Overwatch Soldier 76 voice lines & voice actors

This is post about voice lines & voice actors for Soldier 76 in Overwatch. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Soldier 76 through: Abilities, Chatter, Call-Outs, Mission-Specific, Eliminations.

Soldier 76
Soldier 76

Overwatch Soldier 76 voice lines



Get over here and heal up!
Anyone need some healing?
Come here and get stabilized.
Fields down.
Biotic field activated.
Everyone, heal up.
Time to heal up.
Heal up here.
Team, heal up here.
Never leave a teammate behind.
I’ve got you in my sights. (self and hostile)
Tactical Visor activated. (friendly)
Target rich environment.
Clean sweep.
I love the smell of pulse munitions in the morning.
I could do this with my eyes closed.


We’re all soldiers now.
Every soldier needs a cause.
We made this mess. Time to clean it up.
Still playing Soldier, I see. (selecting Soldier multiple consecutive games)
Quit screwing around and get ready to move!
Try not to get yourselves killed out there.
Let’s get this done!
Let’s move out!
Move out!
I don’t quit ’till the fight’s done.
I’m not a young man anymore.
Knock me down, and I’ll keep getting back up.
Mission ain’t over yet.
No rest for the weary.
Not dead yet.
The war goes on.
This old dog’s learned a few tricks.


Soldier: 76 reporting for duty.
Sniper! Get your head down or lose it!
Sniper! Keep your heads down.
Enemy contact.
Enemy turret sighted.
Find that damn teleporter.
Find their teleporter.
I’ve found their teleporter.
Watch your backsides!
Watch your six!
Hold out a little longer!
Keep your heads down – we’ve almost got this.
They ain’t winning on my watch. Push them back!
Push the attack now, we’re gonna lose!
I don’t tolerate defeat, get on the attack now!
No one else is going to do it for us. Attack!


Defend the point!
Get these jokers off my point.
Objective is under attack – get on it!
Locking down the objective. Rally to me!
I’m taking the objective, get over here!
Securing the objective.
Anyone else wanna do their jobs today? Move the payload!
That payload’s not going to deliver itself, move it!
Why are we stopped? Get the lead out and move this payload!
Back in my day we’d have this payload delivered already.
Form up on the payload. Move it out!
Payload’s secure, move out!
Payload’s on the move, intercept it.
Payload on route… Stop it!
That payload’s not going anywhere.


Age before beauty. Guess you’re coming in third.
And stay down.
I don’t play by the rules anymore.
Huh. Only gets better with age.
Should’ve kept your head down.
Tactical necessity.
Target down.
We all got it coming.
You don’t wanna go to war with me.
You’ve got a lot to learn.
(vs Reaper) Someone had to do it.
(vs Reinhardt) Always too overconfident.
(vs Tracer) You need to learn to focus.
(vs Winston) Your hesitation is your weakness.
You ain’t seen me angry.
The mission’s all that matters.
The fight ain’t over yet.
I’m just getting started.
Enemy turret destroyed.
Enemy teleporter destroyed.
At ease.
Lights out.
Are you trying to impress me?
Not bad.
(Friendly Pharah eliminates enemy) Got your aim from your mom, I see.
As though the numbers weren’t already against us!
*sigh* Damn it.
Hold fast! Success depends on us!
I’m used to working alone.
It’s on me now.
Not good.
You fought with honor, kid.
(Friendly Tracer is eliminated) You won’t be forgotten.
An eye for an eye.
I’ve got a long memory.
Enemy team down. Push forward now!
The enemy team’s out of commission.

Overwatch Soldier 76 voice actors

Fred Tatasciore.