Yoru Valorant Voice Lines

This is post about voice lines for Yoru in Valorant. Let’s listen to the voice lines of Yoru through: Agent Select and Abilities.

Yoru Voice Lines

Yoru Quotes

Actions Quotes
Pick “I’ll fight anybody. I’ll fight everybody.”
Buy Phase
Match Start
“Should I shoot them in the face, or stab them in the back? I’ll decide later.”
“So much fuss over nothing. Someone get me a bat, I’ll finish this.”
“It’s easiest if I sneak in and kill everyone. Don’t make this complicated.”
“You’re all obsessed with teamwork, so I’ll try it. But just this once.”
“Five enemies. Five for me, none for anyone else.”
“A bunch of ざこ want to fight us. They must really want to die.”
(“A bunch of minnows want to fight us. They must really want to die.”)
“These guys caught me in a mood. Bad luck for them.”
On Attack
“Five defenders?! Double that, then we’ll call it fair!”
On Defense
“If they keep stealing our radianite, I’ll have to take it personally.”
“There are more answers here. I just have to find them.”
“An underwater city. Great…”
“This neighborhood used to be so much better without this Kingdom shit.”
Round Start
“Never show weakness. Ever.”
“Pick something nice to kill them with. it’s the least we can do.”
“I don’t care if there are five of them or fifty of them. Let’s go!”
“The dimensional fabric here is thin. I’ll tear through.”
“ざこ better watch their backs.”
(“Minnows better watch their backs.”)
“Don’t stop fighting. You must keep going, even if you are the only one.”
“I’ll pick them apart. You clean up whatever’s left.”
“Move in after I strike. That’s when they’re weak.”
Last round won
“They forgot who they’re dealing with.”
“That wasn’t terrible.”
“Keep after them!”
“I like you guys a lot better when we don’t lose.”
Last round won while in the lead
“They must have a death wish or something.”
“They should give up now, save us the effort.”
“How did every piece of trash end up on the same team?”
Making a comeback
“That’s it. Keep going!”
“This isn’t over!”
“Hm, their luck ran out.”
Last round in the half
“Spend your money now. There’s no bank in hell.”
“Spend your money now. There’s no bank in hell.”
Match Point
“Let’s end this.”
“Let’s clean up. We’re done here.”
Spike forgotten
“Anyone gonna get the spike?”
“Hey! You forgot the spike!”
Call for a buy
“I’m buying.”
“I’m buying.”
Call for a save
“I’m saving.”
“I’m saving.”
Offer to buy for allies
“I can buy for you. What do you want?”
“I can buy for you. What do you want?”
Request weapon
“I need a drop.”
“I need a drop.”
Barrier Down
“They want more of me? Fine.”
“I’ll turn this around.”
“You all have guns. Now use them!”
“Get them out of here.”
“I’m afraid this might get rough.”
“Don’t let them get up.”
“They’re tough. おもしれぇ.”
(“They’re tough. Interesting.”)
“No more games.”
“Keep hitting them.”
“Give them nothing!”
“Just try and get past me.”
“Now they’ve pissed me off!”
“Jump ’em!”
“I’ll cut through.”
“Try not to die.”
“Hit them when they’re not looking.”
Kill“Anyone else?”
“Don’t get up.”
“Bad luck.”
“Killed them.”
“Lights out.”
“Back off.”
“You’re done.”
(“Drop dead!”)
“Don’t mess with me.”
(“This minnow..”)
“Get out of my way!”
Last kill
“Your biggest mistake was that you pissed me off.”
“It’s my Earth. Now get out!”
“Dead is a good look for you.”
“You died last. Good job(!)”
“Sorry. This world’s taken.”
Last kill melee
“Wow. You really suck.”
Last kill enemy MVP
“You tried to be a hero. Great job(!)”
One kill remaining (game-mode specific)
“One left.”
“One left.”

Each Agent have certain voicelines that resonate with their characters and firmly adhere to the locations from which these individuals hail.