Overwatch Zarya voice lines & voice actors

This is post about voice lines & voice actors for Zarya in Overwatch. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Zarya through: Abilities, Chatter, Call-Outs, Mission-Specific, Eliminations.


Overwatch Zarya voice lines



Barrier up.
Barrier activated.
Bring it.
Give me your best shot.
Ready for battle.
Barrier’s on you, go.
Get in there.
You’re covered.
Charging up.
That’s more like it.
Just a scratch.
Is that all you’ve got?
That tickles.
Don’t be shy, hit me.
Don’t hold back.
(100%) Maximum charge!
Ogon’ po gotovnosti! (self and hostile)
Fire at will! (friendly)
Gravity kills.
That’s the power of attraction.
Feel the gravity.


Together, we are strong.
We will crush them!
Be sure to stretch before engaging in rigorous physical activity.
Don’t just stand around, do something.
Just like in training. Visualize, then execute.
Give it your all!
We all have our jobs to do.
(During New Year) My new year’s resolution? Peace on Earth.
(During New Year) My new year’s resolution? 5-1-3.
A temporary setback.
Give me another shot.
Haha! Practice makes perfect.
I am still in the fight!
I will never surrender.
Just like in training.
Perserverance is the key.
This fight is not over.
Uh uh. I am not a good loser.
Bez truda ne vytashchish’ i rybku iz pruda.
Vek živi, vek učis’.
Much better.
I am healed.
A speedy recovery.
I am on fire.
I am on fire. I will lead us to victory.
I am on fire! Everyone follow me.
I am even stronger.
Now see what I can do.
I am strong!
My strength unleashed!
I am unstoppable!
Hard work is its own reward.
One hundred percent!
I do it for my country.
One of my best performances.
It is not over yet.
A second chance.
Don’t count me out!
They have been revived.


Zarya, ready for duty.
Zarya, reporting for duty.
Sniper, be wary.
Enemy contact.
Enemy turret ahead.
Find the teleporter.
They must have a teleporter.
Teleporter located.
Watch your back.
We’re out of time, attack.
We’re out of time, give it everything you’ve got.
This is it, push forward!
Push forward!
They are running out of time, we must hold them back.
They must not get past.
Just a little longer, turn them back.
Turn them back!


I am taking the objective, reinforce this position.
I claim this objective, stand with me.
Everyone, on the objective.
They’re taking the objective, concentrate our defenses.
Get on the objective, we cannot let it fall into their hands.
Push them back.
Escorting the payload.
I am moving the payload, fall in with me.
Let’s keep this moving.
Let us stop the payload together.
The payload is moving, halt their progress.
They are moving the payload, stop them!
The payload stopped, get it moving.
We need to get the payload moving.
Primary objective, move the payload


I am the champion.
Your team was depending on you.
I am just getting warmed up.
From Russia, with love.
Do you even lift?
Weak mind. Weak body.
Check out this gun!
I know you can do better than that.
Promising. But not good enough.
(Eliminating Bastion, Echo, Orisa, or Zenyatta) Never trust an omnic.
(Eliminating Zenyatta) That is for my people.
(Eliminating Sombra)Pest.
Mission complete.
I am at the top of my game.
I’m unyielding.
Onwards to victory!
That’s how we do it.
Enemy turret eliminated.
The enemy teleporter is destroyed.
The teleporter is destroyed.
I break you.
Take the pain.
This is strength!
Nice shot.
Well done!
I knew you could do it!
You’re a credit to the team.
(Friendly Reinhardt eliminates enemy) Not bad, old man.
Remember me?

Overwatch Zarya voice actors

Dolya Gavanski.