Overwatch Symmetra voice lines & voice actors

This is post about voice lines & voice actors for Symmetra in Overwatch. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Symmetra through: Abilities, Chatter, Call-Outs, Mission-Specific, Eliminations.


Overwatch Symmetra voice lines



From light into being.
Turret deployed.
Turret online.
Aligning defense system.
Defenses in place.
Turret in place.
Sentry deployed.
Sentry Turret placed.
Sentry online.
ExpandPrakash se jeevan mein.
ExpandRaksha pranali sanrekhit karna.
My teleporter is online.
My turret was destroyed.
My defenses are weakened.
Intruder detected.
My sentry was destroyed.
ExpandYahí param vaastavikta hai! (self and hostile)
Reality bends to my will! (friendly)


The true enemy of humanity is disorder.
If everyone performs their function, victory is assured.
Do not deviate from the plan, and victory will be ours.
I will shape order from chaos.
Order will be restored.
A momentary lapse.
Death is an illusion.
My work is not complete.
I will correct my mistakes.
I will follow my path.
There is still much to be done.
Much better.
I am restored.
I am on fire.
An exceptional performance.
I have reached peak performance levels.
My full potential is unlocked.
My power grows.
System optimized.
Our fates are entwined.
Perfect alignment.
ExpandHam saamanjasya mein hain.
I am unstoppable.
There is nothing that will stand in my way!
A performance worthy of repetition.
Ah, that is the way!
As it should be.
I will show you the path.
They have revived.
They have returned to the fight.
A second chance.


Symmetra reporting.
I have located the enemy.
Enemy turret ahead.
The enemy possesses a teleporter, we must locate it.
We must locate their teleporter.
Enemy teleporter located, we must destroy it.
Take cover!
Behind you!
Do not let up, victory will soon be ours.
If we work in unison, our defense will be impenetrable.
Defend together! It will not be long now.
Attack now or we are defeated!
Secure the objective!
Time grows short but we will fight to the end.
Time is running out, we must not fail!
(Payload) Align our attack, move the payload.


I am at the objective, we must take it quickly.
I am claiming the objective, support me.
I am taking the objective, all is going according to plan.
We must hold the point against their attack!
Reinforce our defenses, we must turn them back!
Consolidate our defenses on the point!
Moving the payload, fall in behind me.
The payload moves, as must we.
The payload moves to its destination all according to plan.
The payload is moving! Converge upon it.
The payload is moving, we must pull together.
Together we must stop the payload, this is the way it must be.
We must stop the payload!
We must see the payload to its destination.
The payload has stopped, we must get it moving.
The payload has stopped, we must get our plan back on track.


Just as expected.
Order is restored.
The balance shifts in my favor.
Perception is your weakness.
Why do you struggle against your fate?
You are unworthy of the true reality.
Know your place.
You are trapped in your own mind.
This is the order of things.
That was for your own good.
You lack imagination.
You were not meant for greatness.
All according to plan.
(vs Lúcio) A punishment for your crimes.
(vs Talon members/Junkers/Lúcio) Order overcomes chaos.
Everything in its place.
A pattern develops.
This is the shape of things to come.
Enemy turret destroyed. An inferior design.
Enemy turret destroyed.
Enemy teleporter destroyed. Hm.
Get back.
Know your place.
You perform your function admirably.
A commendable effort.
Well executed.
ExpandWah, kya baat hai!
I had not forgotten you.
The enemy team has been eliminated.
All enemies eliminated.

Overwatch Symmetra voice actors

Anjali Bhimani.