Overwatch Tracer voice lines & voice actors

This is post about voice lines & voice actors for Tracer in Overwatch. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Tracer through: Abilities, Chatter, Call-Outs, Mission-Specific, Eliminations.


Overwatch Tracer voice lines



All right!
Caught you starin’!
Three time’s the charm!
Think thrice!
Back to the past!
Back we go.
Ever get that feeling of déjà vu?
Have we been here before?
How about a second chance?
I’ll take a redo.
Just in time.
Let’s try something else.
Let’s try that again.
Now, where were we?
Bomb’s tickin’!
Bombs away!
Here goes nothin’!
Here ya go!
Present for ya!
Special delivery!
(giggles) Thought of you!
Time to drop the bomb!
Time’s up!
Wait for it…
Winging it!
Locked on!
Nailed it!
Right on target.
You need a time out.
Ha! Smashing!
Out with a bang!
Someone set up you! *chuckles* The bomb! (rarely)
There she goes!
Tick tick, boom!


Cheers, love! The cavalry’s here!
Cheers, love! It’s time to save the world!
Let’s get to it already!
Oi! This is no time for standin’ around.
Look out world! Tracer’s here.
*giggle* Last one there’s a rotten egg!
Come on!
I’m back, baby!
Wait for me!
Well that just happened.
And she’s back in the game!
*exhale* Back to work!
Back in the fight!
Come on, everyone. Hurry back!
I always get there before everyone else…
I’m sure the reinforcements are coming.
Tsk! I’m chronically early!
Much better!
There we go!
Back in the fight!
All eyes on me!
I’m on fire!
I’m on fire! *laughs* Really!
I’m in the zone!
Thanks, love!
Much obliged!
No one’s gonna stop me!
I’m unstoppable!
Aww, thanks loves.
Aww… yeah!
What did I get?
What did I get?! What did I get?!
Nice save!
Ah, thanks, doc!
Aww, no fair!
This time, stay down!


Tracer here.
There they are!
Enemy detected!
Enemies coming right for us!
They’re coming right at us!
The enemy’s behind us!
On the left!
On the right!
Above us!
They’re attacking from above!
Below us!
They’re attacking from below!
Ooh, we’re outnumbered!
Enemy turret ahead!
Find their teleporter.
They’ve got a teleporter, we’ve got to find it.
They have a shield generator.
Found their teleporter!
I found the shield generator!
Behind you!
Get to cover!
*deep gasp*
We gotta push ’em back!
We can’t lose it now!
Hang on, everyone, we can do this!
Pick up the pace!
Come on! We’re gonna lose!
Clock’s ticking!


I’m on the objective!
The objective is mine!
Taking the point!
Defend the objective.
They’re taking the point.
Come on! Everyone on the point.
Let’s get this moving!
Ugh! Someone help me move this thing!
Payload’s ready to roll!
We’ve gotta stop the payload.
Ugh! It’s on the move again.
Payload’s moving.
Let’s get this thing moving!
Payload’s stopped.
What’s the hold-up?
I have the flag! Heading back to base.
I’ll be taking this!
They have our flag!
Get our flag back!
Just too fast for you!
You can’t catch me!
That’s enough of that!
I’ll be taking that!
Returning the flag to base.
Dropping the flag.
Someone else come pick up the flag!
Someone recover our flag!
They dropped our flag!


Aw, easy peasy!
Blimey, I’m good!
Get stuffed!
Ha! ‘ave some of that!
Ha! Bet that smarts!
Ha! Fantastic!
Ha! Tip-Top!
Ha ha! Cheers!
I’ll cheers to that!
Looks like you need a time out!
Nice one!
Nothin’ to it!
*laughs* Speed kills!
Take that!
You got what’s coming to ya.
(vs Ana) Sorry, cap!
(vs Reaper) (mockingly) Death comes!
(vs Sombra) No one likes a thief.
(vs Widowmaker) That felt good.
(vs Widowmaker) Squished!
(vs Winston) Sorry, big guy!
(vs Winston) It was beauty killed the beast.
Anyone else?
Can’t stop, won’t stop!
I’m on a roll!
One for you, one for you… (laughs)
Ooh, a lovely streak!
Queue up, loves!
What time is it? Streak time!
Who’s next?
Who’s next in the queue?
Ha ha! I’m chuffed.
Now that’s efficient!
That was wicked!
Wait till I tell ’em about that one!
Enemy turret down!
Enemy teleporter destroyed!
Enemy shield generator destroyed!
And stay down!
Down for the count.
Gave it the ol’ wollop!
Smashing, get it?
And off you go!
Ha ha! Right off the edge.
Have a nice flight!
Send postcards, love!
That’s all it takes? (chuckles)
(Friendly Cassidy eliminates enemy) You can be my wingman, anytime!
(Friendly Reinhardt eliminates enemy) Ho ho! Nice one, Reinhardt!
(Friendly Winston eliminates enemy) Winston! You’re an animal! *giggles*
(Friendly Winston uses Primal Rage) Uh-oh! Winston’s angry!
Aw, no!
Focus, Lena. Everyone’s counting on you!
(Friendly Genji is eliminated) It’ll take more than that to keep Genji out of the fight.
(Friendly Winston is eliminated) Come on, big guy!
(Friendly Winston is eliminated) Winston!
Gentle reminder: you started it!
Got ya.
I don’t start fights, but I always finish them.
That’ll show ya!
You gotta problem with that?
Enemy team eliminated!

Overwatch Tracer voice actors

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