Overwatch Mercy voice lines & voice actors

This is post about voice lines & voice actors for Mercy in Overwatch. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Mercy through: Abilities, Chatter, Call-Outs, Mission-Specific, Eliminations.


Overwatch Mercy voice lines



Did someone call a doctor?
Healing stream engaged.
I’m taking care of you.
I’ve got you.
Let me get you patched up.
Let’s get you back out there.
Patching you up.
Where does it hurt?
Heilstrahl aktiviert.
Ich kümmere mich um dich.
Mercy im Bereitschaftsdienst.
I’ve got you, Brigitte. (When used on Brigitte)
Taking care of you, Brigitte. (When used on Brigitte)
Reinhardt, where would you be without me? (When used on Reinhardt)
Damage amplified.
Damage boost engaged.
Powered up.
Schaden verstärkt.
Connection ongoing.
Maintaining connection.
I’m still here.
Still here.
Still with you.
I’m here.
I’m right here.
I’m with you.
On my way.
Right beside you.
You needed a doctor?
Your support has arrived.
Ich bin da.
Let’s get you back in the fight!
The battle continues!
This is not the end!
This is not your time.
We still need you!
Dein Schutzengel ist da! (hostile)
Der Kampf ist noch nicht vorbei! (hostile)
Heroes never die! (self and friendly)
Helden sterben nicht! (hostile)


I’ll be watching over you.
Don’t worry, I’ll be right behind you.
A moment to enjoy some peace and quiet… probably just a moment, though.
Always consult your doctor before engaging in strenuous activity.
*sigh* I’ll be busy soon enough.
I’ll enjoy the quiet while it lasts.
Must violence always be the solution?
Well, I suppose I’ll be patching you up as usual.
Be careful out there!
Keep an eye on your health and call for me if you need assistance.
Take a deep breath. Now, let’s achieve our objectives!
A clean bill of health.
A speedy recovery.
Ahh… The wonders of modern medicine.
Back in the fight.
Back to square one.
Good as new.
I must go where I am needed.
Now, where am I needed?
Starting over from the beginning.
Valkyrie online.
Die Wunder der modernen Medizin.
Immer unterbricht mich jemand bei der Arbeit.
All better!
Much better.
My prognosis is excellent.
That’s better!
I’m on fire!
I am operating at peak performance levels.
Operating at optimal levels!
Ah… so that’s how it feels!
I feel powerful!
Thank you.
I am unstoppable!
I feel empowered!
I feel unstoppable!
Not good.
It’s nice to be appreciated.
I am touched by your support.
I couldn’t have done it alone!
Enemies reviving.
Now this is a role reversal.
So that’s what it feels like!
We could all use a helping hand sometime!


Mercy on call.
Sniper! Be careful!
Enemy seen.
They’re attacking from the front.
Watch in front of us.
The enemy is behind us.
Watch behind us.
Enemies on the left.
Watch the left side.
Enemies on the right side.
Watch the right.
Enemies coming in from above.
Watch for targets above you.
They’re coming from below.
Be careful, they’re below us.
Enemy turret ahead! Watch yourselves.
Behind you!
Take cover!
Cover me!
Get them off me!
Help me!
I could use some assistance!
I’m being attacked!
I’m under attack!
They’re all over me!
ExpandIch brauche Hilfe!
Our time is running out. Everyone, get on defense.
Pull together. We can do this.
We’re out of time, attack!
We’re running out of time.


Defend the objective.
Protect the objective.
We need to defend the objective.
I am capturing the objective.
I’m taking the point.
Taking the objective.
Fall back.
Let’s get the payload moving again.
The payload’s stopped!
We need to keep the payload moving forward.
We need to move the payload.
I’m moving the payload.
Let’s keep it moving.
Protect the payload.
Protect the payload.
Stop the payload.
The payload is on the move.
I am in possession of the enemy flag.
Taking the enemy flag.
Hurry and recover our flag.
Our flag has been taken. Recover it!
Someone recover our flag!
Enemy flag captured.
I’m only doing my part.
That was not in the plan.
Our flag is free. Someone, return it.
The enemy has dropped our flag.
Dropping the flag.
Relinquishing the flag.
Recovering our flag and sending it back to base.
Sending the flag back to base.


Medic!… Wait, that’s me!
Patient discharged.
The prognosis is not good.
There’s no prescription to treat what you have.
Where does it hurt?
You’ve been discharged.
You are not looking well.
Auf einer Skala von eins bis zehn, wie fest tut es weh?
Hat jemand den Arzt gerufen?
Ich kann keine Wunder wirken! Na ja… meistens nicht.
Und, wo tut’s jetzt weh?
Now this must be a surprise to you.
I’m no angel!
Never knew I had it in me.
This does not look good for you!
The turret’s been destroyed.
Enemy turret neutralized.
Enemy teleporter destroyed.
Enemy shield generator destroyed.
Don’t let up on them!
Don’t stop now.
Great job.
Keep going – I’ve got you!
Keep it up.
We make a great team.
We are unstoppable!
Well done.
You’ve got this!
Say “ahh”!
You might not want to tell your friends about that.
It had to be done.
Nice shot.
Regrettable, but necessary.
Vital signs negative.
Well done.
Gute arbeit!
Schöner Treffer!
Patient entlassen.
Another patient for my operating table.
Damn it! I couldn’t get there in time.
I can see I’ll have my work cut out for me.
I lost him/her/them!
I’m sorry… I was too late.
Start a fight and this is what happens.
Noch ein Patient für meinen OP-Tisch.
(Friendly Genji is eliminated) Genji… I was too late!
I choose not to seek revenge.
Turn the other cheek.

Overwatch Mercy voice actors

Lucie Pohl.