Overwatch Roadhog voice lines & voice actors

This is post about voice lines & voice actors for Roadhog in Overwatch. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Roadhog through: Abilities, Chatter, Call-Outs, Mission-Specific, Eliminations.


Overwatch Roadhog voice lines



Come here.
Get down.
(when used on Pharah, Mercy or Echo) Grounded.
Here little piggy.
Squeal for me.
I’m gonna make you squeal.
*maniacal laughter*


I’m a one-man apocalypse.
Apocalypse ain’t over.
I’m in no rush.
Fired up!
What are you looking at?
Stay out of my way.
Why are we here?
Roadhog rides again.
Back for more.
Rollin’ out.
Ah. Better.
*laugh* Yeah!
I’m burning rubber.
I’m on fire!
Oh goodie.
No way!
*laughs* Now that’s more like it!
I’m a prime specimen.
Only thing you can count on in this broken world.


Roadhog time.
I see them.
Enemy turret here.
Find that damn teleporter!
Find their teleporter.
Where’s the teleporter?
Found their teleporter.
Get down!
I am unstoppable!
Come over here!
We’re gonna win.
We’re losing. Attack!
Out of time. Attack!


You’re in my house. Get out!
They’re taking the point.
I’m taking the point.
Point is mine, property of Roadhog.
I’m attacking!
Get on the attack — now!
Why’s the payload stopped?
Payload moving out.
Payload Moving.
Stop the payload.
Stop that payload.
Stop them.


(vs Bastion or Zenyatta or Orisa) Scrap ’em!
Sit down!
Hurts so good.
No pain, no gain.
(vs Junkrat) I’m tired of hearing your voice.
(vs Junkrat) Finally… quiet.
(vs Junkrat) Peace and quiet.
(vs Reaper or Soldier 76) Nice mask.
I need my space.
Enemy turret destroyed.
Enemy teleporter destroyed.
Go on, ask me what the other one says.
It says left.
(Friendly Junkrat eliminates enemy) About time you did something useful.
(Junkrat is eliminated) Someone finally shut him up.
Less work for me.
*Laughter* YEAH!
I’m the one who gets even.
The enemy team’s down.

Overwatch Roadhog voice actors

Roadhog Josh Petersdorf.