Overwatch Moira voice lines & voice actors

This is post about voice lines & voice actors for Moira in Overwatch. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Moira through: Abilities, Chatter, Call-Outs, Mission-Specific, Eliminations.


Overwatch Moira voice lines



Allow me.
Injured again?
I am restoring you.
I will rebuild you.
Restoring you.
Repairing the damage.
You seem in need of aid.
Your injuries are fascinating.
Regenerating your cellular structure.
This will improve your condition.
Science saves the day!… Again.
Táim do do leigheas.
Táim do dheisiú.
Lig dom cabhrú leat.
You grow weak.
Your strength ebbs.
Your strength fades.
Your power is mine.
Strength flows from you.
I will unmake you.
I will draw the strength from your body.
Your body decays.
Oh my… yes…
*cackles* Such a flawed creation.
Tell me how this feels.
Ar fheabhas!
Tá ag teipeadh do neart.
Tá tú ag leagú.
Get into position!
Allow me to repair the damage.
This will restore you.
This will heal you.
I cast this forth.
A touch from afar!
My will made real.
This is my will.
The power of destruction!
ExpandSeo é mo thoil.
(rarely) Swiftly.
(rarely) Gone…
Surrender to my will! (self and friendly)
Géill do mo thoil! (hostile)


Science will reveal the truth.
Humanity is shackled. I will find the key.
The true struggle is for the superiority of ideas.
It is not my preference to see to matters personally, but I will see them done.
No need to mess about.
The struggle for martial superiority is so tedious. The superiority of ideas… that is the coin of my realm.
eannachtaí na Feile Pádraig.
There was a flaw in my approach.
I must reflect upon this.
That changes my thinking.
Perhaps a new methodology is required.
When faced with a setback, we must challenge our assumptions.
I’m not dead yet.
We must all make sacrifices in the name of science.
New beginning, new thinking.
I am restored.
That’s much better.
My condition is improved.
I will not be denied!
I’m on fire! All evidence supports this claim.
I’m on fire. You’d be wise to stay out of my sight.
Táim uilechumhachtach!
My power grows.
I am optimized.
A welcome improvement.
Giorraíonn beirt bothar.
I feel unwell…
To be expected.
Pure class.
This was the only plausible outcome.
Do not underestimate me.
Our enemies return.
An ominous portent.


Moira, by your side.
Moira is here.
Sniper! We must be cautious.
I’ve sighted the enemy!
The enemy gathers here.
They advance straight at us.
They’re coming directly at us.
Enemies to our rear.
They’re attacking from behind!
Enemy on our left.
Watch our left side.
The enemy is on our right.
The enemy approaches on the right.
Our enemies are above us.
They’re above us!
Watch for enemies below us.
The enemy is below us.
Enemy turret within my sight.
The enemy has placed a turret here.
Behind you!
Get out of there!
Clear the area.
Take cover!
I require assistance!
I am under attack!
Help me!
My power is overwhelming!
I feel unstoppable!
Our inevitable victory beckons.
Slowly they realize that failure is all that awaits them.
Victory is within our grasp.
Their inevitable defeat is becoming reality.
Our time grows short.
Our time runs short, we must increase our efforts.
We must make haste.
It all comes down to this.
What time we had is fading.


If we are to progress, we must claim the objective.
This objective must be ours.
Find their weakness and claim the objective.
The enemy is laying claim to our objective.
They’re taking the objective.
Our enemies believe that they can take our objective. They are mistaken.
We must defend our objective against their attacks.
The payload moves towards our desired outcome.
The payload moves with certainty.
We must ensure the payload’s progress.
That we should fail in stopping the payload has no reasonable explanation.
They’re making gains. We must limit them to our benefit.
We must keep our enemies from further progress towards their goal.
Why are we stopped?
The payload has been stopped. We must get it moving again.
It appears we have suffered a minor setback.
I am taking possession of the flag.
Recover the flag.
We must recover our flag,
They have our flag, we must take it back.
Someone recover the flag.
It was inevitable.
Was the outcome ever in doubt?
An undesirable outcome.
Let’s not allow this to become a habit.
Our flag is free.
I’ve relinquished the flag.
Leaving the flag here.
Returning the flag to base.
Dispatching the flag to base.
I will see the flag safely back to base.


A small loss.
An evolutionary dead end.
As expected.
Evolution works quickly today.
Guinea pigs.
I will allow none to stand in the way of progress.
Thank you for your contributions.
This was the expected conclusion.
We are all born mad, some remain so.
You have served your purpose.
Your contributions to the furtherance of science are to be commended.
Your involvement in my research is at an end.
(vs Mercy)Our guardian angel.
(vs Mercy)Mercy is for the weak.
(vs Ana) Harridan.
Bíodh sin agat.
Gan mhaith.
Sin sin.
Is binn béal ina thost.
Éasca sin.
Slán go fóill.
Situational awareness could save your life– I recommend it.
Perhaps, next time, you should not stand in the way of the orb.
Huh. Simple geometry.
Right where I wanted you.
Effective positioning.
How conveniently arranged.
My keen analytical mind detects a pattern forming.
It was only to be expected.
Tá ag éirí go geal liom.
A significant amount of data to analyze.
Enemy turret is no more.
Calm yourself.
I admire your efficacy.
An expedient solution.
(rarely)(Seeing friendly Reaper get a kill with Death Blossom) Always with a touch of the dramatic.
We’re still within the margin of error.
Those who wrong me pay, in the end.
The enemy has been eliminated.
The odds have shifted in our favor.

Overwatch Moira voice actors

Genevieve O’Reilly.