Overwatch Sombra voice lines & voice actors

This is post about voice lines & voice actors for Sombra in Overwatch. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Sombra through: Abilities, Chatter, Call-Outs, Mission-Specific, Eliminations.


Overwatch Sombra voice lines



Initiating the hack.
Let’s get started.
Don’t mind me.
Iniciando el hackeo.
Stealth activated.
Back into the shadows.
Going off the radar.
ExpandNos vemos…
And I’m back!
Been here all along.
Heh, did I scare you?
Here I am.
Hey there.
Looking for me?
Miss me?
Somebody call?
Aw, ¿te asusté?
He vuelto.
Me extrañaste?
Qué onda?
Qué tal?
Ya volví.
Always plan an exit.
Always leave yourself a back door.
Be right back!
Beacon in place.
Hm… just in case.
I might need this later.
Translocator’s in place.
Translocator’s set!
ExpandAhorita regreso.
ExpandNo vaya a ser que lo necesite.
Catch you later.
Cheers, love! Hahaha.
Gotta go.
I’m out of here.
Meh, that party was boring.
See you later!
Tengo que irme.
I need this back.
Still need this.
Guess I won’t be using that.
I wasn’t using that, anyway.
That’s annoying.
That’s a waste.
Translocator’s destroyed.
Apagando las luces! (self and hostile)
EMP activated! (friendly)


Everything can be hacked… and everyone.
In my world, there are no secrets.
Hah, let’s get started. Got a lot of systems that need hacking.
Hm… I think I can make this worth my time.
I’m guessing there’s no chance we can take care of this quietly, is there?
I’m hoping for an easy mission. Don’t make this harder than it needs to be.
Looks like I have time to do some research.
So many targets, so little time.
ExpandGenial. Otro trabajo aburrido.
Easy in easy out, let’s get the job done.
Finally! Time for some fun.
Party’s started!
Expand¡Al fin! ¡Es hora de divertirme!
Expand¡Orale! ¡A darle con todo!
Expand¡A darle que es mole de olla!
Didn’t see that coming.
It’s all up from here.
Reboot and try again.
We all make mistakes.
ExpandHora de empezar de nuevo.
ExpandIntentemos otra vez.
ExpandMe agarraste en curva.
ExpandNo manches.
ExpandPodria haber salido mejor.
ExpandYa estoy lista para ese trago.
Ay, where’s my backup?
Guess we’re still redeploying.
Is everyone napping? What’s going on?
Agh! Little light on teammates right now!
Feeling much better.
ExpandMucho mejor.
Much better.
I’m on fire!
I’m on fire! Touch me, and you’ll get burned.
I’m en fuego! Ugh, I can’t believe I just said that.
You have good taste.
That’ll help you focus.
ExpandAsí me gusta.
Damn it!
Someone has to pull their weight around here.
I thought so.
Do I win a prize?
It was nothing.
I don’t think they got the hint.
Guess they haven’t had enough.
If I’m fighting, you’re fighting, too.


Sombra online.
Sniper! I’d keep my head down.
ExpandSniper! Ten cuidado.
Enemies on my radar.
ExpandEl enemigo está aquí.
ExpandEnemigo detectado.
Enemy turret here.
Find the teleporter!
Someone find their teleporter!
Located their teleporter.
They have a shield generator.
Found the shield generator.
Get to cover!
Behind you!
I am unstoppable!
No one’s going to stop me!
No more time to waste. Let’s get this done!
Hold out a little longer and we’re done here.
We’ve gotten this far, let’s not screw it up now.
We’re almost out of time, no slacking now.


They’re taking the objective! We should probably stop that.
The objective is compromised, let’s clear it out!
I’m securing the objective. Anyone want to join me?
Taking the objective. A little help would be appreciated!
Someone needs to get the payload moving!
The payload’s not doing much good sitting there.
We gonna get the payload moving, or what?
We need to get the payload back on track.
Payload’s on its way.
I’m moving the payload.
Payload’s moving. Let’s make sure someone stays with it.
Payload’s moving. Time to put a stop to that.
I have the flag.
Bringing the flag back to base.
Get our flag back.
We need to steal our flag back.
Sometimes, you just have to do it yourself.
That’s how it’s done.
That’s not exactly what we were going for.
Wonder if I can just hack the score?
Someone return our flag to base!
Guess they couldn’t stand the heat.
Dropping the flag.
Too much attention for me.
Ugh… I was feeling the heat.
Sending the flag back to base.
Returning the flag to base.


Amateur hour.
ExpandKudos for trying, güey.
Lighten up.
Sorry, but you didn’t make the cut.
That made my day!
This wasn’t your day.
We can still be friends, right?
Who invited the amateur?
You make great target practise.
You were boring me.
Ahí nos vidrios.
ExpandAhórranos tiempo y no te levantes.
Ay, pobrecita. (female)
Ay, pobrecito. (male)
Buenas noches.
Camarón que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente.
Es en serio?
Fue pan comido.
La próxima vez se más interesante.
Lo siento.
No caeré tan fácil.
No estás a mi nivel.
No te molestes!
Qué triste.
Te pasas de lanza.
ExpandTu esfuerzo no fue suficiente.
(vs enemy Baptiste) You know better than to turn your back on me.
(vs enemy Junkrat) Quiet, now.
Expand(vs enemy Lúcio) Sana, sana, colita de rana.
(vs enemy Reaper) Don’t take it so seriously.
(vs enemy Reaper) Smoked.
(vs enemy Reaper) *sigh* Sorry, Gabe.
(vs enemy Reaper, Soldier: 76 or Torbjörn) Ay… este gruñón.
(vs enemy Roadhog or Reaper) ¡Huy! ¡Que miedo!
(vs enemy Sigma) You need to focus, viejito.
(vs enemy Tracer) Taradita.
(vs enemy Widowmaker) Ah, I’m sure you’ll get me next time.
(vs enemy Zarya) Katya will be so disappointed.
*yawn* Are we still fighting?
Good warmup.
I know what I’m doing.
Seriously?! It’s like they aren’t even trying!
Ando en buena racha. ¡Fuera de mi camino!
Hasta parece que no se están esforzando.
Hay mas de dónde vino eso.
Ja! ¡Me la rifé!
Me hace lo que el viento a Juárez.
Didn’t even break a sweat!
Group bypass!
I always have the upper hand.
Multiple users down!
Watch and learn.
Enemy turret offline.
Enemy teleporter’s offline.
Hope you didn’t spend too much time on that.
I blew up the tire, if anyone was wondering.
A sucker for my punch.
Back off!
Down for the count!
I know Kung Fu.
Who said you can get this close?
You’re cuter up close.
ExpandQué gracioso.
*imitates falling sound*
Aww, did I do that?
It’s a long way down!
Misstep? More like “mistake”.
Right off the edge.
You really let me down.
De verdad me decepcionas.
Nos vemos!
I knew you were good for something.
Must be some reason I keep you around.
That’s more like it.
Hah, nada mal!
Buen tiro!
It’s hard to find good help these days.
What a waste.
Qué lastima.

Overwatch Sombra voice actors

Carolina Ravassa.