Overwatch Reinhardt voice lines & voice actors

This is post about voice lines & voice actors for Reinhardt in Overwatch. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Reinhardt through: Abilities, Chatter, Call-Outs, Mission-Specific, Eliminations.


Overwatch Reinhardt voice lines



Don’t worry my friends. I will be your shield.
Don’t worry my friends. I am your shield!
Come out and face me!
Is that the best you can do?
Ah, get behind me!
I will hold the line.
Bring! It! On! I LIVE for this!
Barrier, activated!
Barrier is giving out!
I can’t hold forever!
Barrier is failing!
Barrier won’t hold forever!
Barrier destroyed!
End of the line!
Hahahahahaha! Got you!
Goh! Gahh, I’ll feel that in the morning…
Puh! Ugh, I’m not as young as I used to be.
Hammer DOWN! (self and hostile)
For the Crusaders! (friendly)
No lying down on the job!
And stay down!
Don’t bother getting up.


Justice will be done.
Together, we’ll strike them down!
Ah, my friends, what’s with all this standing around? There’s glory to be won!
We shall prove ourselves in glorious combat!
(During Winter Wonderland) Who’s feeling the holiday spirit?
Again! AGAIN!
Back into the fray.
This is not over.
There’s still fight in me yet.
I will not give up the fight.
Back and ready for more!
There is still more to my tale!
Haha! Still kicking!
Wait for me!
Ah. I feel like a new man.
MUCH better.
I’m on fire!
I’m on fire! Come here and get burned.
You honor me!
Let’s fight!
Are you ready? Here I come!
I feel powerful!
I am unstoppable!
Ah, impressive, if I do say so myself!
One hundred percent German power!
What a performance!
I am the champion!
They’re back for more.
They’re back in the fight!
I’m back!


Reinhardt at your service.
Sniper! Fight toe-to-toe, you coward!
I have found the enemy. Come and face me!
Enemy turret ahead!
Our enemies have a teleporter.
I found the enemies’ teleporter.
Behind you!
Steel yourselves! Push them back!
Make every second count. Crush their defenses.
We are out of time, attack.
We don’t have much time, push forward!


They have come to claim what is ours! Don’t let them!
The enemy is at our doorstep. Drive them back!
They are on taking point. Throw them back!
I am capturing the objective, try and stop me!
The objective is mine, join me if you will.
Taking the objective! Join me in glory!
The payload has come to a halt, get it moving!
There’s no glory in a stalled payload!
Our duty is to move the payload. Get to it!
I’m escorting the payload, let’s keep it moving!
Moving the payload. Join me!
Hold them back! We will keep them from their destination.
Stop the payload!
They are moving the payload, we must stop them!
Bringing the enemy flag back to base!
I have the flag! Clear the way!
They have stolen our flag!
We must get our flag back!
The flag is ours!
I have claimed the flag!
That is not accepatable!
We must not allow that to happen again!
They’ve dropped our flag! Return it to base!
Our flag is free! Someone grab it!
Someone take up the flag!
Dropping the flag!
I have secured our flag!
Returning the flag!


Do I have your attention yet?
I’m just getting started!
Too strong!
Ah. This old dog still knows a few tricks.
Haha. Got you!
Feel my power!
When all you have is a hammer, everyone else is a nail.
Out of my way!
I’m not even close to done! Ahahaha.
Enemy turret destroyed.
Enemy teleporter destroyed.
I slay dragons.
Not strong enough.
(Teammate eliminates enemy) Leave some glory to me.
(Teammate eliminates enemy) Well done, my friend!
(Friendly Pharah eliminates enemy) Ana would be proud!
(Friendly Torbjörn eliminates enemy) Well done, my diminutive Swedish friend!
(Friendly Brigitte eliminates enemy) Well struck, Brigitte!
Agent down!
Everyone, hold the line!
I will hold the line!
Our comrade has fallen. Rally to me!
(Friendly Torbjörn eliminated) Torbjörn! I will avenge you!
I owed you one.
Challenge… accepted.
The enemy team is eliminated, we have the advantage!

Overwatch Reinhardt voice actors

Darin De Paul.