Valentine’s Day! Anyone need help making a mixtape?
All right. Here we go!
Everyone, move together!
Let’s get moving!
Let’s get this party started!
And the beat goes on!
Back in the mix.
I hope nobody saw that.
I’m just getting started.
Let’s take it from the top.
Uh, maybe I’ll try something different this time.
Uh… next track!
Switching tracks.
Uh, that was just a sound check.
This music stops for no one.
Time for a remix.
Time for an encore!
Time to change it up!
You know, it’s not always gonna be a top hit.
Am I supposed to wait for my team, or…?
Backup’s still comin’.
Let’s get the band back together.
Where’s the rest of the band?
Good as new.
I feel great!
Now that’s more like it.
Is it hot in here? Or is it just me?
Woo! Check this out, I am on fire!
Woo! I am on fire!
Woo, get hype!
Now that’s more like it.
We’re on the same wavelength.
Woo! Nothing’s gonna stop me!
That’s not right!
Thank you, thank you.
I make this look easy!
I am runnin’ this show!
Heads up, they’re back for more!
Oh. I guess they didn’t have enough.
I’m too young to die.


Lúcio comin’ at you.
Lúcio here!
Uh-oh! Sniper, keep moving.
Sniper! Check your head.
Here they come.
Found them!
They’re crashing the party.
They’ve got us outnumbered!
This is an uphill fight. Careful!
Check it! Enemy turret ahead!
Watch out for that turret!
I could use some help!
I’m under attack!
Little hand here?
Take cover!
Behind you!
Watch your back.
I am unstoppable!
Oh, there’s no stopping me now!
No way we’re gonna lose this. Hang on!
We got this, just a little longer.
We’re so close! Just hang in there.
Don’t give up, we can still win this.
Get on the attack, or it’s game over.
We have to pick it up, let’s attack!


Come on! We need to get in control of the point!
Let’s get them off our objective.
They’re taking the objective, let’s knock them back!
Ha ha! I am rocking this objective!
I’m at the objective! Anyone else comin’?
I’m on the objective, you comin’?
I’m takin’ the objective, you know you want some!
Party on the objective, who’s in?
Takin’ the objective, come on over!
Who else wants a piece of this objective?
Woo! I’m on the point!
C’mon! Let’s get that payload going!
Let’s get that payload going, people!
Payload’s stuck. Let’s get it rolling.
Someone get the payload moving again.
We need to get the payload movin’, pick up the pace!
Clear the way! The payload’s rollin’.
I’m on the payload and moving out.
Look at this payload go!
Moving with the payload.
Payload’s movin’, Lúcio’s groovin’!
Special delivery on the way!
This payload’s bumpin’!
Everyone, stop the payload!
No way they’re delivering that payload! Get on it!
Payload’s moving. Let’s shut this party down.
Who has the flag? Oh, that’d be me.
Could have sworn your flag was just there!
Get our flag back!
They have our flag! Oh, let’s get it back.
I’m making this look easy!
Lúcio scores!
Aw, come on!
We let you have that one.
Hey! Someone grab our flag!
Now’s our chance!
Dropping the flag!
Ditching the flag!
Flag’s on it’s way back to base!
That’s not where our flag is supposed to be.


Hah! Too good.
How you like that?
I could do this with my eyes closed.
I’m feeling some good vibrations!
Is this thing on?
Nailed it!
Right on target.
Sorry. Had to give you the hook.
That was the drop.
That was the sound of science.
That’s more like it.
That’s what I’m talkin’ about!
We have them heading to the exits.
When the music hits, you feel no pain.
You got the beat… down!
You having trouble keeping up?
You lost the beat.
You’re old news.
ExpandAh, garoto.
(vs Reaper) Does this make you a deadbeat?
(vs Symmetra) That’s for my family back home!
(vs Symmetra) The power of tech in the right hands.
(vs Symmetra) Stay outta Rio. That’s my turf.
(vs Symmetra) We did it better.
(vs Tracer) Got you this time.
(vs Zarya) Nuh-uh. I am not a fan of those beams.
Ears ringin’?
Hey, be flat!
That’s what I call, “pop”!
This bass hits hard!
Wave “goodbye!”
Oooh, this is going off!
Oh, got me jammin’ out!
Ha ha! Let’s keep it going!
I am ridin’ this high!
I must have this track on repeat!
I’ll play it again and again!
I’m feeling it!
I’m in the groove!
It goes to eleven.
Woo! Keepin’ it in time.
Woo! Nothing’s gonna stop me!
Today is really my day!
And the crowd goes WILD!
Did you see that?!
Sheesh, that was crazy.
Oh, what a moment to live for!
Do you remember that turret? Me neither.
Enemy turret destroyed.
Hope you didn’t work too hard on that.
Enemy teleporter destroyed.
I got the teleporter. That should slow them down.
Haha! Served.
Personal space!
Too close!
Whoa, hands off!
Whoo! Check yourself.
Hello and goodbye!
Oh, and what a play by Lúcio!
Oh, ho-ho, YES! Hah!
Pi-pi-pi pow!
See ya!
That’s what I was born to do, baby!
Ha ha ha, there goes the drop!
Have you been practicing?
I’ll take more where that came from!
Ouch! Yeah!
Nice one!
That was awesome!
Oh, no!
So not cool!
Ugh, major buzzkill.
We have to pull together!
I need to learn to let go… Pfft, next time!
Enemy team’s down, time to push!
The enemy team is down! Now’s our chance.

Overwatch Lucio voice actors

Jonny Cruz.